It’s an all new season of Pretty Little Liars with a twist – a 5 year time jump! There’s a new villainous person out to get the girls now that Charlotte is no longer “A” – which means a new season of theories. Warning – spoilers are ahead as we dive into the season and develop theories on who is after the girls this season! You’ve been warned.

Last Week on Pretty Little Liars…

we've all got baggage

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  • Hanna, Emily, and Ali sneak into Sarah Harvey’s hotel room to see it destroyed – clearly she left in a rush. Housekeeping came in and they had to sneak out when the maid wasn’t looking… but when they left she took off her glasses… and face! Another mask! Who was it?
  • Veronica Hasting held a news conference to tell everyone about her medical issues before her opponent tried to use the news to destroy her campaign. While this initially helped her campaign, someone used Spencer’s IP address to leak information about Yvonne’s abortion which makes the Hasting’s campaign look bad and damages Yvonne’s mother’s pro-life campaign. Caleb takes the fall for the leak, even though he didn’t do it, to protect Spencer and do what he can to help the campaign this close to elections. Veronica kicks him off the team and tells him to move out – which breaks Spencer’s heart.
  • Aria had to officiate her parents’ wedding and later tells Ezra about writing his pages for him while he was MIA… who oddly didn’t get mad at her for it because he says she did it from a “place of love”… but my heart died when she told Liam at the end of the episode that writing those pages for Ezra helped her let go of that relationship and made her realize how much she wants to be with Liam. NOOOO! Oh, and Ezra sort of spilled the beans on the fact that they had once been a thing, since Aria didn’t tell Liam that their client used to be her boyfriend and not just her teacher. HA!
  • Hanna set a date for her own wedding after she spent so much time helping Aria’s mom get ready for her wedding. May 17th! I still ship #haleb so hard.
  • Evil emoji targets Emily by sticking a baby name book in with her college book order with a bookmark that says “You need to talk before our baby does.” Crazy much?
  • Emily becomes friends with the reporter that was trying to link Charlotte’s murder to the Hasting Campaign. When she figures out who he is, instead of trying to ditch him, she asks him to dinner. Weird.
  • We also see Emily at the Two Crows where she finds what is possibly the murder weapon and nearly gets killed by someone driving an SUV. They get the weapon and disappear.
  • Hanna and Emily come to the conclusion that there are 2 people after them: one that wants to know who killed Charlotte… and one that wants to cover it all up.
  • Hanna shares a memory of her with Melissa in London (see last week’s article for specifics).
  • We closed out on Evil emoji eating a piece of wedding cake. I never got the chance to go back and watch the scene closely to see if I saw anything strange happening. Did anyone else? Let me know!

This Week on Pretty Little Liars…

The episode starts off with a bunch of wedding talk: Ali and Dr. Rollin’s got married (because apparently Aria did cave and agree to do it after all) and no one understands what’s up with that. On top of that, as the girls go through the photos Aria took at her parents’ wedding they notice something strange – Aria is in one of the photos and no one knows who took it. They then notice something strange about the photo (and the few after that one) – a series of place cards that together say “Give me the killer by election night or you lose.” WOAH! Remember last week when we ended on Evil emoji eating wedding cake? Well this proves that they were actually there.

Give me the killer

Image Source: Alloy Entertainment who credits it to Freeform

As you should remember from last week, Caleb took the fall for the Yvonne abortion leak to keep Spencer out of trouble.. and she is obviously still dealing with the fact that he got kicked off the campaign and out of the barn. Then we see a face we haven’t seen in quite some time – her father. He’s in the Hasting’s kitchen lecturing her about how she needs to distance herself from Caleb but he obviously doesn’t understand she isn’t going to do that with all those feelings she has for him that her father doesn’t know about. “Yeah, right. By the way, tell Melissa to text me.” She clearly has no real intentions on distancing herself. Her father responds to her smarty-pants remark by saying that Melissa had returned to London because the office needed her. That’s convenient… a little too convenient if you ask me.

Aria is hanging out with Ezra when he tells her that he contacted her boss Jillian and pitched the idea of the two of them collaborating on his book… it would essentially be Aria writing for the woman in the book and Ezra writing for the man. This officially gets Aria off the hook for taking over the writing while Ezra was gone. Is this solution too good to be true? Possibly. But only time will tell. Liam seems happy when Aria tells him the news but when she mentions that Ezra told her he didn’t know he was going to pitch the idea until he was on the phone Liam doesn’t believe that. “It wasn’t an accident,” he says,“he didn’t fall off a bicycle. He made a decision.”

Moving right along, we go over to Toby going to Spencer’s to deal with the Yvonne situation after hearing that Caleb was the one to leak the news. At that moment Caleb conveniently walks into the room as Toby tries to discuss the issue with Spencer. Naturally Spencer tries to tell Caleb to explain the situation to Toby but he doesn’t want to – even if it means lying to one of his best friends. “Sorry Yvonne is hurting but I did what I had to do.” I wish he would’ve just told the truth, maybe then Toby wouldn’t have followed that sentence with a swift punch in the face. Poor Caleb! Later we see Spencer trying to help Caleb clean up his face – during the short little scene we basically learn that Caleb will always protect Spencer even if it means that for the time being Toby might hate him. He says that telling Toby the truth about the situation isn’t going to help anything and with Sara’s hands missing (as Spencer kindly points out she has hands. They just aren’t useful.) the stalker could be anyone. He just doesn’t want to take the risk. He’s definitely a sweetheart.

You might be wondering how Caleb’s search for a place to stay is going. Well, we do see him during tonight’s episode conversing with Hanna’s mother about a room at The Radley but they are all booked. Upon realizing that the hotel was the last choice he had, Ashley Marin offers to let him stay in Hanna’s old room – making jokes about how he knows the place so well and probably still has beanies in Hanna’s room. I miss the #haleb days! He hasn’t taken her up on the offer yet but when Hanna finds out she is absolutely furious with her mother – even though she is staying in Lucas’ fancy “smart loft”. Hanna gets mad at her mom for liking Caleb more than Jordan. Her mother argues that she doesn’t know Jordan but naturally Hanna comes back with a remark about her not trying to know him. Don’t worry Ms. Marin, I like Caleb better, too.

Last week “Evil Emoji” seemed to be targeting Emily – this week it’s Aria. Detective Tanner shows up while she is discussing book writing with Ezra and says that she fits the description an eyewitness gave them of who called Charlotte that night from the Two Crows. Aria protests saying that she already submitted a statement but Tanner insists that if she was really innocent she would just comply and go down to the station for the line-up. Aria agrees and does the line up but when she is released she sees Sara Harvey conveniently leaving through a side door. Aria runs back inside to ask if the “eyewitness” was Sara but obviously Tanner won’t give names so she “accidentally” spills the detective’s coffee to get her to lift a folder which reveals a paper with the eyewitness statement on it. The witness says that it was a brunette with a pink dice keychain – all Aria and the girls need to do now is find the person with this keychain. Tanner asks Aria if she wishes to fill out a complaint form to which she responds,“Complaint form?! Five years ago, you found me underground…” she pauses for a moment to calm down before continuing with the statement that she just wants them to take her seriously.

Aria Line up

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When we check in on Emily she is at a strange auto shop to search for the car that tried to run her over. The sound of the car had been haunting her since the night of the attack. The auto shop is filled with creepy old bikers and a creepy mechanic named Patty. When she asks about the SUV Patty just says he can’t help her and ends the conversation there. But that’s never enough for these girls because instead of leaving she starts searching around the shop to find the SUV and sure enough she does. It had a tarp over it but she lifts it up and sees the scratch marks on the bumper. While she tries to snap a few photos Patty finds her and instead of freaking out she starts asking questions about the driver of the vehicle but when the guy says “he doesn’t remember – he might have lent it to a friend” Emily takes a new route. She shows him a picture of Melissa but the guy says it wasn’t her and ends the conversation with You need to GO. And on that note she hurries out of there.

The girls are together for Hanna’s bridal shower that is being thrown by Hanna’s mother in Lucas’ fancy loft. Our little group of friends are off on their own discussing all the evil emoji stuff while Hanna’s fancy New York friends drink wine and don’t seem to even notice how weird they are acting. Mona shows up and Ms. Marin let’s her in which really annoys Hanna since she didn’t want her there in the first place. Hanna does love the thoughtful gift she brought – a scrapbook her and Hanna had made in 8th grade about their fantasy weddings. How cute! Ms. Marin tries to get the party going with a game of “How well do you know Hanna and Jordan?” but when no one can answer the question of where Jordan proposed to her, Hanna seems to be a little upset by this and calls the game lame to end it.

Hanna then tries to do something on the ipad that controls the apartment but suddenly heavy metal music starts playing and she can’t get it to stop because the screen is saying “malfunction”. The situation only gets worse from here – the lights all go out and the AC comes on blowing so hard that it’s basically an indoor tornado knocking everything over. At this point Aria starts to head over to the gift table to pick up a glass gift that got shattered when the fireplace suddenly gains power and sprays her with flames! Hanna and her mother take Aria to the ER for her second degree burns while the other liars stay behind to clean up the mess they are all blaming Mona for.

Aria fire

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Toby sends Spencer a text so while Hanna and her mother rush Aria to the hospital, Spencer makes a dash to The Brew to meet up with him – that leaves Emily to clean up the disaster… and Mona. But I’ll get back to that! As Spencer walks into The Brew we get a SERIOUS flashback from before #spoby broke up. In her flashback the two of them are in her dorm and Spencer looks like she’s stressing out far more than usual. Why you might ask? They are waiting for a dreadfully long 3 minutes to be up to see the results of a pregnancy test! Uh oh! Toby tries to make the best out of the situation by saying they’ll be okay no matter what the result and suggests that he move up there to help her out. Well, with all the added stress of this situation Spencer gives a brutally honest,“We won’t be a happy family living in my dorm.” Obviously Toby thought that the two of them moving in together was going to happen at some point – baby or not – and seems pretty hurt by her words. Everything goes bad from that point on as Toby goes on about how his “cop gig” isn’t good enough for her and he is just holding her back. NOOO! Naturally, this is the part where we go back to reality and have no clue if that’s the moment they break up or not.

Back in the real world Spencer goes to sit with Toby and tells him the truth – Caleb didn’t leak the information about Yvonne’s abortion, he was just trying to protect her and Yvonne ended up as collateral damage. Spencer explains that she would never judge Yvonne because they were almost in that same boat (so at this point we have to assume the test came back negative). She asks Toby how Yvonne is holding up with the situation and he explains that she is holding on strong. Crazily enough she tells Toby about the “copycat A” we call Evil Emoji and at that moment she gets a text from our lovely evil emoji “You didn’t take me seriously, so I thought I’d light a *fire emoji* under your ass.”  Good job, Spence, Evil Emoji told you not to tell the cops.

burn this spencer

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Spencer sends the text to Aria in the hospital and as soon as she reads it Ezra comes walking in. He has brought her candy and magazines and is ready to keep her company. As they talk about Aria’s accident she almost admits to him that it wasn’t an accident – because it was obviously evil emoji – but she stops herself. Ezra reads magazines to her until she falls asleep and Liam eventually shows up to check on her. He comes in with news that Jillian has agreed to let Ezra and Aria co-write the book and on that note Ezra lets himself out to leave the two of them alone.

As we get ready to end tonight’s episode we see Mona and Emily taking out the last of the decorations from the party to the trash – this includes Mona’s gift to Hanna. Mona asks Emily if she needs a ride home and that’s when Em notices the pink dice keychain in Mona’s hand. Brunette with a dice keychain? I think we found our culprit. Emily asks her if she was the one to call Ali’s house that night but Mona says she can’t talk about it. Emily finally snaps and tells Mona to get in her car. I love how in charge Emily is becoming!

Finally, we see Patty at the auto shop where he has cleaned up the SUV. Patty reaches under the SUV and grabs an envelope that is – wait for it – full of $100 bills. This probably isn’t the last time we see this creep.

Here are a few extra tidbits from this week’s episode:

  • Spencer runs into an extremely angry Mona – she was fired from the Phillips’s campaign when Veronica’s medical records were found during the investigation. She’s pretty annoyed that she did something nice for Spencer and it got her fired.
  • Spencer gets a second lecture from her father later about how she doesn’t take their little conversations seriously and how Caleb doesn’t share the same values as their family. The conversation then takes a turn to talk about Melissa getting away with killing someone but they aren’t just moving on from this Caleb thing. Mr. Hastings explains that Melissa was “blackmailed” for all of that but I just don’t believe it.
  • Hanna apologizes to her mom for being such a bridezilla and her mom tries to get in her head about why she iced out Mona at the bridal shower.
  • Spencer calls Yvonne and says that she is there for her if she ever needs to talk.

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