This month’s challenge was a challenge to think up! Trying to pixelate your very non-pixelated body was a conundrum; so I decided to pixelate the exercise instead! You will need some form of box-shaped, stable object (a step, footstool or chair would probably work too as long as they’re sturdy) that will hold your weight while exercising.

There are two levels for you to choose from for this month’s challenge;

Level one – Complete 2 Sets of each exercise.

Level two – Complete 4 Sets of each exercise.

There are two days of exercises that then need to be alternated throughout the month. If you feel you can’t do one of the exercises please feel free to use your own variation, or if you’d prefer we can supply you with an alternative.

Day 1

40 Step Ups.

10 Decline Push Ups.

20 Flutter Kicks.

Day 2 

10 Split Squats. (You can add small hand weights if you choose, but we are not asking you to do that for our challenge).

20 Leg Pull Ins.

30 Box Lifts.

As we’ve not done a wellness challenge for a couple of months I think we’ll bring back the water challenge in two levels as usual. This is always a popular challenge as so many people forget to keep themselves hydrated.

Level one – Drink 32oz of water daily.

Level two– Drink 64oz of water daily.

Let us know on twitter @IggleFitness what level you are opting for both the fitness and wellness challenge and keep in touch to let us know how you’re doing. We love to hear from you so make sure you use the #IggleFitness and/or #IggleFit so we don’t miss you.