BroadsidesCover_smallThat’s not only a clever title for this post, but also the album I had the pleasure of previewing. PDX Broadsides, a “nerd folk” band from Portland Oregon, have an upcoming CD release party on June 5th at Doctor Who-­themed bar The TARDIS Room with The Doubleclicks as a supporting act. How’s that for an event?

And the CD that they are performing live in full, is called Aim to Misbehave. It’s a 13 track musical adventure with a wonderful feel to it. I can only describe their music and mellow fun. It will leave a smile on your face.

The album consists of quirky fun songs on topics ranging from Legos, to Superheroes, to Doctor Who and Nathan Fillion. One of my faves is Paranormal Helpdesk, probably because I work in IT support, and I love the paranormal, so it speaks to me on a deep geek level. And of course, if you’re a Wil Wheaton fan, and subscribe to his life mantra “Don’t Be A Dick,” then you will love Wheaton’s Law about not being a dick. And of course, there is the fantastic song, Nathan Fillion (Please take off your pants),  which will make any fangirl smile (I know I do each time I listen to it).

I am such a huge fan of geeky music and comedy music, and I love this band. They bring real talent and humor to geek topics and turn them into really fun little nerdy songs. They will get stuck in your head and you will be singing them all day long. I’m actually really sad I can’t go see them live. Maybe one day.

So don’t miss this opportunity to see some great geek music live. The free concert begins at 9 pm and is for fans 21 years and older. The TARDIS Room is located at 1218 N. Killingsworth St. in Portland, Oregon, USA. And as I mentioned, the infamous geek music duo The Doubleclicks will be performing as well, which is like the cherry on the nerd music sundae.

You can find the PDX Broadsides online at and I hope you venture over there and check them out.