She just saved our lives! Let’s kill her!


I have yet to understand Erica’s appeal. I’ve said this numerous times and it still doesn’t make sense. As we know she took Tommy and has been trying to convince him of her future Utopia plan and for some reason he seems to be falling for it.

Tommy/Nathan wakes up in Erica’s house with a hole in his neck. Erica decides to be truthful and tell him she tried taking his powers, but is unable to. After this she wants to show him Gateway, the first city she has been creating 7,000+ years in the future. For the most part it’s a complete city with green houses and solar panels, all she needs is the select few people to fill it. Of course she brings along Phoebe and Quentin.

Tommy should have seen that coming…

However, Miko is already there and is infiltrating the city, kicking security guards’ butts, and eventually finds her father there. She ends up in a room where people are lying in a comatose state and finds herself, alive but barely. Her father tells her the only way Renautas will keep the “real” Miko alive is if he helps them. He lets Miko know she has to find the Master of Time and Space (again) and reconnect with Ren (who he actually sent to Miko in the first place.)

Speaking of Ren, he starts getting “visions” of sorts of Miko’s father, who is sending him messages from the future and tells Ren to come find Miko there. Ren will do anything for Miko but getting to the future won’t be so easy, so Miko’s father tells him to get to Odessa. Unless there’s another time traveler out there, Ren will have to use the “time-bridge” to get to Miko, but thankfully Ren was given a key to the bridge. As he sits outside, not sure how to get to Odessa, a bus drives by that is going to Odessa that reads “11:53.” I guess fate is on Ren’s side.

Quentin starts to question Erica’s motives and Phoebe is so brainwashed she doesn’t see the situation for what it really is. Despite that butterfly, Quentin is still not sure if what he’s doing is the right thing.

Erica starts to think Tommy is falling for her mission statement and trusts him to no longer need Phoebe around. He sends her and Quentin back to the present when Miko comes in, after realizing Tommy is the “new” Master of Time and Space. I don’t know if it’s because that’s what she called him or was very convincing, but Tommy agrees to go with Miko, leaving Erica in a pissed off state.

Meanwhile Noah and Malina are on the move, but Luke wants to come along. Nothing out of the norm, Noah doesn’t trust him and asks him to go away. Noah and Malina have some moments together that were really cute. You can tell he can see Claire in her. Malina even asks about Claire, who I guess Angela didn’t talk about much. Luke continues to tail them and when they pull off to get gas, Noah confronts him and asks why he’s really following them. Luke tells them about his past of killing Evos and how Malina saved his life. This leads to Noah definitely not trusting Luke and leaving him behind, again.

The two get stuck in traffic while a mean-looking storm approaches them. People are freaking out, but Malina ends up saving them with her powers. Am I the only one confused by what Malina’s powers really are? Can she control the weather? Anyway, Malina exposes her powers to the cliche-racist humans who want to kill her other than being appreciative that she saved them all. Are we really still on that there are no good regular people out there that don’t want to hate Evos? With the exception of the few regular cast members.

Luke claims Noah was in the way of a car crashing, but we did see Noah get teleported out of there. So can we assume it was Tommy? Or is there possibly another Evo out there with teleportation powers? Luke then gets Malina out of there before someone shoots her, despite Malina wanting to look for Noah.

And there’s Carlos who’s still stuck in Sunstone Manor with Matt Parkman trying to be a good villain. Apparently he has Farah and is trying to get information on Malina, but Farah is one strong person to not allow any lingering thoughts out. However, Matt finds out Carlos and Farah have a thing for each other and threatens his life, causing Farah to break. But before he can get anything from her, a visit from “Erica” leaves him from his session.

Taylor has the idea to use a shapeshifter as Erica and the two of them could get inside and find Micha. They meet with Matt, but being a mind-reader, their cover is blown pretty quickly. Taylor tazes him and gets out of there. The shifter poses as Matt as Harris (who is always everywhere) walks in. He shoots the shifter without hesitation and would probably have no remorse if he shot the real Matt. He pretty much thinks that Matt is worthless, causing Matt to go to Micha.

Micha Sanders, the powerful technopath, is trapped inside a glass box, hooked up to some machine that is using his powers. Matt makes him look up his name on the list of people Erica plans on sending to the future, which he is on, for now. It sucks seeing Micha like that, being that even though he was young in the original Heroes, still did more than many older characters.

Carlos and Farah escape and run into Taylor, who convinces them she’s on their side, and they meet up with the other Hero Truthers only for them to be surrounded and run away, splitting up around the building, and that’s the end of the episode.

For a Fall finale I was expecting more to happen, but it did leave us with many questions. What happened to Noah? Where did Tommy and Miko go? What will happen to our heroes at Sunstone Manor? We’ll find out in January.

On a different note it is nice to have Miko back.