Welcome to the next Everyday Cosplay: Pixar post! Today is Dory from Finding Nemo! The loveable, forgetful Dory is one of the most hilarious characters in Pixar, thanks to her voicing by the incomparable Ellen DeGeneres. As such, her human personification would channel some of Ellen’s style.

Pixar Cosplay 4, Dory

This includes jeans and Ellen’s signature One Star Converse. Then I would layer a blue button up and a black vest on top. Perhaps Dory is forgetful enough that so many buttons would be difficult? Either lopsided buttons or a backwards vest would give that added touch of crazy to really seal the deal. Lastly, add a yellow scarf for that splash of color that shows on Dory’s tail and shows off her sunshine personality.

What do you think of the finished look? How would you change or add to the Everyday Cosplay for Dory?