The Master of Time and Space has returned. That’s such a fitting name.


Finally our heroes’ lives are becoming intertwined. But then there’s Carlos who, wait, what does he even have to do with this story? Everyone is connected in some way, except Carlos.

Starting in the beginning Noah is torturing Harris for information on Hiro and the scene cuts between him and Carlos, who is torturing Captain Dearing for information on his nephew. I wasn’t aware Dearing knew what happened to his nephew, but maybe because I’m so uninterested in this storyline, it could have blown over my head.

Harris tells Noah, Taylor, and Quentin where their loved ones are (except for Hiro.) Taylor goes off in search of her boyfriend and why would you believe anything Harris said? He does take Noah and Quentin to the facility where Hiro is, sort of at.

Miko and Ren are about to be involved with this story. Miko returns to Evernow to discover her father isn’t in the game, but it’s her destiny to save the Master of Time and Space trapped in a prison.

Conveniently Erica is also watching the game and her scientists are able to make the prison invisible, but Miko remembered a symbol that was on the building. Ren is able to find the building in the real world, where that teleporter (Stargate) is at and everything makes sense. Like they were using Molly’s power to find Evos, they’ve been using Hiro to teleport to the future. You know I wondered how Erica and her minions were going to survive these solar flares, but now we know. Oh well for her.

Noah, Quentin, Miko, and Ren all come together to save Hiro. Miko enters the game and has to defeat herself. Throughout a few episodes there were some things said about Miko that I never really paid attention to, but while in the game the darker version of herself says she’s not real.

The twist is she’s not real. The real Miko died in a car crash years ago and this is actually the Katana Girl from the game. Some people saw it coming, I for one didn’t, and thought it was a cool twist. However, everything comes with a cost. To save Hiro, Miko has to die. I mean she just found out she’s not real and has to die and seems fine with it? She accepts it as her mission and she and Ren have a Star Wars moment (“I love you.” “I know.”) before she returns to the game.

Harris’s clones and Quentin’s sister, Phoebe, try to kill Noah, Quentin, and Ren. Quentin thinks he can save Phoebe from being brainwashed, but she kills him. I liked Quentin and although I didn’t cry over his death, it was a bit sad. How will Phoebe feel when she comes to the realization she killed her brother?

BUT, could all of this be changed? Maybe none of this will happen if Hiro and Noah change the past.

Yes, in comes Hiro before Noah is shot. You see the bullet slow down and you know. And I freak out. Finally! Hiro is back! They go back to June 13 and we are going to finally discover what happened (well, next week.)

But that’s only half of our characters. Tommy is still in denial about his hero status so he takes Emily to Paris. He does tell her about his “destiny” and she shows him a comic book with him on the cover, confirming it is his destiny to save the world. I’m curious to know who is making the comics since our last prophet died. Oh yeah and they kiss, which I assumed would happen sooner than later.

Malina and Luke end up meeting. Luke tries to kill himself and Malina saves him with some waterbending (or airbending, it’s really hard to tell which element she’s using.) Finally, she opens the envelope that’s supposed to contain all the information she needs.

Instead she has a picture of Tommy. There’s another twist. And guess what, Luke knows Tommy! He agrees to take Malina to him. It’s great to see the characters’ lives coming together. But like I said, there’s Carlos who doesn’t tie in with any of this at the moment.

Dearing tells him of a place, Sunstone Manner, where Evos are being kept. Apparently there are no fences because the Evos stay on their own. I’m wondering what’s really up with that place and who could be in there.

We were also introduced to a group of Evo activists called the HeroTruther. Taylor sends them a message about Renautas, her mother, and the truth behind it all. Again, wondering who is behind this group. I’m thinking Mika from the original Heroes, just because he had his own rebellion group. (Also, Taylor might be pregnant.)

Okay, where does this all leave us? Tommy and Emily are making out, but we all have to wonder who his dad is. People think he’s a Petrelli (which could only mean he’d have to be from the future, unless one of the original Petrelli brothers had a kid they knew nothing about.) I think it’s going to be a character we know, but it will be interesting to see who it is.

Speaking of Petrelli, Angela is coming back sometime soon and it looks like she’s receiving a call from Claire (who I still don’t believe is dead.) Also, Mohinder Suresh! To be honest the return of old characters gets me excited for the next week more than anything else.

Noah and Hiro are in the past, Carlos is sneaking into Sunstone Manner, and Luke and Malina are off to find Tommy.

Overall, I liked this episode. I liked the twist with Miko and how everyone is starting to come together. I did not like Quentin’s death or how Carlos is sort of out there doing his own thing. Maybe this new place will connect him with someone.

But finally, finally, the truth behind June 13 will be revealed.