Pixar Cosplay 1

Sometimes you can have the most fun cosplaying characters that aren’t even human – you certainly have the most creative license! That’s why I’ve decided to do a series of posts called Everyday Cosplay: Pixar. The first in this series is Sally Carrera from Cars. A city dwelling Porsche who fell in love with a small town on Route 66, I envisioned a look that is chic and modern, with a touch of nostalgia.

A periwinkle jacket makes Lighting McQueen first mistake her for a lawyer, but she’s downgraded from slacks to more comfortable (yet still colorful!) skinny jeans. She still walks around in her pumps and bracelet from her city life. Her necklace, however, is a combination of a peace pendant and a single Porsche cufflink, to remind her both of where she came from and why she is staying in Radiator Springs.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your feedback, and keep an eye out for my Pixar Everyday Cosplay every other week!