“Girls, come on! Leave the saving the world to the men? I don’t think so!” Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredible, Helen Parr – this amazing woman of many names is superhero, friend, wife, and mother as well as spunky, adventurous, and handy in a crisis. Who wouldn’t want to look like her?

Pixar Cosplay 3, Helen Parr

To sport her superhero look, start with black leggings. Then come the knee-high heeled black boots, a classic (though highly unrealistic) touch for any female superhero. Over that she wears a red dress, comfortable to move in – just in case a crisis arises – and appropriate for her hip-tastic “mom body” after having three kids! A yellow belt adds a touch of her superhero colors.

Lastly, at some point one of her kids, probably Violet, made Helen a friendship bracelet that she still wears occasionally. Probably long after Violet told her she could stop and it was dumb, because that’s the type of thing moms do. Put all of this together, and you’re ready to go save the world side by side with your super-powered family!