I love comics. They have the ability to transport you to new places, telling a story unlike anything you’ve experienced. Comics are a special form of media; pictures, words, it’s a beautiful thing. My goal is to introduce everyone to the world of comics and the power it holds. It’s a special place that not many people have visited. Let me recommend a few comics that I’m sure will hook you and have you never looking back.

Welcome to The Pull List.

Back to the Future #10


Story: Bob Gale, John Barber
Art: Marcelo Ferreira, Athila Fabbio, Toni Doya
Cover: Marcelo Ferreira, Diego Rodriguez, Philip Murphy, Alex Sanchez , Gerry Kissell
Publisher: IDW

From CBR:

DOC’S STORY! Is he a man out of time? A visitor from another reality? An alien? A robot? Eighteen hyper-intelligent hamsters in a rubber human suit? Well, definitely not the last one-but the mystery of memoryless Doc Brown is solved… just in time for things to really get exciting.

The Wicked + The Divine #21


Story: Kieron Gillen
Art: Jamie McKelvie
Colors: Matt Wilson
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Cover: Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson
Publisher: Image Comics

From CBR:

“RISING ACTION,” Part Four FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! But don’t worry, it’s probably a metaphor for the creative process or the Hegelian dialectic or something clever so we’ll still get taken seriously. FIGHT!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #6


Story: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Art: Robert Hack
Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Robert Hack, Andrew Pepoy
Publisher: Archie Comics

From CBR:

The ongoing series continues! “Familiars” is the perfect jumping-on point for the critically acclaimed horror hit Sabrina! Every witch needs a familiar, and through the ages, Salem has faithfully fulfilled his duties to Sabrina. This chapter lifts back the cloak of time to reveal the dark history of how Salem came to be and serve his master. For TEEN+ readers.

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #2


Story: Chynna Clugston Flores
Art: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Maddi Gonzalez
Colors: Whitney Cogar
Letters: Warren Montgomery
Cover: Natacha Bustos, Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews, Colleen Coover
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

From CBR:

What the junk — Jen is missing?! The Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy crew regroup at camp to figure out how to find their missing friends.

What’s on your pull list this week?

[Source: CBR]