Rachel Rising #18

Story and Art by Terry Moore

Rachel Rising 18

What you need to know…

Wow. Rachel Rising is one of those stories that just grabs you early and never lets go. Consequently, it’s hard to jump into this story. There is not a wasted moment in the series, so each issue means something to the overall story. Luckily, there are three volumes out there collecting issues 1-18 (the third volume will be available at the end of July according to Terry Moore’s website).

Rachel Rising is the story of a woman who wakes up in the middle of a field. Careful observation and prodding reveals that she is dead – cold, no heartbeat, nothing that signifies life. Yet, Rachel walks among us. There is a lot of confusion as to why Rachel is awake. Is it revenge? Is the sufferer of some disease? Is the herald of the End of Days? Could be. Rachel routinely encounters death in her new life, even in her own family; her cousin, Jet, rises from death after dying in a car crash. This all seems to be a personal problem of Rachel’s – until she meets Lilith.

Take a moment and do a little internet research on Lilith.

Done? Ok.

Lilith fits perfectly into Moore’s horror story. Accused of being a witch, she and her female companions (including Rachel) have died time and time again. She has grown to resent Eve’s world, and vows to destroy it. She pleads with Rachel to join her, claiming it’s her destiny to do so.

Along with Rachel’s story, we read about a young girl named Zoe, who has a penchant for cultivating death in her wake. This girl is seriously messed up and confused, and lack of memory and ruthless behavior does not help her.

There’s no easy way to sum up what’s happened in 18 issues of a plot-heavy, horror-mystery comic. Again, all 18 issues will be available in trade by the end of the month. There are many reasons you need to pay attention to this comic book series. For one, it is written by a man who understands how to write a female character. Even better, Moore knows how to draw real women, a problem in the comic book industry. Rachel Rising is an exceptional comic worth your time and money.

Rachel Rising Cemetary

After setting herself on fire in the woods, Lilith comes back to life. Her two female companions, Hannah and Mary Scott, look in confusion as a mysterious woman arrives from nowhere. In what is probably the most beautiful scenes from the series so far, we learn that this woman is Ma Malai, the Angel of Death.

Who just so happens to be forbidden from talking to Lilith.

There is a sense of desperation in Lilith. She wants nothing but to leave Eve’s world and the daily torture she endures there, but Ma Malai refuses to take her. Lilith’s options slowly dwindle to death conclusions.

In the meantime, the town of Manson is experiencing some trouble. With rats coming from the water, the people are in a panic. It becomes increasingly obvious that there is sabotage at hand, and some mysterious females are at fault. Zoe, who has taken refuge in a church, discovers a talent for killing. A priest decides to take her under his wing, but his intentions are not what you think.

Finally, for those of you invested in the characters in Rachel Rising, the ending will both surprise you and make you worry over the well-being of the formerly dead women, Jet and Rachel.


All artwork by Terry Moore