It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars…

Give me the killer

Image Source: Alloy Entertainment who credits it to Freeform

  • The girls found photos from the night of Aria’s parents’ wedding showing a series of place cards that together say “Give me the killer by election night or you lose.”
  • Ezra pitched the idea of having Aria co-write his book with him to give his female character a better voice – and keep her out of trouble since she did write his pages for him while he was MIA. Aria’s boss accepts the idea!
  • Toby punched Caleb in the face for spreading the news about Yvonne’s abortion – even though we all know he was doing it as a cover up to protect Spencer. Spencer later explains that to him but gets a text from evil emoji immediately after saying,You didn’t take me seriously, so I thought I’d light a *fire emoji* under your ass.”
    • Right before the scene mentioned above we get a flashback of Spencer and Toby during Spencer’s college years. They are waiting for pregnancy test results and by the way the scene ended, if they didn’t break up right then and there, it definitely wasn’t too long afterwards.
  • Hanna has her bridal shower at Lucas’ apartment and Mona shows up uninvited. During a game of “How well do you know Hanna and Jordan?” Hanna gets upset and tries to do something on the ipad that controls everything in the apartment when it has a system failure and everything starts going crazy. It sets the fireplace on and Aria ends up with 2nd degree burns.
    • Hanna and her mother take Aria to the hospital where, while they wait for Aria, her mother tries to figure out why Hanna didn’t want Mona at the party. This is also when Hanna realizes nobody knows much about her and Jordan because she hasn’t let anyone really learn anything about them or their relationship.
  • Aria is accused of being the person to call Charlotte from the Two Crows the night of her murder and has to go to a lineup. She sees Sara Harvey coming out of the back of the police station and goes back inside to ask Detective Tanner if that was who the witness was that caused her to be in the lineup. Tanner refuses to disclose this but Aria “accidentally” spills Tanner’s coffee so she can read the description of the suspect – brunette hair and a dice keychain.
    • We later see Mona with this keychain and Emily demands answers from her. Maybe next week we’ll figure it out?
  • Emily goes to an auto shop to see if she can find the SUV that tried to run her over. The creepy mechanic says he can’t help her but on her way out she found the SUV and takes some pictures of it before she gets shooed out. Later, we see the same creepy mechanic cleaning the SUV and taking hidden money from under it – this probably isn’t the last of the mechanic.

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

Alright, so last week Emily called Mona out on the dice keychain and accused her of calling Charlotte from the Two Crows diner the night she was killed. When we open up this week we see Mona and Emily in a weird, dark, foggy street where Mona admits to calling Charlotte that night – but not for the reasons we all think. Mona says she wanted her to meet her at the Two Crows so they could talk about what she was going to do with all the dirt she has on her and the liars now that she’s free. Emily accuses her of planning to kill her. Harsh, right? Well, Mona is a little crazy but even I didn’t think she was going to take it that far. Mona says she waited there for two hours and Charlotte never showed up. When Emily tries to accuse her of wanting to kill Charlotte, Mona does what she does best – turns the situation around. “What if you called and she showed up? What would you have done?” Before Emily can answer there is a loud noise from nearby and the conversation comes to an end. Later on when Emily tells Spencer and Aria about the conversation they say it is best to let Mona think they believe her. As Spencer says,“A Free-range Mona is more likely to lead us someplace.” She’s probably right.

Moving right on forward, we go to Ali and Dr. Rollin’s on their honeymoon, a cute little bed & breakfast somewhere out of town. As they head downstairs, nearly late for the ‘breakfast’ part of ‘bed & breakfast’, they make subtle comments about their first night as newlyweds. I’m sure you can figure out what went on without me telling you. They take a minute to plan their day, deciding on a quiet day reading by the river. Ali turns to walk downstairs when she trips and goes head first down the stairs and lands on the wood flooring below, ending up with a concussion. Dr. Rollins takes her to the nearest hospital where Ali claims this happened as punishment for her surviving everything that’s happened.

ali falls down

Image Source: who credits it to Freeform

While Ali’s in the hospital she sends a hospital selfie to the girls who are all gathered at The Brew trying to figure out what to do about Evil Emoji. With 3 days before the election and now Ali’s accident – if that’s what you want to call it – they are unsure of what to do next. They all agree Ali should stay out of town because that would be safer and Hanna decides to go check on her and basically try to convince her to stay out of town.

We move on to Hanna in Ali’s hospital room where we see that there are a ton of flower bouquets everywhere from Dr. Rollins. Ali says he’s working on his “husband creds” and then proceeds to tell her about him being asked to speak at a conference in Chicago. While Hanna is concerned that Ali shouldn’t be left alone in Rosewood with everything that’s going on Ali seems strangely calm about it. When Elliott comes back in the room Hanna makes a lame comment about how they are all “connected like a big bowl of linguini” because he mentioned how close Hanna and Ali seem. As Dr. Rollins proceeds to go check on his wife Hanna notices a very detailed card that is on the only bouquet that Rollins didn’t get Ali. It’s from Evil Emoji and has emoji faces of all 5 of the girls inside of it with 3 of their faces crossed out. Hanna sticks the card in her purse without anyone noticing and then Rollins walks her out while he lets her know if her or the other girls need anything they can call him.

Aria and Ezra meet up at Radley to discuss the book with her boss Jillian. They ensure her that they are taking their time – but not too much time – and using the trust they have in one another to make this a great book. Jillian says she doesn’t want to lean on them too much but she does need a rough manuscript as soon as possible. Aria walks Jillian out and this is when she tells Aria to contact her directly about the book instead of through Liam. This has obviously bothered him more than he is willing to admit. As soon as Jillian leaves, Emily calls Aria and tells her that what happened to Ali wasn’t an accident and she needs to tell Ezra what’s going on with Evil Emoji. When she tells him, it makes it clear that what happened to Aria wasn’t an accident either. Although it is happening all over again she tells him they are actually doing something about it unlike last time.

aria and ezra

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Emily video chats Spencer to show her that Mona and Sara Harvey’s little assistant guy are chit chatting over on a park bench. What’s going on with them? Who knows, it’s just something else we need an answer to. When Mona is gone and that guy is in City Hall, Spencer shows up to meet Emily. When he exits the building he has a long drawing tube. So what do they do? They watch him put change into a parking meter and then pretend they hit his car with theirs when they parked. They started apologizing repeatedly for their careless behavior and how inexperienced they are. Emily keeps him focused on the car issue while Spencer takes his packages so he can look for damages. While he is distracted Spencer looks in the tube to see floorplans for Radley and a keyholder for a room there, room 193. This guy obviously doesn’t care about the fake car situation, takes his packages back from Spencer and leaves. But Emily isn’t going to just let this go so she follows him in her car to a parked ice cream truck where he hands off the tube to a car that drives by. Em ducks down so the driver doesn’t see her but what does she learn? It’s Sara Harvey driving the car!

spencer and emily

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Hanna tells Caleb about the card from Ali’s hospital room and decides that Evil Emoji is just going to keep doing this until they get what they want – so she has a plan. They go to Spencer’s and as she’s telling them about Sara Harvey checking back into the Radley with a fake name, Hanna decides to start crying and telling her about how “she killed Charlotte”. She’s got a good story and Spencer believes it so Hanna turns to Caleb and says that since Spencer fell for it then her plan will obviously work. They bring Emily in on this and she’s worried that it’ll get Hanna arrested. Spencer is too annoyed about how Hanna and Caleb are getting along too well – I mean, she’s holding Caleb’s hand… that’s going too far – to really care and says they should go with the plan. She’s just upset and wants Hanna to get in whatever trouble she wants to get in.

As the episode comes to a close we see everyone at Spencer’s because they’ve all decided to go with Hanna’s plan. Hanna sends a text to our Evil Emoji saying,“Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.” We then watch her text get translated into binary code and make a trip from her phone, across Rosewood, and ending on a phone sitting on a desk as Blondie’s “Call Me” plays. The phone is next to a laptop that is playing a Hasting’s campaign video. We watch a gloved hand pick up the phone to see the text. What’s going to happen next week? It wasn’t a very exciting episode but it definitely builds up tension for next week!

evil emoji text

Image Source: who credits it to Freeform

A few extra tidbits from this week:

  • Lucas comes back to fix the system that runs his apartment. He takes the fireplace offline and updates the rest of the system to ensure no more crazy occurrences. During this scene Hanna is ending a phone call with Jordan who doesn’t seem to grasp why she needs to stay in Rosewood with her friends. To thank Lucas for everything Hanna bought him ties to match some of the shirts he had in his closet – she even labeled them with sticky notes so he’d know which tie to wear with what shirt. How cute!
    • Lucas is also back in town because his accountants told him to spend some of his money so he decided to invest in one of the abandoned Rosewood factories which he later offers to give to Hanna so she can create her own fashion line. This is also when we learn that Caleb is a shareholder in Lucas’ company and they make plans to have lunch together.
  • Ali wakes up in her hospital bed and sees a figure in the dark corner. It turns out to be her mother who wants her to know that she shouldn’t be afraid of anything because she is safe and protected by Elliott. This was apparently either a dream or hallucination from whatever meds they have her on because she actually wakes up after this and gets good news from Rollins – her tests are clear and they can go home tomorrow… also he canceled the conference. She tells him she’s got some faith from a crazy dream and that he needs to go to Chicago.
  • Ezra’s freaking out over a chapter they’ve already written because he doesn’t like the way it came out anymore and wants to revise it. When Aria reads the rewrite it’s obvious to her that he changed it to reflect what really happened during his last conversation with Nicole before she went missing. Ezra asks Aria if they should stick to the truth or go with the more “romantic” storyline they originally had – Aria says to write what makes the best plot.
  • Spencer has a flashback of her and Caleb in Madrid during the scene where Hanna is telling them her plan and holds Caleb’s hand. She’s wearing a cute dress and they are discussing a piece of art that Caleb took a liking to back when he was in foster care. Spencer thanks him for all the fun and basically wishes it wouldn’t have to end.
  • Mona has a confrontation with Sara Harvey where she tells Sara to just leave all of them alone because after all, Charlotte’s dead so anything Sara does will be her own fault. There’s no one she can blame for her actions now. “Charlotte’s dead. You can’t get reparations from a corpse,” Mona points out. But that creepy Sara Harvey comes back with,“You can if you know where to dig.” Sara then proceeds to tell Mona the other girls will never completely trust her after all the games she played with them herself so she’s going to be all alone in the end regardless of what happens. Oh, Sara. We may share a name… but I don’t like you.

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Featured Image found on: IB Times where they give the photo credit to ABC Family – now known as Freeform.