Qualities of being a good leader: scare your people into fearing other groups because a few bad apples out of the whole bunch attacked you.


In Polis

Lexa wastes no time bringing the Ice Queen, Nia, forward in front of the rest of the Clans. Lexa and Clarke demand justice but the Ice Queen has other plans. She wants Lexa off the throne and it seems everyone else agrees, however, because Clarke doesn’t, Lexa can’t be thrown off. Instead Lexa has to fight for her status and the Ice Queen elects her son, Roan, to fight her.

Clarke seems to forget that Lexa is the Commander, because she thinks someone else should fight. Lexa reminds us that no one fights for her, but her.

While teaching a group of Nightbloods, Lexa introduces Clarke to Aiden, who will be her successor when she dies. Clarke isn’t too confident about a young boy being in charge of 13 clans, but he pledges that he will keep her people safe.

Clarke then goes to Roan and tries to get him to kill his mother, then he would become king. Roan says his people would never take him back but Clarke could try. Clarke goes to Nia and tries to make a truce. She says if she votes Lexa off the throne then Nia will promise to leave Clarke’s people alone. Nia’s fight is with Lexa alone. To do this they have to make a blood truce by cutting their hands and shaking. However, Nia’s bodyguard senses something is up and discovers Clarke had poison on her. Nia isn’t very happy about that and drips her blood (which is a strange color) on Clarke’s face.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

The fight is happening and, damn, it was intense. Lexa and Roan seem to have an equal fight for the most part. Everyone turned up, even Clarke who didn’t want to. I thought it was funny Lexa was so busy flirting with Clarke she “seemed” to forget about the fight. At one point Roan had the advantage but Lexa got out and in the end she stood over him. Nia is yelling at Roan from the stands, calling him a coward, and he tells Lexa to just do it.

Lexa tells him, “Blood must have blood,” and she sent the knife flying into the stands, killing Nia. Lexa announces to everyone, “The queen is dead, long live the king,” and everyone cheers. I guess they wanted Nia dead as much as Lexa. Could you imagine Lexa in that moment? Nia was the one who killed Lexa’s girlfriend, Costia, therefore turning her into the emotionless ruler. It was awesome.

In the end Clarke and Lexa have a moment together and you can tell they care for each other deeply. Clarke even made Lexa smile.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

In Arkadia 

A meeting is happening. What are they going to do after 49 people died in the mountain? Of course Pike wants to attack, but Abby says they need to wait and she and Kane are not having Pike right now. Abby told him things will change when Kane is elected chancellor.

Bellamy and Kane have a moment when he turns in his stuff. He feels like he failed because he left all those people alone in the mountain and Kane tries to reassure him it’s not his fault. However, someone is going to use Bellamy’s grieving to his advantage…Pike. He’s spewing some shit to Bellamy about defeating the Grounders and of course Bellamy is going to listen.

A memorial takes place and we learn that Lexa sent 300 of her people to guard Arkadia in case of another attack from the Ice Nation. This causes Pike’s followers to flip out and attack Lincoln, but even Pike says you don’t attack their people. He does want to take out Lexa’s army.

Yes, attack a peaceful army there to protect you. I’m sure that will work out well.

He, Bellamy, and a group are ready to go out and attack but Lincoln holds them off. Kane and Abby interrupt the fight and says nothing is going to happen. This is when Kane shows his brand, telling everyone they became the 13th clan, and no one is having it.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

Octavia comes in and is not happy with Bellamy and neither am I.

His character development came so far. He’s friends with the Grounders and because his girlfriend happened to be one of those killed, he’s switching sides. Everything that’s happened is wearing away because Pike is manipulating him. Let’s be honest, the only reason they gave Bellamy and Gina their few moments and killed her off is so an emotional reaction could come out of him.

In the end they decide to put Pike on the ballot and he’s elected chancellor. Oh, lovely.

And one of his first acts is to take out the Grounder army and that’s exactly what they do.

The Drop Ship

Jasper leaves Arkadia before the memorial and Monty follows. They arrive at the Drop Ship and Jasper is slowing breaking down. Monty finds Finn’s ashes in his bag and Jasper passes out from drinking too much.

Upon waking the two have a fight. Jasper is still blaming Clarke for killing Mt. Weather and of course, he blames Monty and Bellamy too. He asks how Monty can be fine and Monty flips, saying he’s not. He’s broken too but not showing it like Jasper.

Monty says he misses his best friend and Jasper says he died that day too. I’m sorry but Jasper had a, what, two week thing with Mya? I honestly don’t get why he’s so broken up. He knew what was happening, he knew everyone would have died. I may be on the small side, but I’m not for Jasper this season, especially when he brings up Clarke killing Finn, which he wasn’t there for and has no idea how hard it was for Clarke.

In the end Jasper is alone, just how he wants it.

Final Thoughts

Overall I liked most of this episode. The parts in Polis are becoming my favorite. Pike is too much. I feel if he didn’t come on so strong you could sort of see where’s he coming from. You could understand why he doesn’t trust Grounders (even though no one else did until Clarke’s alliance) but because he’s written so headstrong, I feel nothing for this character and can we predict his death? I’m sure it’s going to come. I say Lexa or Clarke.

Pike’s group killed all the Grounders protecting Arkadia and it looks like a war is going to start. I’m sure Lexa will have the other clans on her side, so Pike, it doesn’t matter if you have guns, you are screwed.