I’m In Spaaaaaaaaaaace

When your ears need something to feast on, audio drama podcasts are the perfect food for them. From creepy tales to magical lands, outer space to under water, Podcrastination will guide you through the smorgasbord of treats out there. If you missed the first post, head over here to visit a psychiatrist for super-humans and the radio station of a strange little mountain town.

Last time I waxed lyrical about the influx of great story telling available through podcasts, today let’s discuss the fact that this content is for the most part, free. That’s right zilch, zero, nothing. As long as you have an internet connection and some speakers, you can access these great stories for nothing, which is beyond impressive. You will find that most will be sponsored by one or two businesses, from large and small companies alike. What sets podcast advertising apart, especially within audio dramas, is the way that the ads are integrated in with the story elements making them feel organic.

Another revenue stream is through Patreon, where listeners can contribute towards to production costs in return for different reward levels. I donate to an ever growing list of creators through Patreon, as its a good way to give back directly for the countless hours of entertainment they have brought me. So if you are getting into any of the pods we’re discussing and can spare a few bucks a month, I encourage you to give back to the ones you love so they can keep on bringing the joy.

But I digress, on with the blog! This week on Podcrastination we’ll be taking to the stars and flinging ourselves around outer space with EOS 10 and Wolf 359. Buckle up, it’s time to fly.

EOS 10

EOS 10Created and written by Justin McLachlan, EOS 10 is a hilarious, fast paced, interstellar adventure. On the Alliance space station EOS 10, Dr. Dalias and Dr. Urvidian, try to keep things ticking over in the station’s infirmary whilst dealing with any number of intergalactic mishaps and disasters. Oh and space terrorists who aren’t quite what they seem.

The doctors Dalias and Urvidian, Nurse Jane and former Prince turned sous chef Levi are all well rounded characters and the cast bounce off each other perfectly through their adventures. Always funny, sometimes heart wrenching, stylistically it hits a lot of the same notes as Archer. Sly pop culture references are peppered throughout and there are burning one liners you’ll want to build into your own vernacular. I don’t want to give too much about the plot away but the episode about an alien aphrodisiac and it’s side effects will have you chuckling for days.

EOS 10 is a great immersive podcast, with a fully realized world and well rounded characters. It was the first audio drama I got heavily involved in after WTNV, and I spent most of 2015 (alright and 2016 too) telling anyone who would listen to give it a whirl. Way back when I even chose it for my staff pick and pronounced it as the best podcast since Night Vale! So far there are 18 episodes over 2 season, and I have it on good authority that season 3 on it’s way in the nearish future!

Wolf 359

Wolf 359Let’s jump to another corner of the galaxy and check in with Communications Officer Doug Eiffel and the crew of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station, currently in orbit around the dwarf star, Wolf 359.

Created, written and directed by Gabriel Urbina, Wolf 359 is presented as the audio logs of the Eiffel as he whiles away the days upon the Hephaestus. It’s a hard life upon the ship; Commanding Officer Minkowski is a real hard ass that won’t stand for his hijinks, Dr Hilbert keeps trying to run insane experiments on him and the ships A.I., HERA, alternates between razor sharp levels of sarcasm and malfunctioning meltdowns.

Life on board the Hephaestus can be tedious for our dear crew, but dangerous things can happen when you live in zero gravity. The first handful of episodes serve as a great introduction to our four main characters, before the larger story begins to reveal itself. Fast paced, hilarious and heart poundingly tense, the voice talent and production on Wolf 359 is fantastic. Zach Valenti carries the weight as both Eiffel and Hilbert, with Emma Sherr-Ziarko as Minkowski and Michaela Swee as HERA.

This podcast is a great time filler. The episodes usually run at about 20 minutes so they are perfect to squeeze in while you are out walking the dog or on your commute. They’re currently on season 3 so there’s plenty to dive into!

In Closing

Space may be the final frontier but intergalactic podcasts can make it seem that much closer. Both EOS and Wolf will have you reaching for your space suit and staring up at the night sky!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be singing the praises of the following podcasts: Tanis, Hello From The Magic Tavern, Limetown, Small Town HorrorThe Black Tapes, Return Home, Alice isn’t DeadThe Bridge, Archive 81Within The Wires and The Behemoth. You can also find them all on twitter on my Podcrastination list.

Happy Listening!