On The 100, don’t expect the characters to be happy for too long, usually their home gets blown up.


I can just imagine Pike internally grinning when it was revealed Echo betrayed them… but before we get to that, a lot happened this episode.

Clarke is still with Lexa, but Lexa wants her to go home, and even has Abby come get Clarke. However, Lexa wants the Sky Crew to become the 13th clan. Therefore, everyone would be safe and the Ice Nation wouldn’t dare cross them. Clarke practically laughs in Lexa’s face when she tells Clarke, “bow before me” and Clarke responds with, “go float yourself.”


This episode showed different sides to Lexa. From her not putting up with Ice Nation men who question her judgement to teaching some young Grounders to fight. She was even tested when Clarke put a knife to her throat, but did nothing in response. She merely apologized for turning Clarke into the person she became. I guess Roan’s attempt at killing Lexa will have to wait another day.

Meanwhile we have two groups from the Sky Crew. There’s Kane, Abby, and a group of them going into Polis to get Clarke. Before entering they must leave their weapons behind (since no weapons are allowed within the city) along with someone to watch out for them when they get back and guard the vehicles. Kane fits in right away and when he and Indra meet up, it’s possibly one of the cutest moments in the episode. You can tell they’ve become good friends despite the tensions last season. Abby also lets Kane know they should have an election when they get back to decide who the Chancellor should be.


Then there’s the Farm Station who have taken over Mt. Weather, which Octavia doesn’t like. They seem all good and happy, but we know this isn’t going to end well.

Octavia and Bellamy have a moment where she tells him she wants to leave, that she doesn’t belong with the Sky Crew anymore, and Bellamy tells her that she’ll always belong with him. While Bellamy and Octavia are outside talking they see a Grounder being brought in, Echo, who Bellamy met last season while trapped inside the mountain. She tells them there’s an assassin at Polis and will strike when the Summit starts. Bellamy, Octavia, Pike (who brought him along?), and Echo go to Polis to stop it while Raven tries to unlock missile codes within the mountain.

We see Bellamy and his girlfriend have a moment before he leaves, where she tells him to be safe, when it should have been reversed.

Raven breaks down in front of Sinclair after not being able to unlock the missiles. She believes she’s just broken and Sinclair tries to tell her she deserves better, and she does. Ever since she got to earth, Raven has been through hell and it never seems to stop coming. And it won’t be any time soon.

When seeing her mom again, Clarke (who doesn’t look that emotional) tells her and Kane that they should join the coalition and Kane agrees. By doing this Clarke dresses up as a Grounder (and looks fabulous.) A ceremony begins and Clarke bows to Lexa. Before all is said and done, Bellamy’s group breaks in, with Echo no where in sight. It takes Bellamy a few seconds, but they realize:

Photo: tumblr.com

Photo: tumblr.com

The assassin was in Mt. Weather the entire time. Gina is trying to help Raven break the launch codes when he comes in and kills her Rains of Castamere style. He sets off a self destruct timer (why would Mt. Weather even have that?) and the race is on. Well it’s not much of a race. Sinclair gets into a fight with the assassin outside of Mt. Weather with Raven coming to his rescue. They try to get Gina on the walkie but the place blows up, sending them flying.

One would think I should be used to this happening by now, but that took me by surprise. I for sure thought Raven would figure it out, but all those Farm Station people died (we can presume Monty’s mom was with him in Arkadia.) And poor Bellamy, we barely got to know Gina, but she must have only been there to make Bellamy’s already painful life worse.

Raven lets Bellamy know while they’re at the Summit and people flip out. An Ice Nation Grounder announces that by moving into the mountain, the Sky People initiated the war. Lexa sends them away, Indra is crying, and Clarke must stay to represent the Sky People. She says goodbye to her mom and Bellamy, again, tries to get her to go home, but Clarke likes punching Bellamy in the gut and breaking his heart. He reminds her Lexa broke her promise before, which gets Clarke thinking: how did that Grounder know to set off the self destruct?

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

Clarke goes to Lexa and Lexa proves she’s on Clarke’s side by…bowing to her. Wow. I don’t know if that was supposed to be romantic or just proving she won’t break her truce or both, but that was a big moment for Lexa.


Photo: cuddmilla.tumblr.com

In the end we find out how it all went down: The Ice Queen is there! And they seem to have a new person in their clan, Emerson, who was part of Mt. Weather and survived somehow. He told them the code (and is probably just a pawn and will be killed off the second he’s not needed) and Echo lets her know Clarke is at Lexa’s side, as predicted, and the war she wanted will start.

Stuff is going down this season! Why does the Ice Queen want a war? Does she just not like Lexa? I enjoyed this episode the most so far and can’t wait to see how everything’s going to go down. I even forgot about Jaha and his search for “enlightenment.”

What did you think of this episode? What are some of your predictions?