Storylines are over for some, but one just got more intense.


We all should have figured that after Clarke let Emerson go, his story wouldn’t be over. At least it is now.

The episode started with Miller telling Harper and Brian a ghost story about a man on the Ark who killed a bunch of people after the images of his dead family told him to. Fitting, because not soon after all three of them are put into their own ghost story.

The CW

The CW

The rest of the group is getting back to Arkadia and get no response from any of them on the walkie. They decide to go inside any way and the place looks like a ghost town. Even food is still sitting on plates.

With the creepy-level at high, the plan is to get Lincoln’s sketchbook and get out. Octavia and Jasper go together and are able to find it, however it does spark up emotions Octavia has been holding in. Jasper tries to help her feel better and Octavia responds, saying their┬ásituations are completely different. And I agree, but I won’t get into that again.

Meanwhile Monty, Clarke, Raven, and Sinclair are looking over the flame. Raven thinks there’s another way to access it, perhaps a word. Clarke goes over all the things Lexa could have said, but none of them work. On the front of Rebecca’s (you know, the first Commander) journal is a a saying, “Seek higher things.” Because most of her work was done in Latin, and thankfully Sinclair knows Latin, they are able to access the AI and all those stringy-parts come out of it. However, it still needs a human host.

Throughout the episode characters disappear. Octavia and Jasper don’t respond and Clarke and Monty are walking through the halls when some creepy music comes on from a child’s toy. Monty tells Clarke they shouldn’t go towards the creepy music, but they do any way.

The person who kidnapped Miller, Harper, and Brian shows up (wearing an Ice Nation uniform.) They release a red smoke that knocks Monty out, but Clarke fakes it, and ends up taking the mask off. She kicks him and gets away to Bellamy, revealing it was Emerson.

Emerson gets to Raven and Sinclair and knocks out the lights. It was pretty cool seeing the scene play out through Emerson’s night vision and watching Raven try to get away. He ends up stabbing Sinclair and of course, he dies. Poor Raven, losing a father-like figure to her. And it was fun having him hang around the kids for the last few episodes. RIP Sinclair.

Over the walkie Emerson tells Clarke to come to the airlock and anyone could easily guess he’s going to get rid of the air and suffocate her friends like Clarke (although it wasn’t only Clarke, but everyone seems to forget that) did to the mountain.

The CW

The CW

Clarke tells him she’ll give herself up, but Bellamy refuses to let her go alone. They try to fake-out Emerson with Bellamy hiding, but he figures it out and Bellamy goes in with everyone else. He locks the door and is going to make Clarke watch her friends die.

She tries to fight him off and get the door to open and he tries to kill her, but can’t seem to do it. In the end when you think everyone is lost (and for a second I had no idea how Clarke was going to get out of that one) Clarke grabs the flame, opens it, and sticks it inside Emerson. Within seconds blood is pouring out of him and he dies and Clarke is able to save her friends. Yay.

The CW

The CW

Sinclair and Lincoln get a proper funeral (and Octavia finally breaks down) and they burn the bodies. Is anyone starting to think no one is safe this season?

In the end Monty and Raven stay behind to get more info on the AI and help behind the scenes. Harper, Miller, and Brian stay behind too and Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper, and Octavia head out to find Luna. Boy, I hope Jasper can’t get over what Clarke did and brings it up to her every chance he gets…

In Polis, more crap is going down. While walking through the town Murphy stumbles upon Emori. They talk for a moment and he decides to meet her down in the sacred room. Once she gets in there she’s obviously taken aback by the images of the first Commander and Murphy isn’t sure how to take it. But they are alone so time to reunite with the girlfriend (I mean lover.) He tells her about the Flame being gone and him acting like he knows everything.

Later, Murphy is at Ontari’s side when she’s talking to the Grounders and who happens to be there? Jaha. He announces that he knows Ontari’s secret and she clears the room. Jaha tells her everything Murphy told Emori and can you guess it? Emori’s chipped. Oh great.

Murphy is seen as a fraud and Ontari sends him away, after Jaha tells her she should keep him alive. That man is somehow persuasive.

The episode ends with Emori walking into the throne room and talking to the Commander, but Ontari is standing off to the side of the throne and it’s shown that ALIE is sitting there. Well, time to take over Polis.

Overall, this was a good episode with some surprisingly intense moments. When Emerson was stalking our main group, I got nervous. It’s sad to see Sinclair go and hopefully it’s not a thing where all those who were sentenced to death are getting killed off (I’m looking at you Kane.)

And speaking of Kane I’m sure he can’t wait to get to Polis and see who’s waiting for him.

What did you think of this episode?