Hello again Iggle campers! Today is the day we begin scavenger hunt number two! This is a little bit different from the other one in that you will be competing in the hunt with your troops! The first troop to find all the items wins an achievement! Only the members of the winning troop will receive that achievement so y’all will have to get a little competitive!

Like the other scavenger hunt, there aren’t many rules. You have until the last day of camp (Sunday, August 24th) to find the items on the list and take a photo of them. Also, we would like to see original, new photos, so take these during the last week of camp. Also, for the troop hunt, you must include in the picture either yourself or a paper with your username on it. This is important to show who took it and prove you did it during camp. I trust y’all but we don’t want anyone getting *too* competitive and sour grapes etc.

Each troop member can only submit a maximum of four photos. That means you can’t have just one power player take all the photos. You’ll have to work together as a team! Divvy up the items and play to your strengths!

Edit: Responding to a question on twitter, I want to clarify for everyone, in the interest of fairness, only one photo per item on the list. No “twofers” or “threefers” ^.^

When you take your photos, upload them to wherever you wish and post a link (or links) or the photos themselves to them in your troop’s individual  scavenger hunt thread. The first troop to get them all wins! Once your troop finds all the things and gets all their photos up, tweet @toastytreat and we will check them out and declare the winner!

If you choose to upload to instagram or twitter etc, use the hashtag #IggleTroopScavenger if you want to share with other Iggles!

Okay, I think that’s about it. Here’s your assignment! We hope y’all have fun with it!


May the best troop win!

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