It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars

A Text

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Hanna reunites with the girls’ old friend Lucas at The Brew – eventually leading to her asking him to be her alibi when the police question her about the night Charlotte was killed. The last time we see Spencer she is making out with Caleb in the barn-turned-mini house in the Hasting’s backyard. Aria is caught up trying to get Ezra’s chapters into her boss and has gone to the point of actually writing the chapters herself. As for Emily, she finally started coming clean to her mom about everything she’s been going through since her father died (i.e. dropping out of school) but still hasn’t told her about donating her eggs for money. The creepiest part of the entire episode? The text the girls receive from the new “A” – “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk” – signed with a red demon emoji. The danger is rising and every girl wishes they were back in their new lives instead of in Rosewood.

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

Our episode begins with Spencer and Caleb waking up in the barn-turned-mini house’s bedroom after their night of umm…passion. The good mood Spencer is in quickly vanishes when she picks up her phone and sees the text from “A” – suddenly realizing that not only were her friends freaking out the entire night over this text but they are all waiting for her at the Radley Sanitarium-turned-Hotel. When she arrives they come to the conclusion that the mysterious texter has to be Sara Harvey for multiple reasons:

  1. She’s Sara Harvey – she’s awful
  2. Ali is out of town with Dr. Rollins

Hanna decides that enough is enough and replies to the ‘A’ text, asking if she knows them. Creepily enough, they text back one simple word – Yes. Moments later the girls hear the TV and realize Officer Lorenzo is holding a press conference to give Rosewood an update on Charlotte’s case. Almost immediately after the girls start watching the press conference they simultaneously get a text from our new “A” featuring a photo of a 9-iron golf club with the caption “I found what they’re looking for. Tell me who it belongs to”.

Hanna texting "A"

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Ezra is instantly suspect number one since they know he plays golf AND he acted crazy when they asked him about the night Charlotte was killed – he screamed at them! Aria and Emily team up to distract Sabrina at The Brew so Aria can get into Ezra’s apartment to check if his 9-iron was still with his other golf clubs. Not only were their suspicions knocked down when Aria realizes his 9-iron is still where it should be but something shocks her – a voicemail to Ezra from her dad saying he needs to talk to Ezra about what he thinks he saw that night. Did Aria’s dad just become a murder suspect? Yes, yes he did. Aria rushes out of the apartment, pulls Emily out of her conversation with Sabrina, and promptly go to Aria’s home where she tells Emily what she found out. Aria tells Em that her dad keeps his golf clubs in his trunk, and with his car parked outside that wouldn’t be a problem… well, until she gets distracted by the fact that she took Ezra’s apartment key home with her! Before Emily leaves to take the key back to The Brew we see some creepy old guy dressed as a mailman watching her from the window. We don’t know who it is but does that even matter? CREEPY.

We switch over to Caleb and Spencer being adorably awkward (that is, if you’re actually shipping them) in the Hasting Campaign office when they are interrupted by another member of the team giving Spencer a giant folder of information on the opposing team. Best part? Not only is the other candidate obviously running against Spencer’s mother, she has the most perfect daughter ever – Yvonne Phillips. She’s gorgeous, friends with Caleb – her current love interest, and she’s Toby’s new girlfriend!!!!! 

If having to read about her ex’s new girlfriend wasn’t hard enough there is top-secret information in the file about Toby’s plans to propose to Yvonne. Side note: later when she is reading the information packet outside of The Brew (and Caleb is off telling Toby that he is interested in Spencer) someone takes her photo not-so-inconspicuously by keeping the flash on. Creepy? I think yes. After having to learn all this information about her ex-boyfriend’s soon-to-be fiance she heads to Radley where the next election event is being set up. While she’s talking to someone that seems to be prepping her for the event she sees Toby pacing around with the ring box in hand. Later she ends up finally meeting the infamous Yvonne before they host the campaign event together and to Spencer’s surprise she is actually a really nice girl. Before the event she runs into the two of them again and while Yvonne deals with a parking ticket her and Toby talk for a moment – Toby telling her that it was easier to be her friend when she was all the way in Washington D.C. OUCH!

Spencer "A" Text

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Hanna and Emily are hanging out in Lucas’ apartment (he did give Hanna keys and permission to stay as long and often as she needed to) while Hanna video chats with her fiance. When they hang out Emily gets straight to the point and asks her why they haven’t set a wedding date. The truth comes out – Hanna doesn’t want to set a date until she comes clean to her mother and Jordan about erasing the security tape that night. If he still wants to marry her after that then she will set a date.

When she does tell her mother about erasing the tape her mother is horrified with her, reminding Hanna that her and her friends aren’t in high school anymore – basically saying it was an extremely immature move on her part. She then proceeds to tell Hanna that while there is a way to retrieve the footage with Aria on the tape and the fact that she erased it will come back to haunt them. Hanna also tells Jordan about what she did and he is surprisingly accepting of the situation. He finds her loyal dedication to protect her friends an attracting quality in her. He calls his family’s lawyer to protect her but as she is telling the story “A” sends a not-so-friendly text that essentially says not to squeal about the texts… or else. When she tells Spencer about it later she says basically one of the best lines ever – “My brain is telling me to be honest, but my PTSD is telling me to shut the hell up”. This basically sums up Pretty Little Liars new season in a nutshell – they know what they should do… but they also kind of know better than to do that.

Essentially the conversation with the lawyer leads to them making a trip down to the police station but she ends up not having to talk to the cops at all. Apparently, the footage Hanna’s mom had been telling her about couldn’t be found so that clears Hanna’s name for now. What she doesn’t know is that her mother is the one behind the security footage back up going missing.

Hanna "A" Text

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Remember when Aria told Emily about the possibility of her dad being the one behind Charlotte’s death? Well, since Emily left to go return Ezra’s key, Aria checks her dad’s trunk for his golf clubs and sure enough the 9-iron is missing! Now her dad is a top suspect – what is Aria supposed to do now?

Later while Spencer and Yvonne are running the event for young voters at Radley the other girls and Caleb are trying to figure out what’s going on with their current list of suspects: Byron (Aria’s father), Ezra, and Sara. Hanna gets on her mother’s computer and finds out that Ezra and Byron don’t have rooms at the Radley – even though we see her father going into the elevator. Sara on the other hand does have a room but keeps the Do Not Disturb sign up at all times. Suspicious? Possibly. At this point they suddenly realize something – while they were being super focused on the 9-iron they didn’t realize that the carpet in the background is identical to the carpeting in the Radley. Just as they are pointing this out Aria gets a weird call from her dad saying that he needs to see her alone immediately. If that isn’t creepy enough, that creepy guy from outside Aria’s living room window is back except now he’s wearing a bellhop uniform. After overhearing Aria’s conversation the old man goes outside, gets into a car, and takes off his gloves, hat, and… his face?! Well, it’s a mask but that’s still insanely creepy!

Creepy Old Man

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