So you have found yourself in the middle of this Pokémon craze,

and you’re noticing there isn’t enough Pokemon in your life? I’m there with you and have scoured the internet to help fuel your newest obsession. You want Pokemon furniture? We got it! Poke Plushies? We got it! Pika we go that too. So let’s put our walking shoes on, and go to the mall… or you know maybe a Pikachu Kigurumi to sit in your computer chair.

Top Poké Shops

What are some of the top places to catch Pokemon Merchandise you ask? Well, we decided to go catch some Pokemon…err search for Pokemon merchandise around our closest mall. We found some places that are stocked full of all the weird poké goodness that you crave, and maybe some you don’t (Pika Boxers.) So let’s get this list rolling. We need to catch ’em all.

Hot Topic Logo.

Hot Topic Logo

Hot Topic – They have apparel items mostly featuring the starters and Pikachu himself.

Spencer’s The adult version to Hot Topic, Spencer’s also has mostly apparel but carries shirts with Pokemon like Gengar and Meowth instead of the mainlines.

Walmart – This also includes Target and Kmart, but a small section of Pokemon toys and all recent card expansions can be found here.

Toys R Us – If you seek plushies you can physically touch, Toys R Us is your go to place.

Gamestop – Since the craze has hit Gamestop is on top of upping it’s Poké stock.

Pokemon Center – If you want Pokemon-anything here’s the place to find it!

Note Worthy Gifts:

Pokemon Center: Bulbasuar Jumbo Plush

Pokemon Center: Bulbasaur Jumbo Plush

Trainer and Jumbo Sized Plushies:

The Pokemon Center has a huge stock of plushies including Jumbo and Trainer sized. The lines of Jumbo and Trainer sized plushies run around 35 – 50$ USD, and are full sized Pokemon. They currently have the most popular picks but will expand as more demand is created!

Pokemon Cards:

Every Trainer is sure to love collecting cards. They sell these at most retail locations for current sets, and you can check for older sets at comics shops, or online. There are often binders around the card section for you to purchase as well to protect your new hobby.

Pokemon Hats:

They sell the different versions of Ash Ketchum and Red’s hats online. Pick one up and support a local artist from Etsy or check Amazon and costume stores for an officially licensed Pokemon hat.

Pokemon Bedding:

Walmart and Hot Topic carry Pokemon bed sets for Full and Twin sized beds. They have Pikachu designs and come with sheets, pillowcases, and comforters to complete the look.

Pokemon At Home

Pokemon Black Cover.

Pokemon Black Cover.

Always remember you can pick up a Nintendo DS for a Pokemon newbie to play at home where Pokemon aren’t spawning. A Classic DS and game will only run you around 35 USD$ and can be one of the best gifts you can give. So stop by your local Yard Sale or go to a hometown game store to find one of these oldies for your giftee, or yourself. Don’t miss out on the rest of the Pokemon craze, pick up some merch now!

Let us know what Pokemon Merchandise you have! Leave us a comment or picture in the section below, or tweet at us on twitter!