It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars

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Everyone is on their toes after the sudden death of Charlotte Delaurentis – AKA CeCe Drake/”A”. The girls have to stay in Rosewood for questioning from the police in an attempt to find the person responsible for her death. Aria mysteriously rushes back home to Boston – but not before stopping by Ezra’s to tell him to keep their meeting the night of Charlotte’s death a secret. Aria later admits to the girls that while she did leave the hotel with Ezra that night, she came back to the hotel after they spotted CeCe… but she didn’t know what Ezra did. All fingers may be pointing at Ezra but Aria was with him, and Spencer practically gave him step by step details on how to execute the murder. The liars are, once again, in trouble.

This week on Pretty Little Liars

We open up on the liars – minus Aria – relaxing at a spa. While it may seem like all is well, the girls are quickly thrown into the depths of the murder investigation. Hanna admits to deleting the security footage from the night that Aria left the hotel and that causes instant tension – not to mention a quick end to their spa day and a quick spiral into the tangled web of lies they have been weaving since their return to Rosewood. As they all leave – Hanna complaining that this was supposed to be relaxing – Emily has to return to the spa room to get her key she left behind and spots something she hadn’t noticed before… Sara Harvey in the quiet room. She tries to demand answers from her but only gets smart aleck remarks in return.

Our #Ezria fans continue to fall further into sadness as we watch Aria skype chat with her new beau Liam who is telling her that their boss is over Ezra and his writing because he sounded wasted when she called him. We have a slight hope for #Ezria when she jumps to his defense. Later, we see them having lunch together in the hotel where she tries to talk to him about the chapter and a half that he had written before the incident in Thailand but before they can get further into it, Ms. Marin comes by and says that they will both be having iced tea instead of the beer Ezra had ordered. After a previous unfortunate incident at the bar she is no longer serving him alcohol.

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As we dive further into the episode Lorenzo comes up to the hotel to ask Hanna’s mom for a list of all the guests and employees that were present in the building the night of Charlotte’s murder. The police have discovered that the footage from that night had either been tampered with or the device had malfunctioned and Ms. Marin says she doesn’t know anything about the device or what could’ve happened to the recording but agrees to get the lists for him. This leads to an awkward conversation between Hanna and her mother but Hanna denies doing anything to the tape. The Rosewood PD knows the tape was tampered with and all eyes are now on Hanna’s mom. Uh oh, Hanna, look what you’ve done now.

We turn over to Hanna who is on the phone at The Brew with her boss Claudia when she runs into someone we never would have guessed to see again – Lucas! The lovable nerd has become quite the successful man: a few houses around the world, a silver jaguar, and now that he sold one of his companies he is taking a dive into game apps! He notices Hanna’s bling and assumes that Caleb proposed but is quickly corrected – being told that it was her fiance Jordan because her and Caleb ended things a few years ago. #Haleb may be over, but I’m not over it. Hanna later goes to Lucas’ apartment to ask him to be her alibi for the night of Charlotte’s murder and he agrees. But when it comes down to it – some of his facts don’t add up when they talk to the cops later. We don’t see how that conversation ends but I don’t think the cops believe him.

Lucas Returns

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As we’ve all been suspecting – Spencer seems to have feelings for Caleb and while she’s over at Hanna’s she asks her about how she feels about Caleb. Hanna’s no fool and quickly catches on to what she’s really trying to ask and tells Spencer she can go for it if she really wants to. I personally think Hanna still has feelings for him because of the hurt look on her face.

Obviously when Spencer goes home that night she confront Caleb about her feelings – he is staying in the barn at her place after all. We end this scene with a super serious makeout sesh – crushing the hearts of #Haleb fans everywhere. Do you ship it? I don’t think I can.

The creepiest part of this week’s episode? The “A” text the girls get. “You know what you did, and I’m going to make you talk” – signed with a demon emoji. We exit with someone in A’s old lair searching online for uniforms. Hold on tight everyone, the season is just getting started.

A Text

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Here’s a few extra tidbits from this week’s episode:

  • Aria’s boss LOVES the pages Aria sent in of Ezra’s work – but when she can’t get him to write more she decides to do it herself. What trouble is this going to lead to?
  • Emily confesses to Hanna that she is donating her eggs for money. She also tells her mother about dropping out of school and then promises to stop keeping things from her (but doesn’t tell her about the egg donating plan).
  • Spencer finds out that Mona is working for the candidate running against her mother – and Mona isn’t someone you want against you.
  • The girls confront Ezra about the night that Charlotte was killed but after Spencer reminds him of her paper he gets angry and kicks them all out. If we weren’t suspicious before – we are now.

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