It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last week on Pretty Little Liars

ali falls down

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  • Mona admitted to calling Charlotte from the Two Crows the night of her murder but says it was only to confront her about her plans for her newfound freedom. Emily believes she was planning on killing her. Mona said she waited 2 hours and she never showed up.
  • Ali trips down the stairs of the bed & breakfast she went to with Dr. Rollin’s for their honeymoon and ends up with a concussion.
    • Hanna visits her and finds a card from evil emoji and takes it.
  • Aria and Ezra meet up with Jillian to discuss their book, ensuring her that their trust with one another will make it a great book.
    • Jillian tells Aria to go straight to her with information about the book instead of going through Liam – obviously the Ezria situation is too much for him to handle
  • Emily and Spencer team up to figure out what Sara Harvey’s helper is carrying out from City Hall. They find out it’s the blueprints to The Radley and a key for Room 193 there.
    • They follow him when he leaves and see him hand them over to Sara Harvey as she drives past.
  • Hanna comes up with a plan to trick evil emoji so they can end this once and for all and when they all agree to it Hanna texts evil emoji saying she killed Charlotte.

This week on Pretty Little Liars…

Everyone is together as they wait for A-moji’s – Caleb’s brilliant nickname for this attacker – to reply to Hanna’s very much false confession. “If you’re lying, I *gun emoji* all of you,” our always present A-moji sends back. Hanna promises this is just between them – and so their plan begins and they go to the Lost Woods motel to set up for the meet up.

Before we get to watch their plan unfold we stop in on Ali and Rollins spending time together before he leaves for a conference in Chicago. Dr. Rollin’s says he still feels like it is his fault that Charlotte got killed but Ali reassures him that he did nothing but help her sister and he shouldn’t blame himself. We also learn that apparently Jason is doing really well running the Carissimi Group, which we can recall from the previous season. At least we finally know he’s alright!

And cue Toby in an adorable pair of glasses. He’s with Spencer going over Sara Harvey’s plans and they discover a secret room that must’ve gotten sealed off when Radley Sanitarium became a hotel. They instantly decide that Sara is obviously hiding something in there but Toby won’t let Spencer go alone and insists on skipping Yvonne’s mother’s campaign party to assist her. While Spencer doesn’t want to ruin things between Toby and Yvonne she agrees to let him help since he’ll more than likely come help with or without her consent.

Spencer and Toby plan a trip to the Radley basement to find the hidden room

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Ezra and Aria have finally completed the writing process and it seems to have taken a toll on Ezra emotionally – but in a good way. It’s given him relief to get everything that happened between him and Nicole leading up to her disappearance off his chest. For the first time since Nicole went missing Ezra finally admits out loud that he is never going to see her again.

We move over to Ali who is home alone watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof when there is a sudden loud noise in her house. Obviously terrified she gets up and goes to check everything out. She finds her music box playing in her room and picks it up. When she turns around she sees her mother again – crazy right?! This time she is covered in dirt… as if she just escaped from her grave. Her mother disappears about as quickly as she appeared but then the phone rings. “Did you miss me?” Uhhmmmm, NO.

Ali sees the dead

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Terrified, Ali calls Emily over to keep her company. Emily reassures her that it was just a dream and the strong painkillers she’s on for her concussion are essentially intensifying the dreams. Ali apologizes to Emily for making her come ‘babysit’ her but says she is really glad to have her there with her. Before we switch scenes we see that someone is watching them through a window – creepy as ever.

Time for Toby to confess to Yvonne that he won’t be attending the campaign party. Toby says he has to take care of something as a favor for a friend but Yvonne isn’t dim. She retaliates with,“It’s not something you’re taking care of, it’s someone. Would her name be Spencer?” Toby is being sketchy and won’t tell her what the favor is about and Yvonne is done with this game. “I won’t let you turn me into the woman that says ‘Pick me, not her’,” and then walks away. If Toby wants to make this work he’s really going to have to do something AMAZING to fix this. But I still say let’s just get #Spoby back together.

Aria goes over to Ali’s house and lets Emily read the finished book. Emily tells her how amazing it is but Aria is worried about what Liam is going to think. She’s concerned that he’s going to realize how honest she was being… and that she wasn’t pulling her inspiration from their relationship.

Moving forward, Ali’s sleeping and dreams that the creepy Detective Wilden who died quite some time ago was in her bed. She screams and Emily and Aria run up to check on her. She’s hiding in a corner and swearing that Wilden touched her. Ali calls Rollins who tells her the dreams are just misplaced guilt and she just needs to remind herself it isn’t real. But as they hang up she sees her mother outside the window pointing into her house… and when she turns around Wilden is standing there. “You’re not real! None of this is real!” Ali has officially hit a point where she believes there is actually something wrong with her.

Meanwhile Spencer is making last minute cold calls to voters when Mona shows up asking to help them out. Spencer is hesitant about letting her help out but gives her the phone and tells her to stick to the script, word for word, and say nothing else. We move over to Spencer in the barn getting ready for the campaign party with Caleb there with her. Caleb goes to get Spencer a cup of coffee, since she’s probably more addicted to caffeine than I am, and takes a moment to check out Spencer’s backside as she’s zipping her dress up. Boys… They get a little flirty and Caleb admits that he isn’t sure how he feels about her going on this little mission with Toby dressed the way she is. She reassures him but before this can continue Spencer’s dad knocks on the door. Caleb throws a shirt on and heads to sneak out the back when Spencer catches him off guard with a quick “I love you” but he has to hurry out the door before he gets caught. AWKWARD!

Spaleb I love you

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While we’re talking about “love”, Jillian loved the pages Ezra and Aria gave her – and according to Aria that is not a word she uses often. Jillian plans to make this book a bestseller… with TV and movie deals, prequels, book tours – the works! The excitement is obviously so overwhelming that they end up kissing which leads to some very… intense adult scenes. I don’t think I really need to elaborate there. I should feel bad for Liam but… #Ezria all the way!

Since the season is coming to an end, we are finally watching all of our favorite couples finding their way back together. Well, while everyone is setting up for the A-moji meeting Hanna has a flashback from the night #Haleb ended:

Hanna is about to leave their apartment to leave for some trip, insisting that if she doesn’t go she will lose her job. Caleb argues with her that “losing her job” is her excuse on every occasion from New Year’s Eve to his birthday and he’s tired of it. Hanna asks him what he wants her to do about it and he insists that she tell her boss no for once and go with him to Europe like they planned but she still refuses. On that note Caleb says if she walks out that door he won’t be there when she comes back. It hurts Hanna but she says they’ll work it out like always and then proceeds to leave anyway.

She calls him from the cab but he won’t answer. Hanna jumps out of the cab in the middle of a traffic jam in the rain and runs back to the apartment, already apologizing the second she gets in the door. She’s too late though – his clothes are gone and he left his phone behind.

Hanna is worried about her safety in this hotel but Caleb reassures her that no one is going to get to her. “Have I ever let you down before?” Caleb asks her. “No, but I’ve let you down.” She then decides she needs to tell him about the night she left and how when she returned he was already gone. “If I’d just come back a few minutes earlier or hadn’t left, things might be so different now.” Caleb agrees that things might be and Hanna follows up with,“I never stopped loving you.” And then they kiss! Almost all our ships are sailing again – this is the best finale EVER. They are interrupted when Aria and Ezra come walking in. Hanna sends the text to A-moji that she is alone and ready – let the games begin!

#Haleb together again

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Going back to Emily, she has found Ali hiding out in the church – you know, the church where every funeral and a few deaths have happened in this show? Ali tells her that she knew they – her mother and Wilden – wouldn’t follow her here. She seems to believe they are here to take her to Hell. Ali then tells Emily that she can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t anymore and that she really wants help. Next time we see them Ali is checking herself into a treatment facility.

Spencer and Toby are in The Radley sawing their way through a wall to get to the blocked off room when they hear someone coming down the hall but it ends up just being Mona. The three of them go into the sealed off room only to discover it’s mostly empty. The spiderweb covered shelves are the only things in the room… except one file folder laying on a shelf by itself. Weird? Yes. It’s a file for “Mary Drake” – which I instantly connected to CeCe Drake… the name we knew Charlotte by for so long. She had a child at Radley 25 years ago named Charles who was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. “Charlotte wasn’t Jason’s older sister,” Spencer says. Which makes sense if you recall the home videos from the dollhouse, the two children looked around the same age.

mary drake files

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Hanna sits in the hotel room waiting for their plan to unfold. Aria, Ezra, and Caleb are outside of the hotel room hiding in the darkness when they see electric flashes from the trap they set up for A-moji. Well, naturally when they arrive at the scene no one is there. When they get back to Hanna their worst nightmare comes to life: She’s gone and there is a hole in the floorboards where she was taken.

We flash over to Veronica Hasting’s victory party where Spencer and Toby are. Even though Spencer should obviously be there celebrating her mother’s big win in the race she gets a call from Caleb telling her what happened to Hanna. Instantly Toby and Spencer go to the Lost Woods Motel and Caleb yells at them for bringing her – Mona – with them but they insist that she must’ve followed them because they definitely didn’t invite her. Before they could argue about it the video from Caleb’s trap is ready to be watched and they can’t believe their eyes… it’s Jessica DiLaurentis, who is definitely dead.

Switching things up we move over to see Wilden in Ali’s house peeling off his mask to reveal that he is … DR. ROLLINS! Mrs. DiLaurentis – or should I say Mary Drake? – appears from the darkness behind him. He tells her in an adorable accent that Ali signed the papers at the hospital so he now controls 50% of the Carissimi Group. If only Ali knew what she had done. “I would’ve done anything for Charlotte,” Rollins says to Mary Drake. She comments that he proved that when he married Charlotte’s cousin and ends it with,“We’ve finally taken back what was supposed to be mine. And that’s what our Charlotte would’ve wanted.”

is rollins a-moji

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The Liars are still surrounding the laptop at the Lost Woods Motel when they get a text from our A-moji. “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. – A.D.” The only person I can think of with those initials is Ali… but she just checked herself into a treatment facility and I don’t believe she was the one behind this anyway.

As we close out for the season we see someone dragging Hanna’s body to the bell tower of the church. She has blood on her mouth and flowers in her hands. It looks like she’s prepared for her funeral. This isn’t looking good for Hanna but we won’t know if she’s okay until next season.

Hanna with a-moji

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