This episode gave you a mixture of sadness and complete shock within the last ten minutes.

*major spoilers*

Let’s take a blast to the past. If it wasn’t clear before, ALIE destroyed the world. She released the missiles and started the end. In space her creator Becca, along with a lab assistant and Commander, watch hopelessly as the world blows up. Pan away and we see them inside the 13th station, Polaris.

In a small scene they talk to Chris, who Murphy knows well seeing that he watched the video of him killing himself inside the bunker. It was interesting to see how he got there. He was still on earth and locked himself away from dying.

Two years pass and the Ark is ready to merge together, however Becca has other plans. She’s creating a new AI ALIE, number two. Her assistant and the Commander (who wear the “sacred symbol” on their clothes) try to convince her to stop, that it will just destroy again, but Becca explains this one has compassion and can understand humans better.

We know the 13th station never came to be part of the Ark and it was destroyed, but until we get to that part we need to talk about what’s happening in present time.


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Octavia is brought in by the Grounder who captured her in the village, named Semet. He wants revenge, but Lexa won’t have it. Even Indra, who’s hiding in the crowd, wants blood for blood. Instead, Lexa will march the armies of the 12 clans to Arkadia and basically show them that if they try to strike anyone else down, they’re going to die. Semet doesn’t want this and tries to kill Lexa, but Titus comes in and saves her.

Meanwhile Murphy is still being tortured by Titus asking about the sacred symbol. Murphy says everything we already know, but none of it means anything to Titus. Murphy eventually gets loose but can’t leave the room and instead grabs a stick as a weapon to fight Titus when he comes in next. The room has carvings all over the walls and Murphy thinks he knows what’s up.

A woman is standing under a mushroom cloud and other people are standing around her. There are also sacred symbols all around the room. Murphy tries to explain that the pod that says POLIS on it is actually POLARIS from their Ark. Titus doesn’t believe him and knocks him out.

The CW

The CW

Clarke and Octavia speak to one another about the kill order Lexa has out for their people. Basically if anyone crosses a line, they die. Octavia can’t believe Clarke is still trusting Lexa and she wants Clarke to come with her when the armies ascend upon Arkadia. If Clarke doesn’t meet Octavia within the hour, then she’s not the person Octavia thinks she is.

Octavia also goes to meet with Indra who is pretty down on her luck. She believes she should have died on the battle field but Octavia doesn’t want to hear it. If she wants her revenge she can meet with Octavia before she leaves and she actually does, but Clarke doesn’t.

As Clarke is telling Lexa she’s going to leave, the two have their second kiss that eventually leads to sex. It was about time that tension was broken up. As they’re lying in bed Clarke looks over Lexa’s tattoos and asks about the seven circles on her back. Apparently they represent the other Nightbloods Lexa was up against before she became commander, but Clarke remembers there were nine of them, so where’s the eighth? Lexa doesn’t want to talk about it and we’ll never hear it.

Clarke is ready to leave when she sees Murphy tied up. Titus comes in with a gun and tries to shoot her but Clarke manages to get out of the way in time for Lexa to come out and get shot. It’s funny (it’s really not) that Lexa has been through life-and-death situations and what finally gets her? An accidental bullet.

The CW

The CW

Clarke tries to save her but it’s no use and as you’re crying, Titus is opening up a tool kit that is used for when the Commander dies… weird, but we finally learn what’s going on with that. Titus turns over Lexa’s dead body and reveals the sacred symbol tattooed on her neck. Okay, what?

This scene cuts back to 95 years prior to when the 13th station was supposed to join with the rest of the Ark, but won’t because Becca is creating a second AI ALIE. They’re seconds away from being blown up when Becca starts injecting herself, locks her assistants out of the room, puts on a suit that reads “Commander” and escapes in a pod to earth right as the station is blown up.

Okay, what does this all mean? Well, Becca emerges from her pod to a post-nuked world and spots people walking around. To them she basically looks like a god and she tells them she’s there to save them. Also note, Becca took some sort of radiation-shot that allowed her to survive it.

Back to Titus cutting open the back of Lexa’s neck and grabbing something out of it… the second AI ALIE. Woah, what? So Becca implanted the second AI into herself and upon her dying must have told someone to take it out and put it into the next Commander and all those years later, they were still doing it. The AI is called “the flame” and Titus, who took it from her, is the Flamekeeper.

Can we assume the AI stores the commanders’ memories and it’s why Lexa was able to “talk” to her past lives? Or is it just the AI talking to her? Did the AI have a big impact on Lexa and the way she acted or was it sort of a conscious talking to her? How does the AI pick the next Commander? Will the next Commander be peaceful like Lexa? Will Titus keep his oath to never hurt Clarke again?

It was a mixture of emotions within the last act when Lexa died but we were also given that jumble of information. I can see why Lexa was killed off, one reason being we needed to see that the Commander has an AI inside of them and it will go into the next (also because she’s on a different show) but it was still a sad scene. RIP Lexa.

It also makes you realize Jaha is in cahoots with the first AI, the one that destroyed the world, and will probably do it again.

What are your theories about this new information?