Hello Iggle campers! Today is the day we begin scavenger hunt one of two. This hunt is designed for you to do on your own (tomorrow’s will be a team effort, so stay tuned!).

There aren’t many rules. You have until the last day of camp (Sunday, August 24th) to find the items on the list and take a photo of them. Also, we would like to see original, new photos, so try to take these during the week of camp.

When you take your photos, upload them to wherever you wish and post a link (or links) or the photos themselves to them in the Solo Hunt thread in the IggleBugs Forum. Once you find all the things and get all your photos up, we will check them out and you will get an achievement!

If you choose to upload to instagram or twitter etc, use the hashtag #IggleSoloScavenger if you want to share with other Iggles!

Okay, I think that’s about it. Here’s your assignment! We hope y’all have fun with it!