Remember kids: drugs can solve all your problems.


Even though we’ve seen it in previews, it was still shocking seeing Bellamy, Pike, and the rest of their group returning from murdering 300 (well, 299) Grounders. For a while they don’t tell anyone what happened. Pike just lets everyone know that land is theirs now.

Invading another land and murdering all those who try to defend it and get in your way…that’s how you make a peaceful living situation.

Clarke and Lexa stumble upon the remains and, thankfully, Indra is still alive, only because Bellamy let it be. Knowing that Bellamy didn’t want to kill the wounded shows he’s not fully on Pike’s side, but at this point it’s going to take a lot of redemption to win any of his former friends over.

Lexa immediately wants to retaliate, but Clarke somehow gets to her and says if she can get inside, maybe she can convince Bellamy to stop this war before it starts. Indra was given a radio by Kane at the Summit and they call to him, but because Pike is watching Kane like a hawk, he sends Octavia out through a secret passage in the wall.

Meanwhile Bellamy is already regretting it. He tells Pike they went too far and Pike tells him, “Think about the lives we’ve saved,” yeah all those lives in danger of a PEACEFUL army protecting you.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

Does anyone like Pike at this point? If they were making him out to be one, if not the worst, villain on the show so far, they’re doing a great job.

Jaha returns to camp with his Grounder friend and everyone is surprised to see him, but not as surprised as him to see the camp loaded with guards and guns. They kill his Grounder friend after he tries to get his bag back but Jaha reassures him, the City of Light is waiting for him. Of course it is.

Octavia walks through the murdered army and meets with Lexa and Clarke. Am I the only one who was hoping for a better Clarke and Octavia reunion? Well Octavia lets Lexa know it was all Pike, that Kane lost the election, and Lexa is despised to hear Skaikru elected him. Yeah, tell me about it. How could a whole group of people elect someone so vile to be their leader? After thinking about it, this all seems too familiar…

Octavia sneaks Clarke inside and leaves her alone to talk to Bellamy and this part made me cry. Forget the whole ship, these two were great friends and always helped one another and Bellamy is STILL hurt over Clarke leaving him, leaving everyone. It was like a slap in the face, reminding her of all those who died to rescue Mt. Weather. I think Bellamy forgot he HELPED Clarke kill all those people in the mountain, willingly. He knew there was no other option and at least Clarke was doing something about it.

They both end up crying and for a second you think Bellamy is going to comfort Clarke but instead, handcuffs her and starts to drag her away to Pike. I have a feeling Pike would kill Clarke easily.

Octavia comes in and along with Kane and Abby, help Clarke escape. Finally, Clarke and Octavia working together. In a way, they’re both Grounders, and should be working together. Clarke tries to convince Abby to come with her but Abby knows she has to stay.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

Pike’s ruthlessness never stops coming when he commands the sick Grounders out of the infirmary. Lincoln is not having it and beats one of the guards up but Pike sends him out as well. He and the Grounders are locked up and for a moment, Miller looks to be on Pike’s side as well as he insults them, but he actually gives Lincoln some medicine to help those sick, and thank goodness for that. Miller should never be on the bad side.

While in camp, Jaha is spewing some bullshit about the City of Light and Raven is having none of it. She’s already having a bad day, bad life, because of her leg, and he tries to convince her to go to the light. At first she sees it as bullshit but eventually, he gives her a pill (or a chip) and she swallows it. In the end she discovers her leg is working and can see A.L.I.E.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

Clarke returns to Lexa and somehow convinces her to be peaceful about the situation, which will probably come back to bite Lexa in the ass. Instead of retaliating and calling upon the Clans, she will not attack Arkadia. Even I think she should do something, at least ask for Pike. When it came to Finn killing dozens of Grounders they only wanted him. Pike is the leader, he’s brainwashing everyone, kill him.

Oh but then there’s Murphy and Emori! The two are working together to steal food and supplies and in a not very shocking scene, kiss. Yeah, never saw that coming. Emori wants to go after her brother (who was with Jaha and is now dead, condolences) but Murphy thinks it’s stupid. In the end she doesn’t go and she and Murphy plan on stealing some more stuff when the Ice Nation finds them. They know of them stealing supplies and plan on killing Murphy as he tells Emori to keep hiding but instead they find the City of Light pill/chip and call the infinity symbol the “sacred symbol” and then┬átake Murphy captive.

That scene has made me more curious about the City of Light. It’s probably something like the Matrix but how do the Grounders know about all of it? And why call it the sacred symbol?

Overall this was a great episode, aside from the murder of all those Grounders and Bellamy’s switch of sides. I don’t believe he’s fully with Pike, but Pike has him so brainwashed Bellamy would believe anything coming out of his mouth. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the Grounders react to Lexa’s peaceful negotiation. Showing that they’re not going to attack may prove to Pike not all Grounders are alike but even I agree, they should do something.

Indra almost died…something needs to happen.