It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last week on Pretty Little Liars…

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The girls return to Rosewood to attend a court hearing that will determine if “A”, I mean Charlotte, gets to be released from Radley Sanitarium into the custody of her sister, Alison DiLaurentis. After the hearing, Charlotte gets released from Radley but by morning she is found dead outside of the church. It is first ruled as suicide but is later determined to be a homicide. Our first new mystery – who killed Charlotte?

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

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As the episode begins, we come in on the girls still dressed in their funeral attire chatting about their lives and the recent death of Charlotte. Hanna admits that she told her fiance about her past in Rosewood when she knew she was falling in love with him while Aria hasn’t confessed to the secrets of her past to her boyfriend, Liam. The scene gets pretty tense when Aria says that she isn’t going to be staying in Rosewood because she needs to get back to work. Hanna argues that they all have jobs that they need to get back to but they are all staying. Aria insists that her job was extremely hard to get and she can’t afford to lose it. Hanna tells her she needs to stay because they are going to question them about the night of Charlotte’s murder but is quickly reminded by Aria that they were all drunk in their hotel room that night and nobody ever left the room.

Spencer says the girl the cops really should be confronting is Sara Harvey – who happens to be at the check in counter of the hotel. She has a man doing everything for her – even signing her name! What happened to her hands? That’s one mystery we don’t have to go digging for the answer. Janel Parrish admits on Twitter (link) that Sara got electrocuted in the season 6A finale when they stopped the bomb.

Hanna’s NOT an idiot, so when Aria says her goodbyes as she leaves to catch a plane back home Hanna confronts her and says that she saw Aria leaving the hotel room around 3 AM when she got up to hydrate. Aria insists that all she did was go to her car and come right back and then leaves to go to the airport. Obviously that story didn’t fool Hanna for a minute – something was up with Aria.

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We switch over to Ali who gets some not so pretty news about Charlotte’s death from Officer Lorenzo. They’ve taken Sara Harvey off the suspect list because of her inability to use her hands. Ali doesn’t seem to believe this is a good idea but what can be done? Lorenzo then tells her that on top of Charlotte’s neck being broken, whoever had killed her wiped her hands and nails clean. Strange, right? He asks Ali if she thinks her friends had anything to do with her sister’s murder but Ali doesn’t believe her friends would do that.

The show briefly switches over to Aria who is acting very strange. She goes over to Ezra’s apartment and tells him that no one can know they were together the night of Charlotte’s murder. Aria says we didn’t see each other, he didn’t call her, they didn’t walk around or talk together – and Ezra just agrees. They are definitely being suspicious – making them perfect murder suspects.

Hanna and Spencer are seen viewing the security footage of the hotel from the night Charlotte was killed. Aria returns to the hotel around 4:30 AM – about 30 minutes after the time that Lorenzo tells Ali that her sister was murdered at earlier in the episode. Could Aria be behind the murder?

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Aria later admits to the girls that she was indeed out with Ezra that night because neither of them could sleep, but after they saw Charlotte going into the church, Ezra sent Aria home in a cab and she figured he would go home as well. However, considering the circumstances, even Aria believes Ezra may have had something to do with the murder. After all, she didn’t see him go home and he has been acting strange. But if she tries to tell the cops that it was Ezra she could easily be linked to the murder as well… what is she supposed to do?

A few extra bits of knowledge to remember:

  • Emily is seen going to the medical center to get treatments but we don’t know what for. When trying to leave the medical center she runs into Sabrina, the baker turned manager of The Brew since Ezra’s trip to Thailand, who pays for Emily’s parking since her card is being declined. When they talk at The Brew later on Sabrina tells her that she used to have cancer and really appreciated the support of her family and friends during that tough time… but Emily wants her to keep her doctor’s visit a secret. Strange? I think yes.
  • Spencer shows Caleb a paper she wrote during college about a woman who was murdered on her wedding night, and who was found in a nearly exact situation as Charlotte. She’s now worried that this will link her to the murder.
  • We get to see Hanna’s fiance for the first time. As handsome as he is, I still miss #haleb! He seems super sweet though, and Hanna always smiles when he is around. At least she’s happy.
  • Ali suspects that Aria has something to do with her sister’s’ murder – after all she didn’t want Charlotte to be released and then she left town a day earlier than planned. She later tells Lorenzo she wants to change her answer about her friends having something to do with the murder.
  • Spencer and Caleb reminiscence about their time in Europe together when she was studying abroad in Madrid and he was backpacking through Europe. She cried during a bullfight and he made it up to her by sneaking them and a bottle of sangria into a park where they watched a beautiful sunrise. Did something happen between them? Is there a new romance brewing? I think so.
  • Hanna deletes the security tape from the night of the murder – erasing the evidence that Aria was out of the hotel that night.
  • Spencer admits that she thinks she might have told Ezra how to kill Charlotte when she showed him the paper I mentioned before.

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