I love comics. They have the ability to transport you to new places, telling a story unlike anything you’ve experienced. Comics are a special form of media; pictures, words, it’s a beautiful thing. My goal is to introduce everyone to the world of comics and the power it holds. It’s a special place that not many people have visited. Let me recommend a few comics that I’m sure will hook you and have you never looking back.

Welcome to The Pull List.

Deadpool #1


Story: Gerry Duggan
Art: Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot
Colors: Val Staples
Letters: VC – Joe Sabino
Covers: Tony Moore, Kris Anka, Katie Cook, Heather Breckel , Dave Johnosn , Kamome Shirahama , Kaare Andrews , Mr. Blank , Scott Koblish , Guru-eFX
Publisher:Marvel Comics

From Previews:

He’s annoying. He’s dangerous. He smells terrible. But the public love him. That’s right—the Merc with the Mouth may make money for missions of murky morality…but he’s become the most popular hero in the world for it. Eat that, Spidey! The world belongs to…DEADPOOL. The fan favorite team of Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne return to bring Deadpool in to his most successful adventures yet!

Deadpool is back! Not familiar with the Merc with the Mouth? Then this is the perfect jumping off point with issue #1.

Howard the Duck #1


Story: Chip Zdarsky
Art: Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera
Cover: Joe Quinones, David Aja, Juan Doe, Bob McLeod , Ron Lim [hide…]
Publisher: Marvel Comics

From Previews:

First spectacular issue!

A great jumping on point! Sure to go up in value! Don’t miss out on the series everyone is calling “Howard the Duck”! The last page will shock you! Nothing will EVER be the same again! Hey! Where are you going? Come back! Waugh!

Brand new Howard the Duck?! Don’t walk, run to pick up the first issue of this amazing series. With Chip Zdarsky and a brilliant team behind it, it’s sure to be a really fun time.

Spider-Gwen #0SPGWEN2015000-DC11-LR-8133aStory: Jason Latour
Art: Robbi Rodriguez
Colors: Rico Renzi
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
Publisher:Marvel Comics

From Previews:

• GWEN STACY: SPIDER-WOMAN! In one universe, it wasn’t Peter Parker bitten by the radioactive Spider, but Gwen Stacy! She’s smart, charming and can lift a car – Just don’t tell her Police Chief father! This special reprint of the top-selling EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 comes packed with bonus material including script pages, sketches and more!

Did you miss Spider-Gwen’s debut? Then Spider-Gwen #0 is the comic you’re looking for. It’s a reprint of the highly popular Edge of Spider-verse #2 that introduced Spider-Gwen to the world. It’s such a great read. I’d definitely add this to your pull list this week.

Bob’s Burgers: Medium Rare TPB, Vol. #1 

bobs burgers

Story: Loren Bouchard, Adam Beechen, Ben Dickerson, Jeff Drake , Brian Hall , Rachel Hastings , Justin Hook , John McNamee , Mike Olsen , Mark Von Der Heide , Anneliese Waddington
Art: Anthony Aguinaldo, Marcelo Benavides, Tom Connor, Mario D’Anna , Frank Forte , Mike Guerena , Joe Healy , Adam Philipps , Hector Reynoso , Tom Riggin , Emiko Sawanobori , Steven Theis
Cover: Frank Forte
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

From Previews:

While Bob and Linda Belcher have their hands full running the family business, their kids Tina, Gene, and Louise have adventures that you

won’t believe! The producers, writers, and animators of the hit animated show Bob’s Burgers proudly present all-original comic book stories,

including hilarious installments of “Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries & Curious Curiosities”, “Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction”, and “Gene’s Rhymey Rhymes That Could One Day Be Songs.” Whether it’s Tina’s daydreams of cloning back-up dancers or jungle misadventures, Louise’s explorationsof underground tunnels and time-stopping Wonder Wharf rides, Gene’s lyrics that reimagine boring Aunt Gayle visits as epic journeys to fantasy worlds, the Belcher family hijinx are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Haven’t caught up on Bob’s Burgers? Here’s your chance with the first 5 issues all bound into one amazing trade. Now grab a burger and prepare to laugh. A lot.

What will you be picking up this week?

[Source: CBR/Previews]