It’s time for this week’s installment of The 100: “Bitter Harvest.” From Polis to Arkadia and back, conflict continues to brew. Spoilers ahead.

Can we just assume Pike is giving Bellamy a drug-like chip? Because at this point, I just can’t believe what has happened to him.

At Polis

Clarke and Lexa are surely becoming closer. Upon waking from a nightmare that was actually Lexa’s past lives talking to her, she sees Clarke has been drawing a portrait of her while sleeping. It was a nice scene, especially since we haven’t seen Clarke’s drawing abilities in a while. Clarke and Lexa are interrupted by a present from Roan being sent in a big box. They open it and what (actually, who) is inside? Emerson! Oh yeah, almost forgot about him. That is a nice gift.

Clarke and Lexa talk about what they’re going to do with Emerson. Clarke wants justice but Lexa, proving a valid point, tells Clarke that she must show peace, since that’s what she’s spilling to Lexa. In a tense scene, Clarke meets with Emerson alone. He tells her she killed 381 people in Mt. Weather, including his family and tries to get us on his side. Alas, I for one will never feel for Emerson. I think Clarke had every right to kill them all, considering they were killing HER people.

Clarke tells Emerson, “If you want mercy you’re gonna have to ask me for it,” and it seems her decision hasn’t been though out yet. In the mean time Titus, Lexa’s right-hand man, meets with Clarke in her room to make peace, even though he doesn’t believe Lexa should. Basically, Titus isn’t happy Clarke is putting new ideas in Lexa’s head, but Clarke’s not going to back down.

Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

In the end Clarke doesn’t go through with it. Instead Emerson will be banished and must live with what happened for the rest of his life. Lexa tells her fellow Grounders they will be peaceful from now on, and blood must not have blood.

We’ll see how long this lasts before someone tries to kill her.

At Arkadia

Pike and the Farm Station just keep digging that hole. Pike wants to create an area for them to grow crops, but by doing that, will need to take out villages along the way. Kane, Octavia, and Miller are secretly listening in on meetings and Octavia follows the Farm Station around while Kane and Miller stay in the camp.

Serving as a good example of how Farm Station doesn’t care, a young Grounder boy stumbles across them messing with the water; in the end, Monty’s mom wants to kill him. Thankfully, Octavia is near and helps him get away, but not before burning her head from some acidic syrup falling off a tree (that will come into play later.)

After learning of the attack on the village, Octavia gets there before Bellamy and his crew. This is when Bellamy just frustrates me. At times you can see the old Bellamy come through, knowing what they’re doing is wrong, but all Pike has to do is say a few words about how all the Grounders deserve to die and Bellamy is on his side. It’s amazing how convincing Pike actually is.

Even Kane is trying to get to Bellamy, but nothing seems to be working. In the end I’m sure something drastic is going to happen and Bellamy will understand how much he screwed up.

At the village, the Grounders don’t trust Octavia after Pike’s crew murdered the army. Thankfully, the boy Octavia shows up in time to vouch for her, and they seem to let their guards down. She wants them to leave, but instead they’re going to use the acidic tree sap to attack Pike’s crew. Octavia is knocked out and she wakes up just in time for the battle to start.

Out of all people, who is there? Monty. Monty, what are you doing? Is your mom telling you what to do? Out of all of them, he should know killing innocent Grounders is wrong, but he doesn’t seem to be saying anything.

The attack starts, Monty and Monroe get stuck in the crossfire, and Monroe dies from the toxic gas. Yes, only more of a reason for Bellamy to be vengeful, but RIP Monroe.



Octavia gets captured by the Grounders and back at Arkadia Pike talks to Bellamy about the real problem going on, his sister, and Kane is most likely behind it all.

While Pike is destroying Arkadia’s hope of living a peaceful life with the Grounders, Jaha is going around recruiting people and having Raven on his side helps. Abby is not for this drug and doesn’t want anyone taking it until she starts to understand it more. She even speaks to Jaha before Jasper can take the pill. I find it hilarious that even when he has the solution to his problems right in his hands, it’s taken away. Jasper is not getting any breaks this season.

Abby expresses her concerns to Jaha. She also asks him if he would let Wells take it if he wasn’t sure what it was and his response? He doesn’t know who Wells is. ALIE helps him recover by reminding him that Wells is his son and Abby takes away all the chips/pills. Oh what can they do now? Jackson has taken a pill and can see ALIE and will keep an eye on Abby. Doesn’t it seem that most of this seasons problems come back to Jackson? He convinced Abby to take over Mt. Weather, people died. He took the pill, people are still probably going to die.


ALIE wants Raven to get into the computer and find ALIE 2.0 that was sent into space. Why do we need another AI? I guess ALIE wants to destroy the world and rebuild it with the City of Light. Raven can’t find anything, but Jaha announces that there was a 13th station in space that never came together when the Ark formed, and was shot down instead, and that station was called Polaris.

At Polis, again

The episode ends with Murphy being tortured by Titus. Apparently Titus was asking about Clarke, but changes the subject and asks about the City of Light. In the corner of the room is a part of the 13th station that was once, Polaris.

Overall “Bitter Harvest” was a good episode. I’m not 100% convinced Bellamy is with Pike, it’s so out of character for him. Perhaps I’m in denial.

Clarke and Lexa’s relationship is growing and the fact that Lexa is listening to Clarke more than her own people goes to show how great of a leader Clarke is, but let’s be honest, the Grounders aren’t going to change their ideology overnight.

Even Abby and Kane had a moment that will probably lead to something more in the future, or we can only hope.