Of course when I heard about Potter Week I knew I had to make a Harry Potter-themed recipe. Well, July pulled a fast one on me and planned and unplanned events completely threw off my schedule. But nevertheless, I found inspiration!

I came across this amazing sounding Harry Potter Butterbeer Floats recipe from The Domestic Geek and I knew I had to try to make it!

So here’s some knowledge for you all – it is ridiculously hard to find clear Cream Soda in Canada (except in Quebec). Cream Soda is typically pink here and has a different taste. It’s still vanilla-y but there’s a grenadine taste to it. Now, after researching Butterbeer recipes, it seems the ideal concoction is vanilla cream soda and butterscotch. Well, what’s a Canadian to do?! I searched four different stores before finding a brand of clear cream soda in the ‘International’ section. Success!

Onto the recipe:

vanilla cream soda

butterscotch ice cream

butterscotch topping

whipped topping (I used Cool Whip)


I followed the recipe pretty closely to The Domestic Geek, however, we had Butterscotch ice cream in the freezer and cool whip on hand. I was lacking lightening bolt sprinkles from The Geeky Hostess (you can see them on the yummy-looking Butterbeer Cupcakes posted earlier!).


1. Pour some butterscotch topping in the bottom of your glass.


2. Scoop out your butterscotch ice cream. We were using a small container of it so it was split between two glasses.


3. Pour in your cream soda, but be careful of the foam. It’s easy to spill it over the edges.

DSC_0384B DSC_0386B

4. Add your whipped topping and drizzle more butterscotch topping over the top.


5. Add a spoon and eat!

It was SO yummy! I highly recommend trying this out. I could eat it daily.


xo Sparkles