Who would’ve thought at this point in the season we’d be on the same side as Pike?

Throughout the episode, flashbacks showed us Pike’s role as the Ark was dying and the 100 (unknowingly) prepared to go to the ground. Some parts gave us that good ole’ days feeling with some characters still alive, Jasper with his goggles, and Octavia just being that girl who hid in the floor.

The flashbacks didn’t mean to give us sympathy towards Pike, especially since he was being cut up in Indra, but show that he tried to teach these kids survival. Hell, Pike even volunteered to go to the ground with them.

However there were many flashbacks, and along with two separate groups, so a lot happened.

In Polis the streets ran with blood. Those who turn down the chip are actually crucified and hanging on crosses by nails in their hands. Kane realized soon enough what’s happening after Jaha revealed himself. Ontari gave the chips to Grounders while others are on their knees, obviously having a better time in the City of Light.


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Of course, Kane and Pike refused the chip and are taken away, but to different places. Pike is placed in a jail cell, along with Murphy and Indra, while Abby would try to convince Kane that she’s not chipped and also trying to get information about Clarke. The act didn’t work, which caused Kane to get crucified.

Watching Kane get nailed to a cross was hard to watch. He’s done nothing but try to keep the peace and be a good leader and it comes down to this. You just have to wonder how many more “good” characters have to suffer while Jaha is out there building up his AI army.

In a brutal move, Jaha threatened to shoot Abby and of course Kane took the chip.

While in his cell, Pike is cut by Indra for revenge of her people. Let’s be honest, Pike had it coming, but Murphy saved his life. During the flashbacks, Pike and Murphy were showed to not get along and Pike even beat him while on the Ark. Murphy proved himself smart and convinced them that they need to work together in order to defeat the real enemy outside. A smirk gathered across Pike’s face, and in response Murphy told him everything he learned, he learned on the ground.

The CW

The CW

With Kane chipped and Pike a bloody mess, it seemed the only way to defeat this is by getting to Luna, the only Nightblood left who can take the second AI. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper follow a map made by Lincoln and end up on the edge of the water, but find no Luna. They do manage to figure out why no one is around. After making a fire, Jasper threw some branches into the fire, turning it green. Octavia realized it was signal fire and they create more, and wait for the Grounders to come to them, which allowed for the tension to build up.

Octavia had to remind Bellamy she hasn’t forgive him yet and rightfully so. It’s been a few days, if that, since Lincoln died. Forgiveness is going to take time, but thankfully forgiveness was given that night.

Clarke and Bellamy finally had their moment. Bellamy admitted how angry he felt when Clarke left, but doesn’t want to feel that way anymore. They hug it out and I’m for one so glad to see them back together. It’s no secret I want to see them together but not any time soon. It was nice to see them finally make up and start working together again, because that’s what they do best.

The moment is cut short when Water-Grounders emerge and tie them up. They surround Octavia and Jasper as well, and hand them a bottle of knock-out juice, which they all take. Upon waking up in a box, Luna comes in. (It was a pretty awesome entrance.)

The CW

The CW

Luna is given the news that Lincoln and Lexa are dead and that she’s the only Nightblood left to take the AI. She lets us know that not only has she sworn not to kill ever again, but she won’t take the AI. We have a few more episodes left, so we got to build that up until the last minute.

In the end they walk out of the box and see they’re in the middle of the water on an old oil rig, a nice change up from the usual setting of Grounder living.

Overall this episode gave us a little more insight into Pike and his mentality towards the Grounders, “It’s us or them,” was pounded into their heads before they even went to the ground. However, it does nothing to make you feel for him, even when Indra is cutting him up. Murphy had a big moment, proving that he has learned something, just not from Pike.

On a different note it was nice to see Jasper being more like himself instead of moping around about Maya. I didn’t even hear him call Clarke a murderer once! Good for you Jasper.

It was nice to see Clarke and Bellamy clear the air, but he has to realize it will take time for Octavia to come around. She’s still grieving.

With only a few more episodes left this season it will be interesting to see where this goes. Do we defeat ALIE and her AI zombies or let it drag into the next season? And does anyone else think Luna may not be the only one who can take the AI? She is the last Nightblood but maybe there’s one more twist about this whole thing.