Let’s all be honest, game merchandise is one of the coolest categories of toys and accessories out there. You can buy anything from working guns to World of War Craft bathrobes. In celebration of our Pixel Theme this month, I went on a search through the internet to bring you some cool little trinkets to treat your friends or yourself with. These are guaranteed to make you want to pop open your wallet. So go ahead and check these gifts for gamers out; you deserve it!

Life Size Magikarp Pattern


                                                             Price: 10 USD

I can’t be the only on who fantasizes about owning my own life size Pokemon plushies can I? Well if you’re in the same boat as me and have the gift to Crotchet or willing to learn then this Life size Magikarp Pattern by MeiLiStudios is for you.  It doubles as an activity and gift and can be used to make smaller sizes for more budgeted Poke projects and time constraints. For the poke-maniac in your life.

Final Fantasy Hooded Blankets

Price: 50 USD

                                             Price: 50 USD

Has Final Fantasy 15 been on your mind or maybe even the 7 reboot, do you easily get cold but have trouble keeping your blanket attached, or do you like cute things and watched Umaru in the past year?  Then do I have an adorable answer for you with these Chocobo and Moogle hooded blankets from the Square Enix store! Cozy up and drink some tea in one, it’s guaranteed hands free.

Reversible Boo Pillow

Price: 23-29 USD

                                                Price: 23-29 USD

I often have a hard time being inspired to do interior decorating outside of Happy Home Designer. It’s a lot of work trying to infuse personality and modern un-geeky home design into your furniture. With these Reversible Boo Pillow’s you can make your living room or den pop with a little more you. The LonLonLady’s Etsy page also has many varying designs from other series just in case Mario isn’t your thing.

Please Stand By Eye Shadow


                   Price- 5.99 USD each.

Who say’s gamers can’t be glamorous while going deep into the Capital Wasteland? Geek Chic Cosmetics is a small team of make-up lovers creating stunning eye shadows off of inspiration from geeky culture. Please Stand By is a make-up line inspired by Fallout’s colorful universe. So give your eye’s a dash of Mutfruit and enjoy your night out at the arcade. It’s vegan friendly, irritant-avoidant, and filler free.

Companion Cube Charm Bracelet

Price: 24.99 USD

                                                               Price: 24.99 USD

Want to impress that Girl of your dreams with something classy, why not try a charm bracelet?  Charm Bracelets can be made extremely personal and look great as an accessory on just about anyone. They come in both male and female styles and have several popular symbols to choose from in. ThinkGeek has come out with a charm bracelet maker and it’s online selection of charms includes your cuddly friend companion cube. So pick up one for your special someone and hide it in a cake, it’s a great idea we promise!

What’s your favorite item on the list? Do you have an awesome game themed item you’ve found online, Let us know in the comments below or through social media!