It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars

Note in Eggs

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We found out that Aria’s parents are getting back together – YAY! Later she breaks into Sara’s hotel room with Spencer to find evidence that Sara is the new evil behind the texts. Caleb and Spencer try to figure out who this “red devil emoji” is themselves and they are leaning towards Sara Harvey too. Aren’t we all at this point, really? I know I am! Hanna, with the help of Aria before her hotel room break in scheme, tear apart Hanna’s mom’s place trying to find where she hid the hard drive that evil emoji is convinced is in their possession (and they are going to take advantage of that).

Spencer has a lunch schedule with “Gil” but when she arrives Yvonne shows up apologizing for being late – Spencer is confused but goes along with it. At the end of the lunch Yvonne accidentally leaves her phone and – falling into old teenage habits – our young Ms. Hastings takes it back to Caleb. Our tech savvy cutie makes a copy of the phone’s information and then has her return the phone to Mona who says she won’t mention the phone stealing because it would look “unsavory” to the campaign.

Sara goes to see Ali at the high school to admit that she is sorry about lying on the stand about Charlotte – she didn’t mean any harm and just wanted to protect herself. She then tries to guilt trip Ali for not being there for her sister… which leads to Ali getting defensive and storming out of her classroom. Where did she go? To drop off a note for Emily at Lucas’ apartment. Emily catches her and invites her in, then assumes that Dr. Rollins saw her egg donation paperwork when he stopped by earlier and gets defensive about it to Ali. Ali admits she didn’t know anything about it and then accompanies Emily to her surgery. Of course nothing can go right for these girls and when Emily wakes up – still drowsy from the meds – she sees Sara Harvey shoving a needle into her… but when she tells Ali about it she says Sara was never in the room. I think otherwise.

Hanna places a fake hard drive in a creepy alleyway for “Evil emoji” which turns out to be filled with a virus from Caleb that destroys their system. We close on Hanna telling her fiance that she doesn’t want to go to New York or Rosewood… and they just keep driving.

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

This week we open up on Hanna and her adorable fiance (who I still wish was Caleb) in an extremely tacky romantic hotel room. It’s like cupid threw up in there – seriously. Obviously Jordan thought a cheesy as ever getaway would cheer her up, and surprisingly it did! However, she still isn’t in the mood to talk, so cue the R-rated lovey dovey scene as we fade out. The next morning Hanna wakes up to crazy texts from her friends panicking trying to get a hold of her. Hanna freaks out not only because of the panic stricken texts but because Jordan seems to be missing. Seconds later Jordan enters the hotel room and explains he went downstairs to make some calls and to bring in the breakfast someone left outside their door. Hanna insists that they leave but Jordan wants her to eat first. Upon closer inspection the note on the breakfast tray says “THE HONEYMOON IS OVER” and when she removes the lid off the food she sees bacon and eggs arranged in a sad face with “POOR JORDIE” written in ketchup above it. Hanna slams the lid back down. How did evil emoji find them? Who knows.

Back in Rosewood, Spencer and Aria go searching in the secret tunnel they found in Sara Harvey’s hotel room closet. The ladder leads to a secret room with weird things like a dusty torture-type machine that oddly resembles the devices used on the girls in the dollhouse before “A” was revealed. They go through a door that is covered in dust everywhere but on the handle and go down the tiny hallway until they reach a dead end, where a not-so-dusty filing cabinet is. Aria has the brilliant idea to move it and it ends up being a passage sneak out of the hotel. The girls agree that this is how Sara has been getting in and out of the hotel unnoticed.

Hanna and Jordan tacky hotel

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Aria and Spencer rush to tell Caleb about what they found but he has bigger concerns. As he was snooping through the files from Yvonne’s phone he found a folder called “Opposition Research” which contained Spencer’s mother’s medical records. Surprise! It turns out her mother isn’t doing so well and hasn’t been telling Spencer and their opposing candidate was planning on leaking the information to make it look like Mrs. Hastings is too sick to be in office. Spencer decides not to bring it up to her mom just yet, she’s so happy running for office instead of being a lawyer.

We move over to Ali and Dr. Rollins meeting with Detective Tanner who has more information about the death of Charlotte Delaurentis. Tanner tells them that the night Charlotte was murdered there was a phone call to Ali’s house from a restaurant called Two Crows that neither of them had heard of before. Someone in the house had to have answered because the phone call lasted 3 minutes but they both swear they never heard the phone ringing. That leaves us all wondering – who was calling? And did Charlotte answer the phone? Detective Tanner also admits that the murder weapon wasn’t actually the golf club the liars had been thinking it was this entire time – it was a hollow metal rod with something rectangular at the end. I don’t know about you, but the 9-iron golf club seemed more dramatic.

After this, Ali turns around and goes to tell Emily and Spencer to tell them what Tanner told her about the murder weapon. They take this as a good time to tell Ali that evil emoji is convinced that they know who killed Charlotte. This doesn’t get too serious and Emily leaves to go check on the status of her eggs at the fertility clinic, but of course, the freezer they were kept in, along with all backup power supplies, were destroyed and her eggs – along with quite a few other couples’ eggs – were destroyed. Harsh move, Evil emoji. HARSH!

Emily at fertility clinic

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Spencer ends up meeting with Mona to ask her about the Yvonne phone situation. Turns out Mona had told Yvonne to leave her phone to prove Spencer couldn’t be trusted but then never told Yvonne that Spencer was the one to return her phone. Apparently Mona wanted Spencer to find the medical documents to stop the Phillips’ campaign from playing such a dirty card to win. Isn’t it fun having Mona on the liars side? I love it!

When Spencer leaves Mona she returns to Caleb and asks him to delete the files but he says it will compromise his position. Basically, if he makes any changes to the files the Phillips will know their system has been invaded. Caleb thinks the best thing to do is to tell Spencer’s mother about it so she can tell the story first instead of her opponent leaking it to make her look weak. I for one think it’s a brilliant idea.

As the show continues, Caleb leaves Spencer to go meet Hanna for drinks (there is hope for #haleb yet!). Apparently she had a big fight with Jordan and Caleb says that “A” is being a bully. Naturally Hanna jumps on this opportunity to remind him that this isn’t “A”, but someone who wants the same thing – for her and the others to be miserable. As Caleb leaves we are treated to a cute flashback from the end of the #Haleb relationship where they are at a super glamourous party for Hanna’s job but Caleb is playing with a cat in the back alleyway. Hanna gets annoyed with him asking why he wanted to come if he wasn’t going to stay inside and have fun with her but Caleb retaliates with the fact that he just wanted to spend time with her and it was the only way he was able to these days. She suggests they go to the Hampton’s for the weekend but Caleb isn’t as into this high-end life as Hanna is and he walks away.

Back in reality, Liam shows up to see how Aria is doing with the Ezra pages. Thier boss Jillian had been loving everything Aria had been sending her – only it was Aria writing the pages, not Ezra. Liam came to see the new pages before Aria sends them in for Jillian to read and Aria gives them to him. But he isn’t stupid – he tells her he knows she’s been writing the pages for Ezra. She’s been caught in her lie but Liam doesn’t tell her she needs to stop. “There’s a fine line between trouble and adventure,” he tells her. I surely thought he would’ve been upset with her, but I guess not.

Liam with Aria

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Closer to the end of the episode Ezra does come back and talks to Aria about the lairs accusing him of being the murderer and how he did a very bad job at denying it by screaming at all of them to get out. The truth of his whereabouts the night Charlotte was killed finally comes out – he saw Aria’s parents and they made him promise not to tell her because they wanted to be the ones to let her know they were getting back together. Ezra says he then went to a restaurant called House of Pies and talked with a trucker named Earl all night. I feel like this restaurant is going to come into play again later on. Regardless, he gives Aria 3 chapters of his book and wants her to read them before submitting them. Will she confess what she has done? I hope so.

Spencer and Caleb are about to settle down for the night when Spencer remembers she needs to get some luggage information from her sister’s suitcase for her mother when she realizes something – the handle is broken. And you guessed it, the piece is a hollow metal rod with a rectangle at the end. Did Melissa kill Charlotte that night? Or is she being framed?

The episode closes on evil emoji cleaning off that dusty old torture device we saw earlier when Aria and Spencer went creeping into the lair of Sara Harvey’s hotel room. The creepier part? Cleaning the device while “Whistle While You Work” from Snow White is playing.

Evil Emoji

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