It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars

Creepy Old Man

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Spencer and Caleb hooked up – yeah, you read that right – and this #haleb fan isn’t happy about it. But that happy moment was shattered by a text from “A” and her friends’ desperate attempts to get her to answer her phone. UH OH! They all seem to believe that their current lead, Sara Harvey, is the new “A” – after all, she did learn from the best.

After the girls get a text of a photo of a 9-iron golf club, Aria breaks into Ezra’s apartment to make sure his is still in his golf set. However, she hears a voicemail from her father saying he needs to talk to Ezra about what he thinks he saw – and now Aria’s father is on the top of our suspicion list. Our lovely Spencer not only has to meet her ex’s (Toby’s) new girlfriend but they have to work together on campaign events as they are both daughters of the candidates running for office… and to her surprise, this girl – Yvonne Phillips – is actually really nice.

Hanna finally tells her mother and fiance that she erased the security footage and while her fiance is accepting of the situation – her mother is not. Just as the girls discover an important clue that could lead them to their new tormentor, Aria receives a call from her dad saying they need to talk in private.. and we end the night on a man in a bellhop uniform getting in a car and taking off his hat, gloves, and… face?! It’s a mask – now to find out who’s behind it!

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

The episode opens on Aria anxiously entering her parents’ home to find out why her father wanted to talk to her in private. The house is eerily dark and her dad is just sitting on the couch and greets her with, “Did I scare you?”… weird, right? The stress of the situation disappears when her mother walks into the room and they tell Aria that they’ve gotten back together. What a relief – he couldn’t be the killer, he’s just been sneaking around with Aria’s mother!

Caleb and Spencer are trying to figure out who the new texter is, when Caleb suggests they take it to the police, but we all know that won’t happen in a million years. They discuss the trashcan of black hoodies they discovered a couple of episodes ago and realize that this was the new “A” saying that the rules have changed, which I can’t believe. Spaleb (couple name? no… I still don’t ship it) converse about the possibility of this new evil being Sara Harvey. She’s definitely my personal top suspect right now.

Over at Hanna’s place, she is trying to get her mother to admit to taking the backup hard drive to keep her from getting everyone in trouble, but her mother doesn’t budge. “Just be grateful your mistake has been erased,” she says to Hanna before leaving. Later Aria and Hanna look around to see if Hanna’s mother hid the hard drive somewhere but they don’t find anything. Since Evil Emoji AKA the new “A” seems to believe that the girls have the hard drive, they decide to use this knowledge to their advantage.

Aria and Hanna

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Back to Spencer – she has a strange lunch date with “Gil” on her calendar for the day and when she arrives, Yvonne, Toby’s girlfriend and the daughter of her mother’s opponent, meets her there. Yvonne apologizes for being late and Spencer explains that it’s fine, she just wanted to pick her brain. They enjoy a lunch together discussing the privacy, or lack thereof, when you live your life in the public eye. Yvonne mentions that all the attention must be hard for Spencer after everything she’s went through. Spencer agrees, saying she didn’t realize just how warped her sense of people was until she was out in the real world, post “A”.

Once lunch comes to an end Yvonne leaves quickly; when she’s gone Spencer notices a phone under the table. Weird? Definitely. Spencer does something she calls “not out of character… but out of practice” at this point. She takes the phone to Caleb instead of turning it in, thinking maybe this could help their situation somehow. Hanna is also there with Caleb discussing how to get a fake hard drive to the “Evil Emoji” (as I now refer to “A”), but when Spencer arrives she leaves rather quickly.

We later find out that the phone was indeed Yvonne’s; when Spencer gives it to Mona to return to Yvonne, Mona mentions that she won’t tell her that Spencer stole it because it would look unsavory. Luckily, Caleb made a clone of the information on the phone and now they have access to the entire Phillips’ campaign. The only folder he seems to have issues getting into is one titled “Hastings Opposition Research,” but knowing Caleb I know he will find a way in.

Flashing over to Emily – Dr. Elliott Rollins, Charlotte’s therapist, comes to see Emily at Lucas’ apartment to talk to her about Ali. The conversation comes to a quick halt when Dr. Rollins notices Emily’s fertility clinic paperwork and she kicks him out of the apartment. Those hormones are really getting to this girl!

After speaking with Emily, Dr. Rollins goes to see Ali at the high school, and Sara Harvey creepily watches them from a corner. Once Ali is alone again, Sara enters the room and after a pretty tense and awkward conversation, she admits that she is sorry for lying on the stand about Charlotte. She didn’t mean any harm, Sara only wanted to do what she had to to protect herself. Sara then goes further to say that they both understood what it meant to be close with Charlotte. She felt like they were basically sisters and she was there for Charlotte when no one else was. Guilt tripping Ali? Definitely. Ali gets defensive and goes on about how it wasn’t her choice to not be there for her sister, it was her mother’s fault. Ali leaves her classroom but Sara just sits there with this look on her face like she’s up to no good.

Sara Harvey

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Where did Ali go? To go drop off a note for Emily at Lucas’ apartment. Emily catches her and lets her inside but as soon as Ali starts to tell her about the weird Sara incident and ask if she can stay there Emily says she has somewhere to be. Suddenly Emily remembers Elliott seeing her egg donation papers and, because she assumes that he told Ali about them, gives her a defensive speech about how she can do whatever she wants to do with her eggs but to please just not tell her mother about the donation. Ali tells her that Elliott hadn’t told her anything and offers to go to the clinic with her to get the procedure done.

Now for the terrifying part! Emily’s obviously drowsy from the meds the doctor gave her but when she starts to come to what does she see? Sara Harvey standing over her in hospital clothes saying,“This won’t hurt a bit,” before stabbing her with a needle. “Don’t worry, it’ll be all over soon,” Sara says and Emily screams and screams. Ali comes in and assures Emily that she was there the entire time waiting for her and when Emily tells her about Sara, she begins to explain that Sara Harvey wasn’t here and that “It’s just the drugs in your system”. Emily doesn’t seem too sure about this, and neither am I for that matter. It was far too realistic. More bad news comes seconds later; a nurse comes in and tells Emily that the couple that wanted her eggs backed out because they managed to get pregnant on their own. Emily doesn’t want her eggs to get destroyed since they were already removed so she agrees to donate them to an egg bank.

Emily in hospital

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Meanwhile, Hanna is placing a fake hard drive in a creepy alleyway for this Evil Emoji character we’re dealing with, but we don’t stick here for long. Soon after we see Aria has checked into the hotel room directly next door to Sara Harvey’s, which still has the “Do Not Disturb” sign on it. Apparently she booked the room on her company’s credit card claiming she needed the space to help Ezra write his pages. I feel like this entire fake “Ezra writing his pages” story she has going will eventually backfire on her.

Spencer comes to Aria’s hotel room and they start doing some serious spy work. Aria wants to retrieve the golf club from Sara’s room so she can’t use it to frame her father for the murder. After checking that the coast is clear using an iphone on a selfie stick – I didn’t see that one coming – Spencer steps from their balcony to Sara’s with Aria in tow. While Aria explores the giant closet, Spencer goes through a drawer full of gloves and finds some floor plans – one for Radley Sanitarium and the other for The Radley. We learn that Sara is staying in this specific room because it used to be the room Charlotte stayed in when she was a patient at Radley Sanitarium.

Spencer crossing balconies

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Hanna goes back to New York just for her boss, Claudia, to find out she was replaced because she was late. Her mistake, Hanna was the best assistant she will ever find. Hanna finally stands up to Claudia saying,“I’ve been pushed around by a lot worse than you.” If anything, “A” did make these girls stronger, that’s for sure. This doesn’t change the fact that Hanna is now out of a job. Her fiance Jordan tries to comfort her in the car but she doesn’t want to go back to Rosewood OR stay in New York – she just wants to keep on driving.

Here’s a summary of the last few minutes of the episode:

  • Spencer goes into Sara’s closet to tell Aria about the floorplans she found when she discovers that there is a huge hole in the closet wall with a ladder leading down somewhere. Whether Aria went down willingly or was kidnapped, we don’t know, but she isn’t in the closet anymore.
  • Some person leaves a bag outside of Lucas’ apartment with a carton of eggs in it. There is a note inside of the egg carton which says,“Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.” This new “A”/Evil Emoji is getting serious!
  • This rarely happens on this show – GOOD NEWS! We end the episode on Evil Emoji “A” plugging the decoy hard drive into their computer, but when it connects a video of Caleb pops up saying,“I don’t know who you are or what kind of game you’re playing but guess what? If you can change the rules, so can we.” As soon as the message ends Evil Emoji’s computer detects a virus and everything gets erased. Caleb did some amazing geek stuff there, gotta love him!
Note in Eggs

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