A very mysterious thing happened Wednesday….

it seems Pokemon have entered our world. The only catch is that you have to use your smartphone to see and capture them. But who cares about that when you can finally fulfill your dream of becoming the real-life Red? What is this mysterious device to let me catch Pokemon? It’s an app for your phone called Pokemon Go. It’s free and both Android and IOS users can jump in on the fun and we are here to make sure you can catch Pokemon with the least amount of complications or real world money spent.

Pallett Town

A Venonat trying to hitch a ride.

A Venonat trying to hitch a ride.

Upon starting the app you will meet Professor Willow who will be giving you a basic rundown of how things work in our world. After a chat you will then notice some Pokemon wandered next to you and have to choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. You will go into the tutorial that teaches you to throw a Pokeball and catch them and then walk out with a starter pack of sorts including 50 Pokeballs, 2 Incense, an incubator, and a camera. Pretty neat so far, right? But this is also where a lot of misinformation is happening with how to find Pokemon.

Ways to catch Pokemon:

Use incense to lure them to you for 30 minutes at a time.

Go for a hike or get someone to drive you around in your car.

Be a Bro and use a Lure Model at a select Poke Stop to lure Pokemon to you and everyone around you!

Hatch an egg from your incubator.

Be aware that different Pokemon are in different places and possibly towns.

Everyone who’s around you see’s that Spearow but you all can catch it.

If you find yourself running low on Pokeballs go to a local PokeStop to stock up on items. PokeStops will be located all over your town or city and basically are google locations with descriptions so expect quite a few restaurants and things of that nature to pop up. You do not have to awkwardly stroll into any location to use a PokeStop, you can just park or walk beside it and it will unlock for you to tap it for items.

Pewter City Gym

There are gyms in this game for you to battle at as soon as you reach level 5. Gyms are strung around randomly throughout the land for you to interact with and are placed in rural locations so you’re not awkwardly rolling into your neighbor’s yard. You can click on a gym to examine the level of its defenders and come back to them multiple times a day. There are a few basics surrounding gyms that most people are confused with currently.

Gym Basics:

This guy probably won't be to effective in a gym battle.

This guy probably won’t be too effective in a gym battle.

White Gyms mean no one owns it so go stick your strongest Pokemon there.

Red Gyms mean you can fight to take it over by lowering its prestige with each battle.

Blue Gyms mean it’s friendly so drop off your Magikarp for training here.

After 21 hours at the friendly gym you get your Pokemon back with Stardust, CP, and PokeCoins.  You can get up to a maximum of 5,000 stardust and 100 Poke Coins for leaving them to defend a friendly gym. But wait my friendly gyms are red, what gives? Well you have to pick a team to align with, Red or Blue, based off the respective first Pokemon games. Whatever team you pick determines who you’re friends with and who you’re competing against. When in a gym battle you will have to slide to dodge and tap to attack the enemy Pokemon with basic attacks. You will also be provided a few revives and potions to use during a fight when you reach level 5.

The Greatest of them all

Snorlax blocks the path by Nicholas LaPrade.

Snorlax blocks the path by Nicholas LaPrade.

So you want to be a Pokemon master? But what is CP and how do these things evolve, do they just kinda decide to do it? Well the CP you see is their power level and it’s displayed by their name when you’re catching it. The higher the CP the stronger the Pokemon is. As you level up stronger Pokemon will appear as well, kind of like when you get through the gyms and the Pokemon on the next route are higher levels. You can also increase CP by using candy and stardust that you naturally obtain by catching Pokemon or battling at the gym. To evolve them you have to use that Pokemon candy and on their Poke file it will show you the number you have and the number needed to evolve. So how do I level to catch better Pokemon?

Parsect at dinner by Nicholas LaPrade.

Paras at dinner by Nicholas LaPrade.

Ways to Level:

Stop at PokesStops

Gym Battles

Leaving Pokemon at Gyms

Catch Wild Pokemon

Capture New Pokemon

Also remember that the higher your level the rarer the Pokemon that appear can be. Level can also be done fast by waiting on PokeStops to replenish after 5 minutes and clicking them again and again. You can also increase your capture and level rate by using incense as a way to grind by attracting Pokemon.

You can’t use that here

No matter how many Pokemon you can find it's still a road.

No matter how many Pokemon you can find it’s still a road.

Remember safety at all times literally – everyone and my father is using this app right now. No, seriously, my 43-year-old dad called me for information about the app and how to download it which means the demographic for this game is out of control. Remember that your phone will vibrate to alert you to a Pokemon if the app is open. Keep yourself and others safe by using these tips below.

Safety Tips:

Never use your phone while driving. If you must drive around for Pokemon get a friend or family member to drive you!

If you are in an Urban area check your phone in moderation at safe points and do not have the phone out  if the crosswalk is saying go.

Do not let your kids wander around to find Pokemon. They show up in random spots and a young child may get adventurous.

If you notice someone else glued to their phone and they are about to run into somebody or hurt themselves, call out to them or catch them if necessary. You may look silly but it’s better than an accident happening. 

The gaming community is a loving passionate community so please keep yourself and anybody else hunting for Pokemon around you safe. It’s easy for users to get caught up in a game and not realize how much they’re not paying attention to the world around them.

Missing No#

A Server overload screen.

A Server overload screen.

Glitches are rampant and the servers runneth over. Do not fear though because we have some tips to help you out if you experience any of these super common problems. I hope this can help with some of the anxiety coming from the crashes that are frequent. Nintendo, Game Freak, and Niantic are all aware of the issues and it’s being worked on, so it has gotten much better since it’s launch a few days ago.

Common Errors:

Loading Screens will get stuck when the servers overload. Do not panic about your phone.

If the game crashes after capturing a Pokemon, when you load it next check your roster because the Pokemon should be there.

If your game crashes while using an item, especially one you paid for, go to settings in your app and click on report a problem. You can tell them what happened and enter your order number sent to your email.

You can name or rename Pokemon at any time.

If your level goes to zero or anything appears blank it is a temporary glitch. Restart your phone or redownload the app for a quick fix.

If you experience issues like loading wait 30 minutes and try again. If you start to have trouble connecting to 3G or WI-Fi you will not find Pokemon. The phone must be connected to map out your location as well as theirs. This is not a glitch but is supremely annoying.

Facing the Elite Four

Choose your starter!

Choose your starter!

The only other thing you should note from is the Poke Shop where you can exchange money for Pokeballs, Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Incense, Lure Models, Backpack Upgrades, and Storage Upgrades. The exchange rate is around 1.00 Usd for 100 PokeCoins. Other than this you should be ready to start your journey into the Pokemon Go world!

As always leave any questions or comments below for answers to game-related talk!