And the hole that has filled the hearts of many from a few episodes ago continues to grow.

*major spoilers*

Before I get into the complete devastation that happened at the end of last night’s episode we’re going to talk about the other side of the story in Polis.

Clarke and Murphy are still there, only because she wants to talk with Aden, making sure he keeps his promise to protect her people. Clarke’s been so invested in Grounder politics it kind of surprises you that she even remembered her own people. Well, Aden tells her that not only he, but the rest of the Nightbloods swore it, so she has nothing to worry about, right?

Cue the Ice Nation. Roan comes in alongside Ontari, who was the Ice Queen’s second, if you remember she tried to kill Clarke. And she tries again only for Roan to tell her off. Ontari is there to let them know that she too wants to fight to the death to become Commander and when it happens, she’s going to kill all of Skaikru.

Clarke tries to talk with Titus about the whole ordeal. Apparently only those with Nightblood in them can go up for the Commander or else the chip will kill them. All of a sudden the victory horn sounds and Titus is off. Clarke and Murphy follow not far behind and find a large group of people. Roan stops Clarke before she can go any further and we see Ontari sitting on the throne, covered in blood. She raises the decapitated head of Aden (RIP) and only says, “I win.” We never actually see the head but she has killed the other Nightbloods as well, in their sleep.

The CW

The CW

Clarke is furious and wants to steal the “flame” aka the chip or AI or whatever you want to call it. Murphy keeps watch but Titus comes in any way and tries to kill Clarke. Clarke reminds him of his promise but Titus can only blame Clarke for Lexa’s death. She then continues to tell Titus of the tattoo on Lexa’s back, the one that had eight circles representing the Nightbloods she killed, but Lexa clearly stated there were only seven. Titus tells her that there was an eighth named Luna who was a traitor and cast out. Clarke remembers Lincoln telling her of Luna and if she can get to him (need I even say it?) then she can find Luna and put the flame in her. Titus gives Clarke the flame just in time for Murphy to fall down the stairs because Ontari is coming for it.

Titus makes her take a bath since she’s covered in blood but obviously to give Clarke time to leave. She and Murphy are in the room together and she asks him why he’s not afraid of her and Murphy is kind of impressed of what she did. At this point it’s hard to tell if Murphy is telling the truth (maybe a little) but he could be trying to save his own head.

Roan, Titus, and others come in letting Ontari know the flame is gone. They accuse Titus of stealing it but he confesses that he gave it to Clarke and that the abomination that is Ontari should never be the Commander. Roan has a knife to his throat but Murphy saves him for a moment, reminding Roan that they need Titus to perform the ceremony. Of course Roan agrees but Titus slits his own throat across Roan’s knife, and with his last words says, “For Lexa.” (RIP)

The CW

The CW

Ontari comes up with the plan: no one else knows that the flame is gone and they should just tell everyone that she has it. A red smoke appears, letting all the Grounders know there is a new Commander.

I’m a little confused by Roan. Is he playing both sides? Does he have a soft spot for Clarke or is he trying to repay her for getting his mother killed? He is Ice Nation and will be dedicated to his people but when Ontari told him to obey her, he clearly wasn’t for that.

Onto the executions that are going down in Arkadia. Pike wants to sentence everyone in the jail cell to death but Lincoln convinces him to spare his people, since they were let in, and he agrees. Lincoln, Kane, and Sinclair are set to be executed at dawn (why is it always dawn?)

This sets the big plan into motion. Bellamy and Monty are back on the good side and Bellamy leaves camp to talk to Octavia. Instead of a warm greeting he gets knocked out and she ties him up in a cave. She and Indra are there to blame Bellamy for everything that is happening. Instead of using Bellamy to get inside, he stays there on Indra’s guard as Octavia goes in.

On a side note Miller and Bryan have a moment when Miller tells him he knows about the bug he put into his jacket, and even though Pike saved his life, he can’t have both of them. This flips a switch in Bryan’s brain and starts working for the rebels. Even before that you could tell he wasn’t all for the executions.

They fake Pike out a few times but the best being him going into the room they secured the three in and thinking they escaped, but really they were hiding under the floorboards. With Harper spying on Pike she’s able to tell them what he’s doing. Meanwhile Monty is listening in on radio, pretending to still be on his mom’s side, but when he’s needed most, he tells a lie and now his mom knows that he’s a traitor. Thankfully, she doesn’t rat him out.

Before slipping into the wall to escape Abby and Kane finally have their big kiss. Finally, we all knew it was going to happen, too bad it took this situation.

The CW

The CW

Right before Lincoln can leave, Pike makes an announcement. Someone better turn themselves in to be executed or the Grounders still inside the cell are going to die. Did anyone think Lincoln would just walk away? Of course not. Octavia tries to stop him and even wants to go with him, but he knocks her out the same way she did to Bellamy and gives her to Kane as he walks to his death.

Cue the music which makes the situation even worse. Also it’s raining.

We see Miller, Bryan, Kane, Sinclair, and Octavia leaving when she wakes up just in time for Lincoln to walk outside and kneel in front of Pike. He promises Lincoln that even though he can’t let the prisoners go, they will be taken care of. We’ll remember that promise Pike. Then he asks if there’s any last words and Lincoln says, “Not to you.” He turns towards the area where Octavia is standing and says, “May we meet again.” At this point Octavia is breaking down and from a distance watches Pike put a bullet into his head. Her facial expression hardens and now Octavia is angry.

For me this has been the toughest death so far. Lexa’s was difficult but at the same time you had no idea what was going on with that AI inside her neck. With this there was nothing else to it. Lincoln died protecting his people. He went from a rogue Grounder to an ally and eventually a friend to all. His death shouldn’t be taken lightly and I can’t wait to see Octavia put a knife into Pike’s head.

The CW

The CW

What did you think of this episode?