With most of the original 100 back together again, things can only get better, right? 


A.L.I.E. seems to have complete control over Raven. Clarke and Jasper get to the cave and let everyone know that Arkadia has fallen to the A.I. zombies.

For a moment no one is sure what to do, until Clarke reveals the second A.I. in her pocket and Raven sees, therefore, A.L.I.E. can see. Raven tries to run away but is captured and knocked out. Jasper tells them of Raven’s plan to use the bracelet to destroy the chip, and luckily, Clarke happens to know where one is.

Time for an awkward reunion. Clarke meets up with Niylah along with Bellamy, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, Sinclair and “Raven.” She doesn’t want to help them since her father was one of the 300 murdered by Bellamy and Pike, but Clarke reminds her that she wouldn’t let an innocent girl suffer, obviously talking about herself when she was on the run. The thing is, Clarke doesn’t tell Niylah that Bellamy was part of that group that killed her father, or else she wouldn’t help them.

The CW

The CW

They blindfold Raven and put her in Niylah’s bedroom so A.L.I.E. can’t see where she is. They tie her up but Raven is fighting with everything she has and they all agree someone needs to always watch her, which may not be a good idea in the end.

Sinclair explains they need a battery in order to get the bracelet to work and Monty says he can get one from the drop ship so he and Octavia go.

Meanwhile Raven is so desperate to get out she actually dislocates her shoulder, causing her wrist wounds to reopen. Clarke tries to rewrap them but A.L.I.E. comes in to let Clarke know she wants the chip. Clarke then threatens to never give the chip away if A.L.I.E. kills Raven and that somehow works, and A.L.I.E. tells Raven to calm down and Clarke is able to help her.

So Clarke, Jasper, and Bellamy take turns watching Raven. She gets to Clarke by reminding her of every bad thing that has happened, then gets to Jasper by doing the same thing. Bellamy however doesn’t crack. She even mentions that Bellamy doesn’t get any credit for helping Clarke massacre the Mountain, and she has a good point. Clarke has constantly been shit on for doing that, but everyone seems to forget Bellamy was a part of it.

Finally Raven mentions Bellamy killing all those Grounders and Niylah overhears, and she’s not happy with Bellamy. Raven then sees Niylah, allowing A.L.I.E. to figure out where they are.

With all of these characters in the same place since season one, tensions are bound to rise, especially with Jasper since he’s seeing Clarke for the first time in months. Again, we are reminded that he hates her and blah blah blah. Jasper seems to be taking Clarke’s massacre personally. Yeah Jasper, Clarke purposefully murdered Maya to get to you, at least that’s how I see it. This whole thing with him I don’t get, but anything to keep people pissed at Clarke, right?

Alright, so Raven’s starting to get to the group, so where is Monty and Octavia?

At the drop ship Monty is able to find what they need and right before they can leave, sees his mom lurking in the shadows. She claims she got away, but Monty isn’t buying it. He asks her what his dad’s favorite color was, but his mom tries to avoid the question. Monty proceeds to tell her that it was brown, her eye color. This is when Monty realizes his mom isn’t his mom.

She starts to beat Monty up and Octavia comes in but takes quite a beating from his mom. Poor Monty has to decide what to do. She has a knife to Octavia’s throat and Monty tries to plead with her but in the end, kills her. A tear fell for Monty, he actually had to kill his mom, and tries to tell himself that it wasn’t her, that A.L.I.E. killed her a long time ago.

The CW

The CW

Monty and Octavia come back and they try to use the bracelet but nothing seems to happen, even after they get it working. Jasper threatens to destroy the Flame, but Clarke begs him not to, that Lexa is in there, and finally Clarke realizes what she needs to do.

Remembering how Titus got the Flame out of Lexa, she does the same to Raven, and whatever was left of the chip falls out and Raven is safe, yay!

Jasper gives her back the Flame, saying he couldn’t do it like she could. Remember, Clarke has done nothing throughout this time to help Jasper. In season one when she convinced everyone to go after Jasper when he was captured by the Grounders and presumed dead, Clarke didn’t care. When she killed Finn, let the Mountain blow up all those Grounders, then kill the Mountain, Clarke didn’t care. Clarke doesn’t give a crap about Jasper and she deserves the worst.

Whatever Jasper.

The group leaves Niylah’s, assuming the A.I. zombies are coming for them, and Clarke tells Niylah to leave as well, so hopefully this isn’t the last we see of her.

As they’re leaving Bellamy asks Clarke, “What you would do when you realize you’re not the good guy?” And Clarke responds with a, “Maybe there are no good guys.” Hey if anyone can relate to Bellamy about killing a bunch of people to save their own, it’s Clarke.

In the end Clarke asks Raven why A.L.I.E. wanted Raven to kill herself and Raven tells her that the Flame is the only thing that can stop her. Then Octavia chimes in with a, “Then let’s stop her. We survive together.” That right there was the nail on the head. When all of these characters are together, they’re practically unstoppable and it was great seeing them on screen together again, and hopefully for a long time.


The episode ends with Jaha and A.L.I.E. in the city of light and A.L.I.E. letting him know that everyone in the group has to die, which only means more blood will be shed.

We needed this episode. We needed an episode where all of these characters are back together, relieving some tension that has been building up for months, and moving the story along. On a side note it was great seeing Bellamy and Clarke working together again, him always having her back, and Clarke knowing he’s there.

It would be great if Jasper could just, move on, but aside from that this was a great episode. Hopefully Monty doesn’t fall into a pit of despair.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this episode?