Are you ready for a magical new makeup tutorial inspired by unicorns? YES? Then this look is for you! Unicorns and pastels, oh my!

For this tutorial I mostly wanted to try out this new palette I got from Hot Topic but also unicorns and pastel are two great things, this is a fairly simple look and one that I would wear around town.

I once again did not wear any foundation for this look, however I did put a little concealer under my eyes. So as usual the first step is to put on foundation, concealer, contour, whatever suits your fancy. I also forgot to apply eye primer in this tutorial, however that will help the colors show up more vividly than how you see them in the pictures.

For the next step, I took the color Tickle Torture, a dark gray that I will be using in later tutorials, and I applied that to my outer corner or outer V.


Then I took the color Daydream, a pastel blue, and applied that next to Tickle Torture. Even without eye primer these looked very nice in person, though my camera doesn’t like to see things the way I see them.


Next I took the color Unicorn Blood, a dark pastel pink, and applied that to my lid.


After that I took the color Peekaboo, a light pastel pink, and applied that to my inner corner lid, this blended very nicely with Unicorn Blood.


To highlight my inner corner, I took the lightest color in the palette, Hide & Seek, and applied that to my inner corner and a little bit underneath.


I decided I wanted this to be a kind of smoky eye, so I took the color Babydoll, a dark shimmery purple, and using the angled side of the brush I applied that on the outer part of my lower lash line. I also apparently didn’t get a picture of this on my face? I’m not sure how that happened but you’ll be able to see it in the next couple pictures.20161208_123039

For eyeliner, I took my white liner and did a nice wing. This is difficult with a pen liner however, because the shadow will transfer and you won’t get a pure white, so I had to go over this a couple of times before I got the pigment intensity I wanted. For mascara I used Too Faced Better Than Sex because I wanted big, thick lashes.


For lips I used Covergirl’s Cosmo Kitty, a lavender color.


Then you’re done!


Let me know what y’all thought in the comments, and tell me what you’d like to see next! Should I go back to the regularly scheduled Super Heroes or move on to something else?