Join us this week as we participate in a variety of charitable activities. What will you do to enrich the world around you?

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Iggles, the world is a great, big, beautiful place. It’s where we have tons of fun adventures, and it’s full of fabulous people we can share laughs, hugs, and smiles with. But sometimes the world can also be a place full of anger and negativity. There are a lot of not so fun things out there, and sometimes it’s hard to feel happy or feel like you have the ability to make a difference. We’ve felt that way too, and we wanted to do something about it. Even the smallest bit of good can make the world a better place.

So that’s why we put together this fabulous Pay it Forward activity – illustrated by super cuddly overlord Em – for you! Below you will find the link to download a page of compliment cards to spread out into the world. All you need is a PDF reader, a printer, paper, scissors, and a kind heart! Print out the cards on regular or sticker paper and then go out and spread the #positivelyIGGPPC message around the world!

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Where will you leave the cards? Here are some suggestions:

* In a library book
* At your favorite coffee/tea shop
* On a train or a plane
* At a sporting game
* With your bill at a restaurant
* Send them in a letter to your pen pal
* Leave one at your co-worker’s desk

I left one for my friend, Maggie, who was having a stressful day! I think it worked!

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CLICK HERE or on the unicorn below to download the full template and start spreading positivity!


Share a photo of your compliment card in the wild using the hashtag #IgglesDoGood or #PositivelyIGGPPC and we will reward you with the special Doing Good achievement!