It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars

Hanna and Jordan tacky hotel

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  • Hanna and her fiancé Jordan have a cheesey getaway in an overly tacky romantic hotel room, but the fun is brought quickly to an end when Hanna wakes up to a bunch of panicky texts from her friends and a breakfast message from evil emoji.
  • Aria and Spencer find a secret tunnel out of the Radley hotel through the closet of Sara’s hotel room
  • Detective Tanner tells Ali and Dr. Rollins about the mysterious phone call that was made from a restaurant called Two Crows to the DiLaurentis’ house the night Charlotte was killed but neither of them know anything about it. She also told them that the murder weapon is some sort of hollow metal rod with a rectangle shape at the end. Ali tells the update to Spencer and Emily.
  • Evil emoji broke into the fertility clinic and stole Emily’s eggs – things got serious!
  • Mona tells Spencer she made Yvonne leave her phone on purpose because she wanted Spencer to know about the medical records. Spencer tells Caleb about this and they decide that her mom needs to tell the press herself before their opponents do so and ruin her campaign.
  • Caleb meets Hanna for drinks and we get a glimpse into the reason why #Haleb was destroyed
  • Liam confronts Aria about writing Ezra’s pages for him
  • Ezra returns and confesses to Aria that the night of Charlotte’s murder he ran into her parents who made him promise he wouldn’t tell her they were back together and then he went to a place called House of Pies and talked to a trucker named Earl. He then gives Aria the chapters he wrote… but will she confess what she has done?
  • Spencer and Caleb discover that the handle on Melissa’s suitcase is broken and it is the exact shape of the assumed murder weapon – did Melissa do it or is she being framed?

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

We open on Hanna, Emily, and Ali sneaking into Sara Harvey’s hotel room, which looks like a tornado has gone through it – stuff is EVERYWHERE! Obviously Sara was trying to get out of there as quickly as possible… What’s up with that? The crazier part is the giant hole in her closet is GONE! There isn’t even evidence that it was ever there to begin with! Room service comes into the room to start cleaning, so the girls hide in the closet until the maid isn’t looking, then sneak out the door. To top off the craziness right after they leave the maid takes off her sunglasses AND FACE. It’s just like the face/mask thing the guy took off a few episodes ago in the street car. Is it the same person? Are they teamed up with Sara? We always get more questions than answers.

Our awesome cyber-hacking Caleb managed to erase Spencer’s mom’s medical files from the opposing candidate’s servers. Caleb promises Spencer that it is basically untraceable so they will never know he did it. With this knowledge, Spencer decides to go tell her mom (Veronica) she knows that she is sick and convince her mom that she needs to tell her story before it comes back to bite her. Veronica holds a news conference to tell everyone… which starts off great… until they find out someone from their own campaign leaked information about Yvonne having an abortion a few years ago. This looks bad considering Yvonne’s mother’s campaign is pro-life. Uh oh! Spencer’s mother is enraged because someone traced the leak back to Spencer’s IP Address but Caleb takes the fall for her. Veronica kicks Caleb off the campaign and tells him he needs to find somewhere else to stay… which basically crushes Spencer’s existence into a million little pieces. When Spencer asks Caleb why he took the blame, he says that he has to to save the campaign with the election being so close.

we've all got baggage

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Aria has a crazy week going on – on top of having to officiate her parents wedding (which her brother Mike refuses to attend because he doesn’t trust their dad to not cheat again), she also has to finally confront Ezra about writing his pages for him when she didn’t know where he went. Oddly enough, he doesn’t get mad at her and tells her not to tell her boss about this because it will potentially cost her her job. Besides, he knows she did it out of love (because we all know deep down inside that Aria is still an #ezria believer).

Ezra has a drink with Liam while they wait for Aria at The Radley. Neither one of them says anything about knowing Aria had been writing Ezra’s pages, but for whatever reason Ezra feels the need to let Liam know that the woman in his story is someone he had been traveling the world with – NOT Aria. As Liam pieces everything together, Aria finally arrives. “Now I know that Ezra Fitz was more than just your favorite teacher. Is this why you wanted to stay in Rosewood?” And before Aria can even react the elevator door closes and he’s gone.

So since Aria’s parents are apparently in a huge rush to get remarried… it’s happening NOW. Remember earlier when I mentioned Aria was officiating her parents wedding? Yeah, she got licensed to do that just for them. Our lovely Hanna is helping Ella find her perfect dress, but Ella keeps redirecting their conversations to Hanna’s own wedding. Ella is shocked that Hanna hasn’t picked a date or a dress for her own wedding. By the end of the episode, Hanna leaves Jordan a voicemail with a definite date – May 17th. Awww.. I suppose. I still ship #Haleb.

aria's parents wedding

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I haven’t said much about Emily, but what happens with her seems pretty important. Emily is at Hollis, where she’s going to school now, and a guy named Damien (AKA the guy who was doing an article on Spencer a few episodes back) invites her to go to a Psychology lecture with him to get brownie points from the professor before classes start. When she arrives at Lucas’ apartment later (since her and Hanna are staying there) Hanna points out that she got a package. Emily opens it, assuming it’s her textbooks, but is surprised to see what’s inside: a baby name book and a bookmark that says “You need to start talking before our baby does.” OURS?! Uhm…creepy. It looks like her textbooks were in the box though, so that’s good? Damien calls to tell her that the lecture is filling up fast and he’ll save her a seat, which is when Hanna learns about Damien.

Now this is when Emily starts making mistakes. When she and Damien are heading for coffee, her friends alert her via text that Damien is a reporter looking for information to link the Charlotte issue with the Hasting campaign. Instead of ditching him, she says they should grab dinner instead. Where do we see Emily next? An extremely sketchy restaurant in the middle of nowhere called Two Crows where the phone call came from the night of Charlotte’s murder. She’s alone… in the middle of the night. A giant SUV type of car comes out of nowhere and basically tries to run her over. It misses her and as Emily tries to get signal on her phone they come rushing back.

In an attempt to get away, Emily drops her phone and climbs up a ladder onto the roof where… holy cow, she finds the murder weapon. Did Melissa throw it up there? Anyway, when she thinks it’s safe to leave she starts to head back down the ladder when… of course, the car comes back to get her. Emily accidentally drops the suitcase handle as she climbs back onto the roof to safety. When she looks on the ground after the car leaves, the weapon is gone as well.

When Emily finally returns to Hanna in Lucas’ apartment she tells her what happened. She them tells Hanna that she thinks Sara Harvey wants this murder solved… and whoever just tried to run her over wants to cover the murder up. Does this mean there are 2 evils after them? I think so.

The episode completely closes on A/Evil Emoji eating wedding cake which obviously means they attended Aria’s parent’s wedding. What the what?! I am definitely rewatching that scene later to see if I can figure anything out!

Evil Emoji

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A few extra tidbits I feel like I need to bring up:

  • After avoiding Dr. Rollins for quite some time Ali finally confesses that she thinks it’s her fault that Charlotte left the night. Ali told Charlotte about her feelings for Dr. Rollins that night. Apparently this was a good time for Dr. Rollins to propose. They later rush over to Aria’s house to get her to marry them since she is now certified to do that. Will she though?
  • Hanna tells Spencer about a weird run in with Melissa a few years back in London:
    • FLASHBACK: Melissa comes rushing into a bathroom that Hanna is in, obviously a fancy place, and she is very upset. Hanna asks her why she’s there and Melissa says she lives nearby. Melissa begins to explain that the “scheming nutjob” AKA Charlotte is out to make her life hell just like she did to all the liars by contacting Wren and telling him about the whole burying Bethany Young alive thing and now she’s scared of who else she could tell that to. In an attempt to prove a point Melissa calls Charlotte’s hospital pretending to be Ali to get connected to talk to her. She can’t get them to connect her but Hanna’s had enough and says she doesn’t want to hear CeCe’s voice and throws the phone into the mirror. As per usual: Melissa Hastings always seems guilty of something and this definitely makes her look like a suspect for the current murder mystery.

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