It’s time for another episode recap of The 100. After some hefty exposition, the episode wakes up and gives us what we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s take a look at Wanheda, Part 1!


It’s been 86 days since Murphy was trapped inside a bunker and like any normal person, he’s not taking it too well. There seem to be movies replaying because Murphy can quote every line. He’s running out of food and is ready to end his suffering but can’t do it. Fate is on his side, because the door opens and a little drone sends him to Jaha. Since Jaha convinced Murphy to join him on a ludicrous journey and then abandoned him, Murphy wasn’t that happy and even tried swinging at Jaha before passing out.

We go to Camp Jaha, now (appropriately) named Arkadia, to find out what everyone’s been doing all this time. Lincoln and Bellamy have a fighting class and have a… nice shirtless fight scene, but it ends with Bellamy giving Lincoln a jacket from the Ark, basically making him a part of the group.

Abby is still in charge, with help from Cane; they are not only looking for Clarke, but the other sections of the Ark that crashed. They seem to have a lead to the Farm Station and a group is sent out.

photo diyah pera cw

Bellamy has a girlfriend (sorry Bellarke shippers, myself included) and Monty has moved up and is fighting next to Bellamy. Octavia isn’t happy with her people and is especially pissed at Lincoln for wearing the jacket. Jasper has become a drunk who is still not over losing his Mount Weather girlfriend, Maya. Why he even goes on missions I do not know. Miller is there, too, and we actually find out he’s gay. Not that it’s really important, but it’s nice to know more about him since he’s looking for his boyfriend.


The group heads out of the newly renovated Arkadia alongside Octavia on horseback. At times Jasper doesn’t seem all there, but a group sing-along wakens their spirits until they find something on the radar; a beacon from the Ark takes them into the woods. However, instead of running into their people they run into the Ice Nation, another group of grounders. They have the beacon but are looking for someone named “Wanheda.” Octavia stands in the middle, as a translator, and tells them they don’t know who Wanheda is, but they aren’t looking for a fight.

And because it was smart to bring Jasper along, he walks up to the Ice Nation and grabs the beacon without thinking of any consequences. They put a knife to his throat, but Jasper only smiles. A fight erupts and the Ice Nation is taken out, but it leaves the scouting group in disarray.


While off to find another sector, Bellamy and Monty get a call to meet Cane in the woods. He reveals that he has someone with him: Indra, not looking pleased. She lets them know about Clarke and that everyone is hunting her. Why? It turns out that Clarke is Wanheda, AKA Commander of Death. Word of what Clarke did on Mount Weather (and also all the Grounders she ordered to kill in the first season) got around. The Grounders believe Clarke has a power and by killing her, they will gain that power.

But what has Clarke been doing all this time? We see a bunny tied up with a panther stalking it, however Clarke jumps down from a tree and kills the panther in exchange for food and other supplies. Okay, where did this Clarke come from? I know she’s become a better fighter and overall badass over the last few seasons, but I guess killing a panther has become second nature to her. She even says, “Your fight is over,” in Grounder language (trigedasleng.)

We meet the girl she’s trading with, Niylah, and they seem to be hitting it off. Later a group of Ice Nation come into the shop, asking if Niylah has seen Clarke (who is now a red head and hiding in the corner). She gives them false information, but one keeps an eye on Clarke before they leave.

Niylah cleans Clarke’s wound from the panther and they start to talk. Niylah wants to talk about the mountain, but Clarke has a different idea. Clarke and Niylah start to get it on, but when Niylah takes off her top we see she has kill marks on her back. Clarke sees them, too, and leaves in the middle of the night. And then it turns out that the Ice Nation guy who was watching Clarke in the shop (named Roan) was waiting outside the entire time and puts a knife to Clarke’s neck as she’s trying to leave.

Photo: Cate Cameron/Cw

Back at the camp, Octavia and Lincoln aren’t doing so well. She’s mad that Lincoln has become one of the Sky People, and she still seems to be living a Grounder life. Abby goes to Lincoln, asking about going to the mountain again to get more supplies, but apparently no one is allowed to live in the mountain, or they’ll just be asking for another war with the Grounders.

Raven, like always, is hiding her emotions and how bad her leg/hip injury has become. She flips out on Abby, but they do reunite later. Back in the cafeteria of sorts, we see Bellamy’s girlfriend talking to a cameo by Shawn Mendez and asks him to sing in exchange for food. His song is basically background music for Abby and Raven to talk, but Jasper comes in later and knocks him off the piano bench. The two have a fight, but Jasper is taken down pretty easily.

Murphy and Jaha are having a reunion, too. He’s all cleaned up but still doesn’t trust the City of Light. Jaha tells Murphy he can go to the city as well and starts to hand him some drugs. Murphy doesn’t trust Jaha or A.L.I.E., who he had seen on those home movies, and we learn that she started the nuclear war. Jaha and his “bodyguard” are waiting for a ride, and Murphy is about to leave when a familiar face shows up. Emori (that girl with the mutated hand) is driving a boat and Murphy decides to go along.

Finally there’s our car crew: Cane, Indra, Bellamy, and Murphy. They are stopped by a log in the road but Indra believes it’s a trap, it turns out it is, and things aren’t looking so good for them at the moment.

Overall this was a good start to the season. With a pretty large gap in time between seasons, it was only fitting to have some exposition thrown in there at the beginning so we know what the characters have been up to. Clarke’s transformation never seems to stop, and based the trailer, it seems she’ll become more of a grounder.

Things are looking good for our Sky People and they seem to be talking about repopulating, but we know that’s not going to last long because it’s The 100; when can our people ever last a long time before getting thrown back into the fight?