I love comics. They have the ability to transport you to new places, telling a story unlike anything you’ve experienced. Comics are a special form of media; pictures, words, it’s a beautiful thing. My goal is to introduce everyone to the world of comics and the power it holds. It’s a special place that not many people have visited. Let me recommend a few comics that I’m sure will hook you and have you never looking back.

Welcome to The Pull List.

Jem and the Holograms #16


Story: Kelly Thompson, Sophie Campbell
Art: Sophie Campbell
Colors: M. Victoria Robado
Letters: Shawn Lee
Cover: Sophie Campbell, Jen Bartel, Paulina Ganucheau
Publisher: IDW

From CBR:

DARK JEM PART—concludes! PIZZAZZ rejoins THE MISFITS in time to confront looming threat of Silica. But it will take everyone working together—and performing together—in one SUPER SHOW to stop Silica and The Sickness’s spread once and for all.

Spider-Gwen Annual #1


Story: Jason Latour
Art: Chris Brunner, Chris Visions, Jason Latour
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez, Andrew Robinson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

From CBR:

• The first ever SPIDER-GWEN ANNUAL is here and it’s huge.

• Threads for the next year of SPIDER-GWEN are laid down here in these stories:

SPIDER-GWEN and CAPTAIN AMERICA go on a secret mission!

THE MARY JANES get loud!



The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #9


Story: Ryan North
Art: Erica Henderson, Tom Fowler, David Malki, Braden Lamb
Colors: Rico Renzi
Letters: Travis Lanham
Cover: Erica Henderson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

From CBR:

• The comic that got TWO #1s in its first year now reaches a new milestone: its very first #9!

• In Part 2 of “I Kissed A Squirrel And I Liked It,” Squirrel Girl’s date with a chump gets interrupted by MOLE MAN, who is a man who lives underground and can’t see that well! Hence the name!!

• Squirrel Girl is really good at empathizing with bad guys and talking them down, but what happens when she’s TOO good at that?

• Buy this comic to find out, because we show exactly that taking place! Spoiler alert: there’s punches AND jokes.

• Not a dream! Not an imaginary story! ONE the following three things WILL ACTUALLY OCCUR in this issue! 1) A pleasant visit to a coffee shop with friends; 2) A man with fishy powers suggests using fish to solve a problem, big surprise; 3) SQUIRREL GIRL USES HER TAIL TO KNOCK THE SMIRK RIGHT OFF A DUDE’S FACE!!

• Haha whoa I hope it’s the third one

Darth Vader #22


Story: Kieron Gillen
Art: Salvador Larroca
Colors: Edgar Delgado
Letters: VC – Joe Caramagna
Cover: Salvador Larroca, John Tyler Christopher
Publisher: Marvel Comics

From CBR:

• Vader takes on Cylo and his cybernetic operatives.

• The Executor moves closer to completion in time for its launch.

• Meanwhile — the murderbots take on their “master”.

What’s on your pull list this week?

[Source: CBR]