“A plot is formed” – an actual line from the actual description of this episode. Well, it’s about time. Here’s the next installment in the Heroes Reborn series!

*spoilers ahead*

Jokes asid,e this episode is setting us up for its finale episode. “Company Woman” reflects the original Heroes episode, “Company Man.” In that episode we got to learn about Noah Bennet’s past and his life with a growing Claire. This time we learn more about Erica and what turned her into the person she is.

We get this when Matt Parkman comes in with a gun at Taylor’s head. He threatens to kill her unless Erica gives him bracelets that will allow him and his family to go to the future. To me Matt isn’t a villain and definitely not a hero, more like Peter Pettigrew who would do whatever it takes just to survive, and not in a good way. Matt didn’t give up his friends, but he does get his comeuppance when he crashes his car into a river while on his way home, therefore losing the bracelets.

Erica saves Taylor who is still upset over her boyfriend Francis and at this point Erica finds out Taylor is pregnant, which causes us to get the flashbacks.

Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

A teenage Erica’s father is sick and beyond being cured by medicine. However, their doctor shows Erica he has powers that can┬áheal and will cure her father, but she has to do something for him. Of course, he molests Erica and gets her pregnant with Taylor. We just had to go the rape route to show why Erica hates Evos. To me that was a bit lazy, but the story isn’t over there.

Baby Taylor is sick and Erica has to call the father to cure her. Not knowing Erica was pregnant with her child, the doctor threatens to take Taylor away and give her a better life. An angry Erica ends up killing him in time for a young Pennyman (Caspar) to show up. Apparently they’ve been trying to get this guy for a while, but Erica took care of it. He tells her he can take away her memories but she wants to remember. She tells him to take away Taylor’s since she’s freaking out off to the side at the dead man in her room.

We learn that Francis is actually dead, but Erica wants Taylor and the baby to go to the future and they can start a new life. Taylor burns her mother by saying she’d rather die than live in an empty world with her. For a second Erica breaks down but pulls herself together. Erica finally seems more fleshed out after her past is revealed, though I wish it was for a different reason, but being a business woman she needs to get over it fast because the solar flares are coming.

The rest of the heroes seem to be going to the same place. Malina, Luke, Quentin, and Phoebe come across a traffic stop before they can get to Odessa. Malina doesn’t know how she’ll get to Tommy so Luke comes up with the idea to get his attention. They learn of a building taking in people (which happens to be Claire’s high school) and they end up going there to find a news crew. Before that it looks like Luke is taking Phoebe and Quentin into the forest to end them, but Phoebe gets away and Quentin turns sides. For a while it seemed like Quentin wanted to leave his sister and finally he has.

Farah, Carlos, Micha, and Jose are on their way to Odessa as well. While stopping at a gas station they see Malina on the news calling out for Tommy and telling him where she is. Micha loops the broadcast and they race to get there in time.

Tommy is still working for Erica, even after Micha tells the world of her lies, but immediately decides not to when he learns they’re only taking 12,000 people to the future. He goes off to find his mom, who is being taken by Erica’s goons, and stops time to get her out. She and him have a nice scene. She tells him he can still save the world and at that moment, they see Malina’s broadcast and Tommy goes to the school. Not in the area Malina is, more like in a hallway.

Let’s add one more person to this equation: Joanne, who is out to kill Malina.

Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Joanne shows up. She goes after Malina and Luke tries to hold her off. Tommy is searching for Malina but Otomo shows up and traps him in Evernow. Luke and Joanne have one last moment. He tries to tell her to stop but she shoots Malina and Luke roasts her. But it turns out Farah showed up just in time to block the shot that would’ve killed Malina. Sometimes you forget Farah and Malina had some bonding time and care about each other, so it was nice to see Farah help her one last time. Carlos takes Farah to a hospital and Malina, Luke, and Quentin are stuck in the high school, not sure what to do.

Wait, there’s two more characters we have to go over. Ren and Emily have finally met. Ren tells her he’s looking for the Master of Space and Time and Emily is in shock because that’s her boyfriend! Otomo has given Ren keys to get through Primatech and the two go in search of Tommy. Otomo gets killed off and they end up finding an area that looks like the levels in Evernow.

Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Finally we see Tommy stuck in the video game like Hiro and you have to wonder how is he going to get out of this one? Will Miko come back somehow?

A lot happened this episode but we’re only setting up for the end of the world. Tommy and Malina are ready to fulfill their destinies but it will be interesting to see how they get to that point.

Overall this was a good episode. We finally got some development to Erica and even some other characters who are starting to realize their parts in this finale. Tommy woke up and realized he shouldn’t be working for Erica. Luke killed his wife in a pretty brutal way. Farah took a bullet for Malina and Ren and Emily have become a good team.

There’s just one big question that still hasn’t been answered: what happened to Noah? We see in the previews he’ll be back but who rescued him from that car? I was constantly asking myself that during this entire episode, but it’s just something to look forward to for next week.