Good morning campers! My name is Toni and whether it’s cold or warm where you are I welcome you to get out of your tent and get ready to make some swag!

Here is what you need:

  • Button design made in Photoshop, GIMP, Button Biz button software, sketchbook, etc.
  • Button punch machine
  • Button cutter for size of button machine
  • Printer and paper to print button design
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Button supplies (shell, mylar and, backing)

Little House of Crafting 1 materials needed

All set?

Let’s get started!

1.  After your design is printed, cut the paper into strips to make it easier to punch out the designs. You can use a paper cutter or scissors.

Little House of Crafting 2 cut designs

2.  Using your button cutter, punch out the designs.

Little House of Crafting 3 punch design
3.  After all the designs are punched, put the scrap paper in your recycle bin. No waste here!

Little House of Crafting 4 punched designs
4.  Gather the punched designs and all your button supplies. Everyone has their own system of where to put everything in relation to the button punch machine. This is how I arrange everything. Do what’s best for you!

Little House of Crafting 5 time to make buttons!
5.  Put the shell in the left side of the button machine. Make sure that the smooth part is facing up. This will be the face of the button.

Little House of Crafting 6 shell
6.  Place the punched design on top of the shell with the design facing up.

Little House of Crafting 7 design
7.  Play the mylar on top of the design and the shell. This side is now complete!

Little House of Crafting 8 mylar
8.  Line up the pin backer so that the backer is facing the opposite way as the design. This is important otherwise your button will be punched upside down. The loop of the closed pin needs to be facing toward the bottom of the design.

Little House of Crafting 9 line up backer
9.  After you determine which way the pin backer needs to be facing, turn it over and place it in the right side of the button punch machine.

Little House of Crafting 10 time to punch!
10.  Swivel the button punch machine so the side with the design is under the punch.

Little House of Crafting 11 design punch
11.  Punch the design side by bringing the handle of the button punch machine down.

Little House of Crafting 12 design punch punch
12.  Swivel the button punch machine so that the pin backer side is now under the punch. You will notice that the design side is now empty. This is totally normal. You are half way to your swag!

Little House of Crafting 13 backer punch
13.  Punch the pin backer side by bringing the button punch handle down like you did to punch the design side.

Little House of Crafting 14 backer punch punch
14.  Swivel the button punch machine back to the original position and high five yourself as you’ve now made your first pinback button!

Little House of Crafting 15 ta da button!
15.  Take the pinback button out of the machine and delight in its swaggy goodness.

Little House of Crafting 16 button in hand

16.  Repeat steps 5 through 15 for as many designs as you have.

Little House of Crafting 17 repeat until done
17.  Hold all of your new shiny pinback buttons in your hand and grin crazily as you think of where you will put them all.

Little House of Crafting 18 all done!
Thank you so much for joining me today, campers! Remember, pinback buttons are sharp so be safe and don’t run with them!

Did you make a pinback button from today’s tutorial? I’d love to hear and see them in the comments! You can also contact me on Twitter (@LttleHouseCraft) or email me at for your achievement code! 😀

Wondering what kind of button machine to buy? Tecre is the brand to choose! It’s pricey but worth it!