Hello letter lovers! How are you all? I hope the last month has been good to you and has been full of letter goodness. This month I wanted to discuss the idea of Postal Paraphernalia.

As stationery and letter writing fans it is a general rule that we love notecards, postcards and writing paper but the longer I spend in the letter writing community the more aware I have become of all the post related goodies out there. I thought I would share with you two particular stationery related items that I have recently fallen in love with.

Snail Mail, not just for snails anymore!

Snail Mail, not just for snails anymore!

For me letter writing is not complete without the traditional snail mail image so when I happened upon this cute little stamp on Etsy I immediately fell in love (the image above shows it is well used and covered in my inky fingerprints!). A lot of letter writers create the most beautiful mail art and although I have tried to do the same, this is something I have never been able to create myself. However with the addition of this little guy my envelope immediately becomes a little bit more special!

Secondly (and this might show how nosey I am) I really love reading blogs and forum posts about people’s letter writing habits. So when I discovered the ‘Postal Adventures mini zine’ I just had to order! Written by Marian it details the history of her letter writing and some top tips and places to visit online.

So what is it about snail mail we all like? I know I love receiving letters that tell me about people, their lives and where they are from. I love getting to know people and the buzz when I return home and find some proper letters waiting for me. I enjoy looking at Pinterest and Instagram (@polkadottyme) and finding images of letters popping up. And I know from the sheer number of images that others feel the same too!

So please share below what it is that makes you stalk stationery shops looking for new writing sets? What is it about receiving a letter that you enjoy so much? And why do you spend time writing pages to send to someone on the other side of the world? I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Have a good November!

Kelly Dotty

Miss Dotty Loves