Let’s throw it back with a little more 90s crafting goodness! This time’s it’s one of our slumber party favorites, perler beads!

Perler beads were one of my favorite craft materials ever back in elementary school. I’d perfect the design I wanted and then have a trustworthy adult – always my mom – iron the beads together so my creation would be saved until the end of time itself. Ok, a bit dramatic I suppose. I’ve probably misplaced every last project by this, but at least I had fun making them, right? With nostalgia in the air, I’ve taken it upon myself to bring you back to that magical world. Let’s get started, shall we?

The supplies needed for this Do-It-Yourself project are extremely easy to find. All you will need is:

  • An iron
  • A perler bead set (I got a bucket of 8,500 beads with 3 peg boards and some ironing paper for $10 at walmart)
  • Magnets – optional but after making so many I’ve decided they’ll look great on my fridge!
  • Tweezers – optional but some may find it easier to work with the perler beads using tweezers instead of their fingers
Supplies Collage

Everything you need to make perler bead art – a perler bead kit and an iron

Super easy, yeah? First things first you’ll want to take your peg board – I started off with a heart shaped board that came in my kit, and start putting the perler beads on. The design is completely up to you! Be a free spirit and create something that is uniquely YOU! The best part about perler beads is that the design is all up to you, so be creative!

Peg Board with beads

Start off by taking a peg board and adding beads.

Keep this going until the entire board is filled up with the colors (or color if you’d like to keep it simple) that you have chose. I started with a specific patterns around the edge of my heart, and then started just putting the colors on wherever I wanted them through the rest. Mine is crazy and mixed up by I absolutely LOVE it! Don’t you?

Peg board filled with perler beads

This is what your peg board will look like once you completely fill it with perler beads.

Next you’ll want to take a piece of ironing paper and place it over your peg board creation. Iron the paper for about 10 to 20 seconds using a circular motion. Let the design cool off before removing the ironing paper or lifting it from the board. Removal is very easy – lift up the edges of your design slowly and carefully. Finally, flip the design over, place the ironing paper over this side, and proceed to iron it in circular motions for another 10 to 20 seconds. You’ll have to let it cool again before you remove the ironing paper from your creation.

Please note you no longer need the peg board after you remove your design from it. The second time you iron your design you are ironing on a flat surface, not the peg board.

ironing your perler bead creation

Take your ironing paper and place it over the peg board. Proceed to iron your creation for 10 to 20 seconds by moving the iron in a circular motion.

In the end you’ll have your very own – uniquely you – perler bead creation. After making a few more I decided that I’m going to have to make another trip to walmart to get magnets! They’ll be so cute on my fridge! They’d also make unique coasters or Christmas ornaments! The possibilities are endless!

Finished perler bead projects

After you finish ironing both sides you’ve got yourself a finished project! What you do with it is up to you! I plan on adding magnets to the backs!

I’d love to see your perler bead creations! Tag @the_littlest_liar on Instagram or @thedancingdish on Twitter! You can also tag any photos with the hashtag #LittlestLiarDIY!