The season comes to a close as Clarke enters the City of Light and is reunited with someone who didn’t get the exit they deserved.


Most of us probably assumed Clarke would save the day but in a twist, things are looking darker than ever.

Abby Gets De-chipped 

In an emotional scene, Abby comes to after Clarke takes the chip out. She realizes what she’s done, especially to Clarke, and breaks down. I’ll admit, I cried. It’s going to take some time for that pain to ease, but Clarke needs to move on and get to the task at hand. Someone needs to put the flame in and Ontari is out of the question. Clarke needed Abby because she’s the only one who can help.

Clarke’s idea is to have a blood transfusion between her and Ontari (and remember she’s braindead.) Of course there’s protest but Clarke needs to do this.

Okay these are the parts I look away from. When it comes to blood and needles, they don’t sit well with me, and it got even worse as the episode went on.

Murphy puts the flame in Clarke and we wait for it to work. Of course it does but Clarke tells them she needs to go into the City of Light. For some reason she knows that the flame will protect her. Bellamy says he believes her and gives Clarke the chip.

Welcome to the City of Light 

Sure we’ve seen glimpses of the city through other characters but now that Clarke is there, we can actually travel amongst it. Soon she realizes no one can see her. We see Jasper sitting on a bench eating ice cream with a smile on his face. First time in a long time we’ve seen Jasper with any happy emotions.

The CW

The CW


I’ll admit the city is pretty impressive, but there’s nothing special to it. Everyone is happy, but it didn’t seem real. A false reality that just needs to be crushed.

It doesn’t take long for ALIE to realize Clarke is there and sends some of her zombies after her. Clarke gets beaten and out of nowhere Lexa pops in and saves her. Part of me had a feeling she’d be back and it makes sense. Clarke has the flame and Lexa’s memory/soul/whatever you want to call it are in the flame. I got excited seeing her.

Polis Zombies take the Climb

An even bigger problem at hand doesn’t come that long after Clarke “mentally” leaves. ALIE’s zombies are actually climbing Polis to get to Clarke, since Pike pretty much ruined any way of getting to the top in the building.

Bryan’s leg is keeping him from standing and Miller takes him away, leaving Octavia and Pike to guard an area where the zombies are coming. Octavia gives him a glare and he responds with them needing to work together.

Well screw that, when the zombies come Octavia cuts Pike’s leg, giving the zombies an opportunity to attack him. Bellamy comes not soon after he encounters Miller and Bryan, because we all know leaving the two of them alone isn’t a good idea. Bellamy takes out the zombies and they barricade the door to the room as more break in.

Kane’s amongst them, but Indra’s nowhere in sight.

Instead of fighting the zombies with guns, Pike has a plan. They flood a hallway with water and the zombies think nothing of it. Even Emori is there with a smirk on their face. However, they electrocute the water, taking them all down.

Back to Murphy and Abby, Ontari is dying and not giving the right amount of blood to Clarke, and her body is rejecting the flame. In response, Abby opens Ontari’s chest and literally pumps her heart to get the blood flowing. The look of disgust on Murphy’s face is how I (and probably most people) felt. It got even better when Abby told him to pump it.

With the zombies coming it was time for Bellamy, Octavia, Pike, Miller, and Bryan to take their stand and defend Clarke while she’s still out.

In Arkadia

Jasper’s threatening to kill Harper, but gets a little cocky because he doesn’t realize Monty has fled the computer room. He comes out of nowhere and shoots Jasper in the leg. At least there’s no pain in the City of Light. Finally they tie him up.

Meanwhile Raven is trying to find the kill switch when she sees that Clarke is there, but ALIE is telling everyone to find her, which doesn’t make sense and Raven realizes Clarke has the flame and gets to work. Jasper has a few words to say but in the end it doesn’t matter, because we all know Raven is smarter than a computer, even an AI.

Lexa’s Final Goodbye 

Thanks to Murphy’s heart-pumping, Clarke is revived in the City of Light and follows it with a kiss to Lexa. Lexa notices the sacred symbol and Becca seems to be sending them messages. They come across a fence blocking the way to the kill switch (AKA a firewall.) Jasper comes by to let them know what we’ve heard all season: everyone is happy there. Lexa knocks him out but Jaha and his hoard of zombies are nearing.

Then, out of nowhere, a door appears on the side of a building and on top of the door, a raven. Clarke realizes it’s Raven and is ready to go through the door when Lexa tells her she’ll hold off the zombies. Clarke finally tells Lexa she loves her and Lexa says she’ll always be with Clarke. Lexa dives into the battle and that’s the last we see of her.

The CW

The CW

I was pretty happy to see Lexa going out the way she’s supposed to: like a badass. And it may not be the last we see of her either.

Becca vs ALIE

Clarke finally meets the first Commander in the kill switch room, which is now in space. By the way, the kill switch actually is a switch, a lever. Does every season have to end with Clarke pushing/pulling something?

ALIE comes in and starts a counter-argument with Becca and tells Clarke some bad news. The remaining nuclear power plants on earth are melting down and within six months, 96% of earth’s population will be wiped out, even those from space. If Clarke pulls the switch she denies her people the opportunity to live in peace and happiness forever.

Not only is there a countdown for Clarke, but back in Polis those not chipped are getting beat up. Kane has his hands on Bellamy, seconds away from choking to death. It flips back and forth, waiting for Clarke to make her decision.

ALIE keeps trying to get Clarke to ignore the switch, using her “all pain will be gone” shpeal and Clarke responds with a great comeback, “You don’t ease pain, you overcome it. And we will,” and she pulls the lever.

The Day Isn’t Saved

The ALIE zombies have finally come to, some writhing in pain. Kane, much like Abby, is pained to see/realize what he’s done.

Clarke comes back and I’m sure Murphy was glad to stop pumping Ontari’s heart. “Just another day on the ground.” They share a look and I hope some sort of friendship forms between the two. If it wasn’t for either of them this problem would’ve never been resolved.

And because Emori’s there she reunites with Murphy.

Back in Polis, Jasper tells them Clarke did it. For a second I thought he would revert back to the moping like he’s done all season, but Monty tells him they will both find happiness. Jasper even smiles when he hears his friends cheering!

Bellamy goes to Clarke and says she doesn’t look like someone who just saved the world and she tells him they didn’t. However, Clarke’s explanation is cut off when Octavia kills Pike. No one even stopped or went after her. I mean you saw it coming, she couldn’t let it go. She’s probably going to find Indra now.

The CW

The CW

I’ll admit, I didn’t hate Pike as much as the season ended. The last few episodes gave him a character. He wasn’t just someone seeking revenge. Would’ve been nice for that to happen earlier in the season, but I think most of us were expecting him to die.


Season three had its ups and downs. It started out on a good note, sometimes fizzled in between, but that high note came back for the finale. I’m glad to see the ALIE storyline over. Hearing about the City of Light got a bit old.

People went into a frenzy over Lexa’s death, even more than Lincoln. It was nice to see her come back and exit the right way. However there is the possibility of her coming back, since we still need a Commander. For a second I thought Clarke would take the flame, like her and Ontari’s blood would work together to keep the flame from destroying Clarke’s brain. Alas that did not happen.

What did you guys think of the finale? It will be interesting to see what happens next with the world potentially ending again. It looks like everyone, Grounders and Skaikru alike, will have to work together.

Until next season, may we meet again.