Sometimes cosplay can be the most fun when you have a character that isn’t human! It gives you the most creative flexibility to shape the look however you think best expresses the character.

For today’s post, I put together a look for Princess Atta from Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. As a high-stress woman in charge, she would be very concerned about looking good, which I kept in mind. I also wanted to keep a very earthy and slightly bohemian feel about her as well, since she’s an ant.

Pixar Cosplay 2, Atta

I started the look with a flowy and classy purple dress, a little bit nicer than a summer dress but still fitting in warm weather. Of course, she also needs a green flower crown. Her footwear is flat sandals, for walking around the grassy terrain of her colony. Lastly, to add a touch of royalty, a crown amethyst necklace representing her station and also matching her purple!

This was a fun look to put together, and I hope you keep an eye out for another Pixar Everyday Cosplay in a couple weeks! Let me know your feedback in the comments as well!