Join us this week as we participate in a variety of charitable activities. What will you do to enrich the world around you?

This post comes to us from Joanna and Leah!

Darling iggles, let us undertake a small thought experiment if you will.

Imagine you love books with all of your geeky heart. I assume that will not be too difficult for you. Now imagine that life has not been kind to you. You have, by some combination of events, ended up living on the street or with an awful illness. Now all your resources are going to survival or medical bills. Life is hard enough but to make it even worse you can’t even escape into a book for reprieve because you do not have the money or time to spend on collecting reading material.

I will give you all a minute to stop shrieking in horror, clawing desperately at your own faces. Okay so maybe that was a little over the top but here in the IGGPPC community we are a pretty lucky bunch of geeks. And we thought it was time to take some of that luck and goodness and spread it around. One part of this is our book drive.

Here is what you can do if you want to get involved:

  • Donate books to a charity (or school or prison so long as you check that they will take your donation first) of your choosing. We have compiled a list below to get you started.
  • It would be extra great if you wanted to pop a lovely note or well wish inside them and Overlord Emma has even designed a little template for you all to use! Click here to download it!
  • Let others know about the book drive.
  • Also just be a non-awful person and do more good things than bad things??

To add to your motivation we have decided to make this a little bit of a competition between the camp troops. The troop which collectively manages to donate the most books will be awarded the acclaimed title GREATEST GEEKS OF GOODNESS and will be worshipped as such.

That’s it! It is pretty simple and we hope you will all be eager to help us in this endeavour.

USA Donation Places

Better World Books

Books to Prisoners

Open Books

Books for Africa

Books for International Goodwill

Books for Troops

The World Bank

Australia Donation Places

Foot Path Library

Paint The Town Read

At Home with Books

Canada Donation Places



Books for Soldiers

Operation Paperback

Do you know of another good organization to donate books to? Let us know in the comments below! Share a photo or story about the books you are donating this week in the comments below or with the hashtag #IgglesDoGood and we will reward you with the special Doing Good achievement!