Pretty Little Liars has returned to our TV screens once more, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. After a questionable season finale last year and news of a 5 year time jump for the next season I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was great seeing the girls again with their lives seemingly together after “A” was finally put to an end. No need to fear – the time jump didn’t ruin the series as many people, myself included, thought it would. Here are my thoughts on the latest installment – but be warned: spoilers are coming. Read forward with caution.

Let’s start off with a quick review of the Season 6A finale, shall we?

Pretty Little Liar Season 6A Finale

Image Source: Hollywood Life who credits the photo to ABC Family (now known as Freeform)

When we left the Liars last summer in the episode properly named “Game Over, Charles” we learned that the always present “A” was indeed CeCe Drake. After years of countless “A” theories and fake reveals our wait was finally over and the girls had their freedom returned to them. As the episode came to a close we see Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Ali hugging and telling each other goodbye on – you guessed it – Memorial Day weekend. Why is this important? That’s the weekend the entire mystery started years ago in season one when Ali went missing – which eventually leads to her turning up dead and all the “A” text messages flowing in. It was a bittersweet moment to watch the liars prepare to go their separate ways after all that time, but it was exciting to see what the future held for them now that “A”…errr, CeCe was out of the picture.

Now that you’re all caught up, here’s a quick summary of the Season 6B premiere – but remember, there are *spoilers* ahead. You’ve been warned.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B Promo photo

Image Source: Wet Paint who credits it to ABC Family (now known as FreeForm)

We return to Rosewood where Ali is the only liar left in town. She’s a teacher at the high school now, which seems fitting considering she spent most of high school missing in action. Ali somehow convinced the liars to return to Rosewood to vouch for CeCe’s release from Radley. All she wants is for her sister to be free again – now that she has had years of treatment and is back to whatever you call ‘normal’ in that town. Unfortunately for Alison one of the liars sticks to her guns – Aria. She tells the judge she doesn’t want Charlotte (AKA CeCe) to be released, ever. Seems a bit dramatic maybe, but can you blame her? Five years later and she’s still suffering from flashbacks of all the torture she had to endure.

If you’ve watched Pretty Little Liars you know how unreliable their police department is… well the same goes for their court system. For once their lack of judgement was in Ali’s favor because they released Charlotte into her custody. The girls try to be adults about the entire situation, having a drink in honor of CeCe being able to get a happy ending but let’s be serious – that’s the drinks talking. Afterall, Spencer does say she thought the court wouldn’t release Charlotte and they would all just be lying for Ali one last time.

This is Rosewood though and things don’t stay happy for long. The next morning Ali calls Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily saying that she can’t find Charlotte. Not too long later, we discover she’s dead outside of the church and everyone assumes it was suicide. But as we find out later it on in the episode it wasn’t a suicide mission – she was murdered! One episode in and someone’s already dead. Are you surprised? Because I certainly wasn’t.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B Promo

Image Source: Razor Fine (photo owned by ABC Family now known as Freeform)

Here’s a handful of other details I found important to remember:

  • Hanna is engaged but we haven’t been told who the lucky guy is – all we know for sure is #Haleb is over. I for one could feel the connection between them in their few scenes together and hope he tries to stop her wedding. #Haleb must live on!!
  • Spencer isn’t seeing anyone at this moment and as far as we are aware neither is Toby. #Spoby has always been my favorite couple in the show (and I have the t-shirt to prove it) so I hope the get reunited this season.
  • Aria is seeing a guy named Liam but we don’t know much about him.
  • It killed me inside to see Ezra so…. depressed. But after what he had to experience while doing volunteer work in Thailand, it’s no surprise.
  • Emily doesn’t seem to have a lucky lady in her life at this point but after having the girl you’re into turn out to be working for the girl who had been torturing you for years it must be hard to get back in the game. And on top of that her father died.

I don’t know about all of you but I give this season 6B premiere an A+ after they impressively executed a time jump without making me hate the show. It was a great beginning to a new season with a new mystery – who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis and what will they do next?

Featured Image found on: IB Times where they give the photo credit to ABC Family – now known as Freeform.