The 100 continues to show great depth in its characters relationships after the many reunions we saw tonight.


Car Crew and Clarke

Although we’ve clearly seen that Clarke can handle herself alone and in Grounder territory, a Prince of the Ice Nation isn’t going to let her get away that easily. After Clarke realizes he’s Ice Nation she assumes he’s taking her to his queen. From other Grounders to Clarke herself, Roan went through hell to get Clarke where she needed to be. They even start to talk (sort of) when Clarke starts to compare herself to him and, of course, Roan says Clarke knows nothing. Roan was banished, Clarke chose to hide herself away.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

Meanwhile, our Car Crew is trying to escape. Bellamy tries to leave but is caught immediately with Cane, Indra, and Monty not far after. Things don’t look so great when one of the Grounders says, “Monty?” and finally Monty says, “Mom?”

It was just the start of many reunions. It turns out the Farm Station they had been looking for survived the crash from the Ark, and is wearing Ice Nation clothing. We also meet Pike, who was a teacher on the Ark, but has now turned into some Grounder killer. Before heading back to the Ark a small group of them go out and continue to look for Clarke and in the end, they find her. Roan is dragging her in some weeds and Bellamy sees through his scope, and this is when my ship-flitch is turned on.

I’ll say it right now: I am a big Clarke x Bellamy fan. I love how their relationship has grown from despising each other to Bellamy trying at least three times to get to Clarke. He’s stopped in the weeds when an Ice Nation army is marching towards them. Why? It looks like a war could be brewing.

The Car Crew finds shelter in a cave and Monty starts to ask his mom what happened to his dad. She finally breaks down and says when they landed, they landed in the snow (Ice Nation territory.) There were some kids playing in the snow who died and his dad went out to save some more, but was killed by some Grounders. This caused Pike to hate Grounders and announce it freely as Indra stands close by. Cane tries to tell him they have an alliance with the Grounders and I love that Indra and Cane are close allies. Cane earned the respect of the Grounders right away but Indra was always hard to win over. It seems that she moved on from everything and just decided to get along (for now.)

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Photo: The CW

Bellamy takes the clothes off some dead Ice Nation warriors and joins the army, trying to blend in. He goes to the area where Clarke is being held and his eyes upon seeing her just made you jump off your seat. Yeah, what girlfriend?

Roan comes out of the shadows and tries to kill Bellamy but Clarke begs for his life and eventually wins him over. He does thrust a sword through Bellamy’s leg and he tells him not to follow. And even after Bellamy gets on his feet, even after he’s reunited with the rest of the group, he STILL tries to hobble along after her and breaks down saying he can’t lose her.

Whether you see them as romantic or not, Clarke and Bellamy love each other. They care for each other deeply and Bellamy was willing to fight through a bleeding leg to not lose her. But I won’t just talk about one “ship” reuniting.

Roan ended up taking Clarke to, out of all people, Lexa. It looks like he’s working for her, maybe he’s her prisoner, but Clarke doesn’t look that happy to see Lexa. Lexa on the other hand wants to be alone with Clarke, clearly forgetting her betrayal. I’m going to say Lexa wanted Clarke with her before a real Ice Nation-er took her to the queen. Like Bellamy, Lexa cares about Clarke, but Clarke’s not too happy to see her. She spits in Lexa’s face and yells that she’s going to kill her, which probably won’t happen. Lexa seemed to let her guard down just a little when she was alone with Clarke and it seems there’s a possibility for a romantic reunion between them as well. The scene pans out with Lexa standing in a broken tower with a flame overhead.

Saving Nyko 

Maybe it’s because the actor is also on Supernatural, but I love Nyko and was so happy to see him return. Seeing him return hurt, that’s not what I liked. Nyko has a blood type no one else has except the Mountain does. Abby’s assistant, Jackson, demands they use the technology there. Lincoln’s feelings about war diminished because he only wanted her to save his friend.

Abby, Jackson, Lincoln, Octavia, and…Jasper go to the Mountain. Jasper? I know Abby said he needs to come to terms with his feelings and not become a Finn, and Jasper proceeded to say, “Your daughter killed him too.” Okay no. No, no, no. You weren’t even there Jasper. You didn’t see Finn kill dozens of people. No, oh no.

Moving on, they save Nyko and Abby decides to use the Mountain’s technology to help people, which will probably cause some tension later on.

And like we figured, Jasper isn’t happy to be there. He finds a painting Maya once liked and cries over it, with Octavia there to comfort him.

Jaha’s Sanity 

I won’t call Jaha crazy because there is obviously some weird, Matrix type city going on with A.L.I.E. running the place. I question his sanity because he’s so obsessed with this. It’s great he found a purpose after Wells’ death, but it could be something more convincing?

Emori tells Murphy she’s not really working for A.L.I.E., just doing what needs to be done. She also steals things, and she steals things from the people she’s stealing for. There’s some oval shaped case that Jaha needs and it must be how he can see A.L.I.E. out in the wilderness. Emori tries to steal it from Jaha’s henchman and he tries to kill her. She proceeds to kill him and she and Murphy run away, especially since her partner turned sides to Jaha.

Murphy is threatening to drown A.L.I.E., but won’t in exchange for Emori’s life. They trade, but not without Murphy throwing it in the water any way, and running off in the boat with Emori. We see Jaha back in the city and his henchman is there, despite being dead. Does your memory get uploaded to this place? It will be interesting to hear more about it.

Where does this leave us? 

Well we know tensions are going to rise with Pike, not being a Grounder fan. Apparently many other Arkadians feel the same way. I get that he feels that way because they killed a lot of people, but our main group was able to move past it, hell that alliance Clarke fought so hard for is still there.

I’m sure Clarke’s going to forgive Lexa. I can’t see her being mad at her for too long, but in the previews Lexa tells Clarke she wants her people to join Lexa’s clan. A war must be brewing for Lexa to need more people.

And how much longer until Japer completely breaks?

What are you thoughts on this episode and what’s to come?