Halloween is just around the corner and I am the most hype! I have my costume nearly ready and I’ve been wearing black all month despite the 90+ degree weather where I live. These next few makeup tutorials will be some subtle Halloween inspired looks that I’ll do leading up to the big day. This one is inspired by a pumpkin!

Before we begin, here’s an FYI: I’m not wearing anything on my face. I did this look at 5:30 pm and I didn’t have anywhere to go so I didn’t want to wear my usual full face, so I apologise for my dull face and lack of sleep eyes.

Halloween-inspired look: foundation

First step: primer foundation, highlight, contour, do what you normally do for your makeup routine, because this look will focus on just the eyes.

Second step: prime your eyes as well. I’m using Urban Decay Primer Potion in Minor Sin; it’s my favorite eye primer.

Color application

Third step: You can set your lid with a nude color to help with blending, but I didn’t do that. Instead I just went straight in with the first color. I began with a very dark, almost black, gray colored shadow. I’m doing this because I don’t want to go straight in with true black and mess something up then not be able to fix it.


Once I had the right shape, I then went on top of the gray with black.

After that I went in with more gray to kind of fade it out. I also added gray into my inner corner as a frame.


After that I found an orange color that I liked, and it had shimmer in it which made it even better! I added this to my lid between the gray and black framing.


Finish up with some eyeliner and mascara and you’re done with the eyes! You can top off the look with a black lip color if you’d like, and that’s what I’d do if I was going out.


Final touch: tiny pumpkin!

As my very last step, I put a pumpkin on my cheek because it’s cute. I just did an oval in white liner then filled it in with a matte orange, I used a small brush and put a little stem and a leaf on there as well, I then used a black liner to do the lines of the pumpkin.

I think I will do a vampire look next, but if there are any characters you guys would like to see, let me know in comments!