If you know me at all (and you do if you have read anything from my site littlegeeklost.com) then you know I am a HUGE fan of indie band Recap. I saw them perform at Blizzcon last year and instantly became a fan. I went home and donated to their Kickstarter and got my copy of their album when they released it earlier this year.

But this year we couldn’t be at Blizzcon live so my husband and I got the virtual ticket, and again we got to watch Recap perform in the talent contest. And since I have interviewed them before, I thought I would reconnect with them about their Blizzcon experience. Watch their performance and then check out my interview with them.

1) So you guys performed at Blizzcon last year, what made you decide to again this year and do you plan to try to make it a regular thing?

It was actually a last minute decision! We were so bogged down with projects at the time, that we had no idea how we’d get a new song and live show together. Once Steve threw out the idea to do a parody instead, it became a lot more manageable and exciting for us to go forward with it. If we do go back next year, it will be something completely different. We’re thinking of collaborating with our good friends Have No Fear, or proposing a performance outside the usual talent competition.

2) Only 4 Talent acts performed live, was that all there was in the finals? How did the process work for making it to performing on stage?

Yeah, it was immediately 4 acts that were chosen. No finals took place other than on the big stage. All we did was send in our video, they accepted, flew us out, and then two days before the performance we had to play in front of Blizzard alone so they knew we weren’t blowing smoke. The rest is what you guys saw!

3) How did you decide to rework Starship to fit Starcraft and become Dropship?

We really didn’t have it in us to write a new Blizzard song during that crazy time period. Steve is a big Starcraft fan, and had the thought to change up one of our already outer-space themed Neon Milk tracks. Ultimately, we came to a pretty sweet compromise that everyone seemed to enjoy!

4) What was the best part of the experience and what part (if any) did you find the worst?

Besides getting to rock out on stage, it was spending quality time with the other talent acts and old friends. There was no competitive vibes in the air at all, and we spent a majority of the time laughing and partying it up with each other. The worst was probably when our hotel called Blizzard to make a noise complaint that made its rounds through corporate headquarters. They gave us a bigger room to make a racket in, so it worked out in the end. ;)

5) What other parts of Bizzcon are your faves? Did you check out any games?

We played their newly announced game, Overwatch, multiple times and it really blew us away! Oh, and… METALLICA. Can check that off our bucket list.

6) Are you preparing for next year?

We’ve got plans and ideas we’re going to run with over the next couple months, but right now it’s back to finally finishing our Kickstarter cover songs! Ultima fans will really like the next one. ;)

You can find Recap online at Recapband.com and get to all their music links from there. Be sure to check them out.